To the Contrary, Equal Pay for Women, April 24, 2016.

On PBS the six women were talking about equal pay for women on a program called ďTo The ContraryĒ. This is going to cause companies not to hire women. I made a few dozen tweets on Twitter but I donít think anyone is listening. Not that I get that many more views on YouTube but thereís so much more I have to say on this issue. This is a capitalist country. The way business works, if you can hire somebody that will do the same work for less pay, then you hire them. Thatís business. The idea that women are doing the same work for less pay is simply crazy. Hillary Clinton believes women are doing exactly the same work for less pay. I donít know how she could be president after suffering that delusion. This program claims women do exactly the same work for twenty-one percent less pay than men. Then why isnít every business firing man in hiring women to replace them for less money? There isnít a man on earth that is afraid of losing his job because some woman is willing to do the exact same work for less money. Because every man knows women donít do the same work, women are not the same. Women are late twice as often to work. Women spent three times as much time in the restroom on company time as men. Men donít even have to sit down to use the restroom. More than fifty percent of men donít even spend enough time in the restroom to wash their hands. Although that might sound gross in the food industry, I donít think itís unsanitary for Joe the plumber who spends half his day standing knee-deep in raw sewage, to not wash his hands after using the restroom. Most construction workers in auto mechanics actually have to wash their hands before they use the restroom. Because theyíre so dirty. Women spent four times as much time as men taking personal phone calls at work. Even if you make a rule at work no personal phone calls, women will claim itís an emergency call when Little Johnny falls down and scrapes his knee. When women get up paper cut they think itís a job injury. When women get a sliver they need to go to the emergency room. Single women, will quit their job as soon as they meet a man willing to support them. Women donít need to make as much money as men because they are frugal at shopping and clipping coupons. If women got the same pay for the same work then men would have to talk about sales and clipping coupons at bars instead of talking about sports. The amount of money you make per hour is not based on your sex, itís based on necessity. When I asked my boss for a raise because a woman with less experience than me was making more money than me, my boss said she was a widow with three kids and thatís why she makes more money. It has nothing to do with what sex she was or experience. Now I should have said I need to make more money because the strippers at the bar want thirty dollars for a lap dance and because Iím single I have to buy the drinks and dinner. Perhaps after thinking it over my boss might have paid me more than the widower who had three kids in which one of them had down syndrome.

When women volunteer to come to my house and move the old refrigerator down in the basement, then I will say women are equal. When women go kill the spider for me, then I will say women are equal. When women change the flat tire on my car, remove the dead rat from the rat trap, unclog the turds stuck in my toilet, then they can claim to be equal. When Hillary Clinton becomes president and makes the same pay as men, Bill should tell Hillary and Chelsea to move the refrigerator downstairs and take out the trash. Because now they are equal.

I think thereís a lot of businesses that would like to know where these women are that will do exactly the same work as men for twenty-one percent less pay. Iím sure those businessmen would like to hire those women. Men get paid more than single women, because they have a wife and kids to feed. Maybe women should go to their boss and tell them their husband is a loser who refuses to work and they have three kids to feed and need to make more money than a man. As long as theyíre willing to show up on time for work, not take any personal calls, learn to spend less time in the restroom, volunteered to do the heavy lifting, then maybe they will make as much or more than men. Every job I ever had the women I worked with made more money than me and they were less experienced. The reason why they were paid more is because they had kids and I was single.

If you want a raise ask your boss. However, if youíre not willing to quit your job, donít ask for a raise. If your boss is not willing to give you a raise, and he knows youíre not happy with what you are making, heís going to try to find a replacement who will be happy with the same pay.

Your salary is based on negotiation. If I need two people to paint my house and one person lives next door and the other person lives sixty miles away, Iím going to have to pay the person who lives sixty miles away more money. Because they are going to be spending a hundred dollars a week in gas. To some people this doesnít seem fair. They believe it should be equal pay for equal work. Thatís nonsense. There is a lot of other things involved. Not everyone who goes to a college and gets a degree is exactly the same. Some people work harder and are worth more. Some people are more honest. Some people are less difficult to deal with. Some people are more intelligent and you canít learn intelligence in school.

I could write books on how women are not equal to men. But I just thought Iíd make a few points. Women should be good at Cookís, but just about all short order cooks at restaurants are men. Women just do not work hard enough. They cook at home but they need a five-hour break between meals. Women live on the average of five years longer than men because men work harder.


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