The Slave’s Enslave the Slaves, December 29, 2013.

The tyrants and dictators in power have created a system where the slaves enslave the slaves. It’s not even the dictators that are enslaving us, it is the other slaves.

Jeff the manager at Shooters told me to come down to the bar Saturday night and someone had hired a karaoke host for the evening. Dawn the bar maid hates both me and karaoke. So she says, “who told you there was karaoke tonight?” I said it was mental telepathy. But she took 10 minutes to serve me a drink. Then she told me they don’t have any more boombas, I can only get a pint glass. When she finally did bring me a drink, after I complained to several customers she brought me to drink in a Dixie cup. I was the only one in the bar who had a beer in a Dixie cup.

Another customer name Paul came over to talk to me and the manager Jeff and they were talking about disabled people living off Social Security checks that were going into the bar to have a good time. Paul seemed to think that when someone suffers $450 billion from a job injury from making automobiles, that they should not be able to have a good time. They should just sit home and suffer so they can drive their gas guzzling SUVs whose gas tanks were filled off the blood of 1.2 million Iraqis. These people are so insane I don’t believe it. I’m not a violent person but I was ready to jump over the bar and start beating this Dawn bitch’s head against the concrete.

This Paul guy acted like he was my friend and all he was trying to do was get me go to go on a shooting spree, so that I will would stop teaching others the truth.

These people are talking about me behind my back so I don’t know what they’re saying. But I think, they think that I am cheating the system for being on disability. They are brainwashed into believing everyone who is injured on the job should just get a $500 month disability check so they can continue to drive their automobiles and start wars for oil.

The Mafia offered me $250 million to keep my mouth shut and I turned it down to teach the world the truth. And these people think I’m faking an injury to get a cheesy disability check?

It is so unbelievable I cannot comprehend. But I realized that both the deceiver and these are deceived will have to be killed in the war between good and evil. That means that not only the dictators will have to be killed but all the slaves will have to be killed also. You cannot be free as long as there are brainwashed slaves enslaving you.

Anyone whether a doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist, fast food service employee, who thinks industry should even be able to make a penny of profit, after a man is injured on the job, will have to be killed. You cannot change these people. They will not learn if you chop one of their arms off, because they will claim they can get a job with the other arm. They will not learn from having both of their arms chopped off, because they believe, they can get a job letting someone fuck them in the ass. Why should anyone who caused their injuries pay for their suffering? They don’t get it?

The slavery started when the dictators used woman like SheBat in the epic of Gilgamesh to seduce men and force them to get jobs. The way to end the slavery called jobs, is to get women to not only stop seducing men and forcing them to work but to get the women to kill the workers comp judges, lawyers and business owners, who think they can make a profit off of someone else’s suffering.

If they are not willing to kill that workers compensation judge or that workers comp lawyer or that psychiatrist, that business owner, who doesn’t think you should be paid the $450 billion for your job injury, then they don’t love you.

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