Proof Of God’s Existence, January 9, 2011.

The proof of God’s existence is that a portion of his spirit lives in me and you. If a part of God’s Spirit did not live in me or you, we could not possibly be alive. If part of God’s Spirit lives in both believer and atheist, how can it be possible that we both disagree?

The answer is already inside every man and we read it in Genesis where God said, “do not take from the tree of knowledge”. There is a paradox in truth. Truth never changes and the paradox is that truth changes. An example of this is time. If I said I was 28 years old I would be lying. But if I said that 25 years ago I would be telling the truth. If someone said the world is flat they would be lying, but if they said it 2000 years ago they would be telling the truth. Because 2000 years ago everybody believed the world was flat and truth is what the majority believe at the time.

I wrote a book back in 1996 and I don’t even try to sell that book anymore because it is outdated. I have changed and learned quite a bit in 15 years. I even spent quite a bit of time trying to unteach the things I taught 15 years ago. I taught a popular religious leader and he taught his flock what I taught him. When I tried to unteach the flock that he taught, they would not listen to me, as they trusted in their popular religious leader. So I can’t even unteach, what I taught, in the 1st place.

If the gospel of Timothy is outdated by 15 years, which was truth at the time, how outdated is the book of Mormon that was written 150 years ago? The King James version of the Bible was written 400 years ago? What about the Holy Quran that was written 1400 years ago? Or the Old Testament that was written 5000 years ago? These religions disagree, not because they were not true, it might very well have been the truth, in their time.

We all disagree because we are getting our information from different sources. We disagree because some of us are getting our information from books. Some of us are getting our information from TV, newspapers or parents. We are getting our information from schools and churches. We are getting our information from the Internet and libraries. All of these sources of information are being put out by special interest groups, dictators and rich people for power and control.

Like from the quote of the movie Fahrenheit 451, from the people who believe all books should be banned. The guy said, “books are written by people who say, “I’m right and everybody else is wrong”. And that’s the truth about people who write books. That is the truth about people who own the news channels. That is the truth about people who run religions or universities. They all teach what they want people to believe, not necessarily the truth. Universities are funded by special interest groups. This is why they teach anyone who wants more than a few million dollars for their job injury is insane. Or why they teach anyone who has a relative killed by the tobacco companies and want to see the tobacco company lawyers and executives get the death penalty, is a paranoid schizophrenic. This is why we are not to take from the tree of knowledge.

So how can we all agree? We have to stop reading books that are nothing more than propaganda of the writers. We have to stop reading newspapers and stop listening to radio talk shows. We need to stop believeing in Darwin who wrote a book and thought he was a God, that could create a finch without an artist, without a designer, without a model maker, without a inventor and without a engineer. Because intelligent people know, that the 2011 model of the automobile, takes all these to be created, it does not magically appear out of Darwin’s magical evolution of the 2010 and 2009 and 2008 models. Darwin doesn’t believe in God, he believes in magic. If Darwin was alive today he would be writing a book on how the 2011 model of the automobile evolved out of previous models without any designer, artist, model maker, inventor or creator.

We need to forget what our parents who were brainwashed by these sources of information that taught them. The only way everyone can agree is when everyone gets their information directly from God. And because God lives inside of each one of us we can do that. All we have to do is pray and meditate and stop watching the news. Stopped going to church that is run by government or special interest group. Stop listening to a preacher who is just preaching what his deceived father’s taught him, or who gets his funding from a special interest group or slaves who have jobs.

We need to stay in prayer and meditation to receive our information directly from God. When everyone does that, then everyone will agree with each other. The dictators in power also know this. This is why they are trying to create the new world order, where all information will come from one news source, one religion and one University. Were they control all information. And this is the battle of good and evil. Do you get your formation directly from God, or from a dictator who controls the world and thinks he is God? We must open our minds to the possibility that everything we were ever taught, everything we ever read, everything we seen on the news or heard on the radio or church, is a lie. Pilate asked Jesus, “what is truth”? Jesus replied, “truth comes from above”. And I bet you thought truth came from a university, a religion or TV news. You probably even thought your parents or friends were teaching you the truth when they themselves, were deceived.

Now should you stop reading my writing and watching my videos? No because I am trying very hard to get my information directly from God and not from a news channel, book or radio talk show. I know that everything we disagree on, is either because me or you, have not gotten our information, directly from God.

Pilate asked Jesus, “then there is no truth on earth?” Jesus replied, “when those in positions of power are governed by truth, then there will be truth on earth”. We know what runs the government it is governed by money. Bribes and payoffs. Even a child molester, can pay off the parents, so that he does not go to prison. This is why child molesters and criminals love America.

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