Escape TV Gave Me a Virus, October 11, 2015.

They have this new over the air TV channel in Detroit on channel 20.3 called escape TV. I went to the website to see the channel listing and it gave my computer virus. Luckily Microsoft essentials caught the virus, but it screwed up my computer so much that I had to restore it. The virus tries to steal all your passwords and Microsoft resets everything so that nothing works on the computer. Even DragonDictate didn’t work anymore because Windows 7 no longer gave permission for it to work because of the virus. This channel is supposed to be a woman’s channel for women only. They have crime movies, unsolved mysteries, FBI files, American justice and missing persons programs on the channel. I’m probably going to do a lot of videos on this channel. Because it really shows the injustice of America rather than American justice. I tried to report escape to Microsoft or some of the virus software makers so they can shut down that website or at least fix it but I found no place that I can report a web link that goes to a virus. Microsoft essentials must automatically report it because after I fixed my computer I went back to the website and did not get another virus. I doubt if that’s the website itself that is serving up viruses, because this is a police state website, somebody probably hacked into it. This is why I try to have my website in a frame on someone else’s server. To avoid viruses. I just don’t understand why with all the technology we have today, that we still have computer viruses. I thought computer hacking was a felony but they don’t seem to be prosecuting anybody for giving viruses even if it’s the FBI’s police states website.


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