Email to President Trump Swimming Pool Makers Murder over a Thousand Children a Year, July 19, 2017.

After my three-year-old niece drowned in a swimming pool, back in 1978 and atheists told me God had killed her. I started seeking God until I saw Him. Thatís when I found out swimming pool manufactures, were responsible for over 300 childrenís deaths every year. That was back in 1978, but since then they sold more than three times as many swimming pools and now over 1000 children drown in swimming pools every year. Many idiots will argue that selling three times as many swimming pools, is not the cause of three times as many children drowning in them. The idiots will claim there is simply three times as many negligent parents. Thatís funny, because before they started manufacturing swimming pools, there wasnít any negligent parents, as no children drowned in a swimming pool. I actually had people tell me that if my niece didnít drown in a swimming pool, she wouldíve walked three blocks to the bus stop, took a bus to Grossbeck highway, got a bus transfer at 16 mile, paid the three dollar admission to get into Metro Beach, walked past millions of beach goers and drowned in the lake.

Itís bad enough swimming pool manufacturers murder over 1000 children a year so that they can make 6 billion in profit. What keeps them in business, is they spend millions to brainwashed society into believing the parents are responsible for the childrenís death. This is the same story of where they blame the rape victim for being raped. Whenever a child drowns in a swimming pool and parents try to sue the swimming pool manufacturers they get their lawyers, the prosecutors and their experts to charge the parents with murdering their own child. This is as bad as Donald wanting to charge women with murder when he and his rich buddies created a system that forced women to have abortions. Women who have abortions have no other choice and it is the lawmakers, the Supreme Court judges, that are 100% responsible for 60 million premeditated first-degree baby murderer, since Roe versus Wade. And thereís no statue of limitations on murder for either the babies that were murdered by abortion or the children that were murdered by swimming pool manufacturers and the construction workers who installed them.

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