Email to President Trump, 1984 Movie, July 17, 2017.

I sent Trump this part of my last video.

Gun makers, dealers and owners are liable for every person raped, robbed and shot with a gun. The reason for this, is you cannot blame the mentally ill, for the actions or the ill actions, of those who are not mentally ill. The Question is not why did a mentally ill person rape, Rob or murder with a gun, we all know the reason, the question is, ďhow did the mentally ill person get the gun? Ē A mentally ill man shoots at a cop and the cops shoot back killing the gunmen and two innocent bystanders, ended up getting killed, as collateral damage. Whoís responsible for the innocent bystanderís death? You canít blame the mentally ill man. You canít blame the cop who shot back in self-defense.

The liability falls on the hands, of those who let the mentally ill man, get a gun. The gun dealer did not have to sell the man a gun. The gun dealer could have done a better background check. The gun manufacturers could have done a better job, to make sure the mentally ill did not get a gun. They not only made conscious decisions, not to do better background checks, they lobbied Congress, not to do them. If the mentally ill man had stolen the gun, then the liability falls on the law-abiding citizen, who made a conscious decision, not to secure his weapon. He could have His weapons in a gun safe, but he made a conscious decision, that he would rather be sued instead. He didnít care if some mentally ill person, stole his weapon and used it to rape, Rob or murder with it. He is actually a worse criminal, than the mentally ill person, who stole the gun and used it to rape, rob and murder with. Because that person, can use the criminally insane defense. Whereas the law-abiding citizen, cannot use the criminally insane defense, when he refuses to keep his weapon secure, allowing a mentally ill person, to take it and use it to rape, rob and kill with. Furthermore, itís not about keeping lethal weapons in a glass gun case, where any mentally handicapped person, can break the glass and steal the weapon. If someone can steal the lethal weapon, then it is not secure and the law-abiding citizen is liable, if it is stolen. continued in this video That was the email I sent to President Trump. They only allow you 2500 characters, so I had to send the link to the video. After I sent it I got three thumbs down on my video, proving Donald Trump believes three-year-old children or the mentally challenged are responsible, if they get a gun owners gun and shoot someone. Why should you blame a gun owner when you can blame a three-year-old or someone so mentally challenged, they canít stand up in court to defend themselves? This basically proves Donald Trump is a complete idiot. Donald Trump has been following me for 30 years and God told me that Donald Trump was going to expose my secrets.

I donít really think I have any secrets except my addiction to a heated home because of the gas companies, my addiction to electricity because of the electric companies, my past addiction to alcohol because of the alcohol companies, my past addiction to tobacco because of the tobacco companies, my addiction to porn because of the porn industry. Itís these industries that find clever ways to get people addicted to things, so that they could shove money up their ass holes. Iím not sure what kind of psychology they use, but even the smokers, believe that the tobacco companies have a right to sell a deadly product, kill millions of people and make billions of dollars in the process. I donít know what kind of brainwashing you have to use to do that, but they are doing it with everything from electricity to alcohol to pornography. People are so addicted to their cell phones, they are actually dying from it. More people are dying from their iPhones than they are dying from drunk drivers. And Iím not just talking about the slaves making them committing suicide by jumping off the factories.

Someone asked me if I read the book 1984. Iíve never read it, but I heard about it. Then I watched a movie about it on YouTube. First of all itís not prophetic. However, the truth is 1000 times more bizarre than whatís written in the book. Everybody knew that a microphone and a speaker was the same thing. So everybody already knew that a speaker could be used as a microphone. Thatís just the nature of speakers and microphones. Thatís electronics. Everyone also knew that a TV picture tube, was the same as a camera. Itís not prophetic that they can watch you through your TV set, itís just how a picture tube is designed. Actually I donít think the design of the flat screen allows them to watch you through your TV set. They actually have to have a camera in it. The way the picture tube of the old sets is designed, is the electron scans the screen just like a camera. So they knew at the time of the invention of the camera and the speaker that these things had the ability to listen and to watch.

You can actually take two speakers run two wires between them and apply a little bit of electricity in the speaker will be both a microphone and a speaker that you could use as walkie-talkies. I did that when I was a kid. I took two telephones, ran some wire, applied a small amount of electricity, and me and my friend could talk to each other through the telephones, without the phone company.

Real-life is 1000 times more bizarre than the book 1984. Because the psychology they use to control people and enslave them with jobs, is 1000 times more bizarre, than the movie could ever show. If someone even tries to explain to you how the system works, you will think that they are a paranoid schizophrenic. Because itís so hard to believe, that there are people in this world so evil, that they would do some really bizarre shit to people. Not just people who would put poison in your food at a restaurant, or broken glass in your beer, because youíre on disability and they donít want to pay you or they think that youíre taken their tax dollar out of their paycheck. I can make a movie 10,000 times more bizarre than 1984. Just based on the shit they pulled on me since my job injury. Because they didnít want to pay me the $450 billion for my suffering and I would not take the $230 million bribe, to keep my mouth shut.

Itís not a coincidence that 108Morris108 and Ken OíKeefe suddenly got good-looking girlfriends and married. They use women to enslave mankind. They have paid absolutely beautiful prostitutes $2 million to try to seduce me, and it hasnít worked. Because I know their plan. This is why itís important to remain a celibate priest to serve God. Thereís actually a part in the Bible, that says you might even have to cut your penis off, to serve God, because these people will manipulate you with beautiful women. If you see an old man with a beautiful young women, itís probably not because heís rich, they probably gave him a beautiful woman, to control him. I had bikers at bars try to give me their girlfriends as if they were bartering product. God doesnít even give you a woman. He makes Lilith for Adam and if Lilith doesnít want Adam, God makes Eve and if Eve didnít want Adam, God wouldíve made another woman. Lilith was the first woman God created for Adam, if youíre not familiar with forbidden books of the Bible.

I had a dream about a Indian chief, given me one of his tribal women and being upset that I did not accept her as a gift. Natural geographic was showing this tribe in South America, after I mentioned we should live like the Indians. But we should not live like the Indian tribes with chiefs. Because God is the King. An Indian tribe with a chief is no different than a North Korea dictatorship. The Indians were not perfect. When Columbus discovered America, the tribes were fighting against each other. Thatís because they had Indian chiefs. On the natural geographic special, all the Indians dress the same, they all dance the same, they had no individuality, because they had a tyrant chief telling them how to look, how to dance and how to act. This is not the way God intended. An Indian chief Given me one of his tribal women, this is laughable. This is worse than a biker gang, trying to give me one of their hookers. I believe the kings of the earth have been given these tribal chiefs more power, more ego, and making them into tyrants, that believe they can own and control other people. I donít believe the world can be saved because theyíre not just spitting in your food at the restaurants anymore when they donít like you. Theyíre not just putting dirt in your food or glass in your beer. They are using bio hazards. I cannot go to a bar or restaurant anymore because every time I go I get flu like symptoms. Thatís why I can hardly talk right now. Iíve been fighting the flu like symptoms for the last week. I was perfectly healthy when I went to the bar a week ago Sunday. This is the third time I went to that bar and came home with flu like symptoms. Now it could be possible, that the bar is infested with toxic mold, but I canít take the chance of calling the health department again. The first time I just blamed it on a sick person at the bar. Second time, kinda blamed it on being rainy and cold. But the weather was perfect, there was no sick people at the bar and I wasnít sick before I went there. A couple shady looking characters had bought me a drink. Which seems suspicious. I should not of drank them. Because Iíve been deathly ill every since I have. I donít know what they are putting in the drinks. It might be mold or some other bio hazard. But the people in power are going to kill to stay in power. They are murderers with guns. They are such evil murderers with guns, that only they believe, that if they didnít have a gun ,they would kill people with knives or poison or even bed sheets.

I believe guns kill people. Most people in prison for killing someone with a gun would not be in prison, if there was no guns. Most of these people would not have stabbed somebody if they didnít have a gun. They were brainwashed into believing guns save lives, guns donít kill people and then one day their gun goes off and they go to prison. Then they say they didnít mean to kill someone, they were just trying to stop the violence or arguing. Just like the Johnny Cash song says. Guns are from the devil.

The 1984 movie reminded me of the book of Job. Where the devil was allowed to inflict Job with all different kinds of diseases and troubles, but was not allowed to kill him. They donít want to kill you and make you into a martyr. They would rather drive you insane or turn you into a murderer to take your credibility away. Donít listen to him, he is a murderer. Look heís going out and killing people. They know psychology. They know psych ops. They know how to make a perfectly law-abiding man of God, into a manchurian candidate murderer. Thatís what they are trying to do to me. Thatís what this Afahlon and this troll Larry Mattera, is trying to get me to do. They want me to get a gun and put a bullet through the head of Larry Mattera, to shut me up, not to shut him up. This is from my book, killing the messenger. Where a man claiming to be the head of the FBI Keldon Riley, said it was his job to push my buttons to get me to go out and kill someone, so they could put me away and stop the Timothean religion. The only true religion.

When I said the Timothean religion was the only true religion, they actually created a clothing company called, ďtrue religionĒ jeans so that when people Googled ďtrue religionĒ they wouldnít find the true Timothean true religion, they would find this clothing manufacturer. This is far more bizarre than the 1984 movie could ever convey. When I wrote the book the gospel of Timothy, they spent millions of dollars on a movie about aliens title, ďthe gospel of TimothyĒ the same title as my book. So that when people ask about the Gospel Timothy, the only thing theyíll hear about is the space aliens from this movie. This is psychological warfare, that is far more evil than any movie titled 1984 could ever convey. Then Huffington Post had created another, ďGospel of TimothyĒ hoax book, to keep people from reading my book the gospel of Timothy. So more people have read the fake ďGospel of TimothyĒ then the real one. And this is 2000 years after Jesus and the 12 apostles. They are still corrupting the Bible and hiding books that have the truth.

They are still killing the messengers of God, they are simply not using guns or swords anymore. They are trying to make them appear insane, they are driving them to murder and they are using bio hazard chemical warfare on them. This is why the entire earth and 7 billion people on it are at risk of being destroyed by God. Not even the CIA can fight against them. Because thereís 100 organizations just as evil as the CIA. There is simply no way to fight against these evil pieces of shit, that only care about how much money they could stick up their ass holes.

They donít care if a thousand children drown in swimming pools every year, while they are laughing to the bank with 6 billion in profit, because they could blame the victims and even charge the victims, who purchased the swimming pool and lost a child, with murdering their own child. They donít want to blame the gun manufacturers, they want to blame two-year-old children, who donít know how to operate a gun. If a monkey gets a gun and kills someone, they donít want to blame the gun owner, who was too lazy or stupid to lock the gun, they want to blame the monkey and put the monkey in prison. Scientist told them if they make a car go faster than 10 mph, people would be injured and killed and somehow they convinced everyone in the world, the scientists are idiots. Blame the drivers, so the auto industry can make billions in profits, as they are killing 45,000 Americans a year. Not to mention their killing everybody on earth with carbon emissions.

Evil will not come to an end until every person who believes someone should profit after their product killed or injured someone is killed. In the war between good and evil. Itís not about religions fighting each other. Not about races fighting each other. That about countries fighting each other. Anyone who believes gun manufacturers should make a profit after their product killed someone, has to be killed, before evil will ever come to an end. Anyone who believes the automobile industry, should still be making a profit after man is injured on the job, have to be killed, before evil will ever come to an end. Itís not about arguing with them or debating with them. Anyone who believes the automobile industry should still make a profit, after someone is injured is mentally ill and there is no mental hospital that can cure them. Because all the mental hospitals are funded and run by the automobile industry and the military-industrial complex. They donít care many people are injured and killed, their bottom line is money. You canít get any more evil than that. People who kill for greed are far more evil than those who kill for sex, anger, revenge or any other reason.

The only thing worse than a child killer, is a swimming pool manufacturer, who knows their product will kill 1000 children next year, but they use their money and profits, to blame the victims, so that they can sell more swimming pools. They use their money and profits to build churches to brainwash people. Thatís why when a child drowns in one of their swimming pools, that they manufactured everyone in church will point their fingers at the victims. This is far more bizarre than the movie 1984 could ever convey. But this is why God created the lake of fire. For the people who are deceived by the swimming pool manufacturers, the gun manufacturers, the automakers, the military-industrial complex and the churches they built, to deceive people. You have a very short time to join the Timothean religion before itís too late. It is the true religion. I canít fight these people alone. We need millions of followers. Or one person with their finger on the nuclear button. ;-) Keywords.

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