Gun Owners Are More Evil Then OJ Simpson, June 13, 2014.

The 20th anniversary of the OJ trial was on 20/20. They tried to show the evidence that was not present at the OJ trial to make it look like OJ was guilty. A woman claims she seen O.J.’s white bronco leaving the murder scene and she knew it was OJ because she remembered the plate number and somehow was able to search DMV records to show that it was OJ. 20/20 tryed to make it look like if she was to testify at OJ’s trial, he would’ve been found guilty. If she would’ve testified at the OJ trial, the case would have been over the first day. First of all the white bronco was not OJ’s car. Secondly O.J.’s car had dark tinted windows I doubt you could see a white guy inside, let alone be able to identify a black guy inside the car as it was driving by. Who sees a car driving by and remembers the license plate number? Even the 20/20 host did not believe this woman’s story, but yet 2020 tried to make this story look like OJ did it. The guy at the airport, who claims he seen O.J. throw some things in the trash, but did not see his bloody finger or his finger wrapped up, is just too hard to believe.

But anyway whether OJ did it or not the fact remains the same, that gun owners are thousand times more evil than OJ Simpson. Let’s pretend OJ did it. If OJ did it, it’s not premeditated murder. Because OJ had a gun in the bronco, if he wanted to kill someone, he would’ve used his gun. In fact if OJ would’ve used a gun and claimed self-defense he probably could’ve got away with murder. He would’ve had 150 million gun owners supporting him claiming he used a gun to save a life. If OJ went to the house with no intentions of killing anyone, then it’s not first-degree murder. However, when a gun owner purchased a lethal weapon, for the purpose of killing someone, that is premeditation. They didn’t purchase a stun gun, they didn’t purchase rubber bullets, they didn’t purchase a small caliber weapon to stop a thief. They purchased a weapon to make sure the person they shot was dead and could not testify against them in a court of law and you can’t get any more evil than that. I have not met a gun owner yet, that did not want to kill someone without a trial, jury or judge. I have never met a gun owner, who cared if they missed the criminal and blew a baby’s head off. They just look at that as “collateral damage”. I haven’t met a gun owner who cared, if a child picked up a loaded gun and shot themselves or another child. They don’t believe it’s worth the hassle to put gun locks on the gun to guarantee that never happens. I have never met a gun owner who wants to stop criminals. With the invention of the CD, every bullet can be numbered with small dots burned into the lead. Every gun owner I ever met was against bullet numbering, to catch criminals. Even the cops don’t want their bullets numbered, because they know they shoot innocent people and put the blame on someone else. When there is a shootout and a cop shoots a bystander, the cops will claim a bystander was shot by the criminal, even if the bullet is a different caliber then the criminals gun. Because they’re cops, they believed they can legally murder people, put innocent men in prison for the murder and get away with it.

What the OJ trial proved, was that cops plant evidence to put innocent people in prison. Furthermore, it proved when the cop does plant evidence to put innocent people in prison that cops and prosecutors do not prosecute the cop who planted the evidence. On 20/20 Mark Fuhrman took the fifth amendment when asked if he planted evidence. The prosecutor knew at that point, that he planted evidence and the prosecutor did nothing to prosecute Mark Fuhrman. This means every single person in prison, needs to be let out. You can’t trust if any of them are guilty or if cops planted all the evidence. Even if you say not all cops plant evidence, it doesn’t matter. Once they shown on national TV, that the prosecutors are not going to charge cops who plant evidence, that is absolute proof, the entire justice system is corrupt and you can’t trust if anyone in prison is guilty or if the cops planted the evidence. Prosecutors refusing to prosecute them, is reasonable doubt, that anyone in prison is guilty, even the people who claim there are guilty, are probably not guilty, because there is more than reasonable doubt that cops planted evidence, prosecutors refused to prosecute them for planting evidence and the system migh have intimidated them into signing confessions from the planted evidence.

I have met people who smoke pot. The people who have an ounce of weed are not dangerous. The people who have a gun, have already made up their mind to kill someone without a trial, judge or jury. They don’t need to kill someone to prove that they are a premeditated first-degree murder. The second they decided to purchase a lethal weapon was absolute proof they were premeditated first-degree murder. You don’t have to wait until gun owners kill someone, before you can prove in a court of law that they are premeditated first-degree murder. The ideal that they use criminally insane rationalization to justify the Constitution gives them a right to own a gun means their criminal rationalization is uncurable. The Constitution only gives a well regulated militia a right to own a gun to take the guns away from people who think they can use a gun to kill in self-defense. It only gives the militia right to own a gun to take the guns away from people who put the words, Hunter, gun collector, sportsmen, or self-defense into the Second Amendment and twist the words “well regulated” into meaning something other than “gun control”.

So everyone who is presently in prison needs to be let out, until prosecutors start prosecuting cops for planting evidence. And guns not only need to be banned, but every gun owner is more evil than OJ Simpson and needs to be put in prison for life or be killed by capital punishment. Because as soon as they purchased a weapon, they made the decision they want to kill someone without a trial, jury or judge and there is no psychiatric hospital, no doctor, no antipsychotic drug, that can cure that. They have committed a crime against the Constitution of the United States, against God and against man.

My sister came out from Las Vegas and brought her granddaughter. They are finding dead bodies in the desert all the time from people who didn’t pay their gambling debts or from lucky people, who won so many times, the casino owners thought they were cheating. My sister took her granddaughter to the gun club to shoot clay pigeons. She asked her granddaughter if it was fun and she said yes. But what people don’t know, is that people are shot by accident at the gun club’s and the bodies are buried to cover up the accident to Sell More Gun’s and to get more people to go shooting. It’s funny we hear about all the people killed in swimming accidents and car accidents but there is never an accident at a gun club and the government never has a nuclear accident on paper. You see if your shot at the gun club by accident, the gun owners don’t want to lose their guns, so they’d rather just bury your body or dump it in an alley. That’s why you hear stories of people who show up dead in an alley from a gunshot, but the last time they were seen was at the gun club. I’ve heard stories of people shot in strip clubs and they dumped the body in the alley so that the strip club is not closed down and nobody says anything. Because the people who attend strip clubs don’t want them to be closed down and the workers don’t want to lose their jobs. So literally they can kill someone in front of 200 witnesses and none of them talk. If one does talk, he was simply be labeled insane by the other 199. That’s when you know the world is so corrupt it has to be destroyed. All gun accidents are labeled suicides to sell guns and you can’t prove you didn’t commit suicide when you’re dead. The gun lobby is that powerful. I was amazed when Dick Cheney admitted he shot his friend because former presidents and vice presidents would have simply made the body disappear.

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