Email to president Obama, February 14, 2016.

There’s no hope for this country unless Hillary Clinton gets elected. I was angry at Hillary because she said she would not test fish for Fukushima radiation. I realized she was getting hundreds of emails from concerned fishermen, who worried about their livelihood. However, she took no thought for the thousands who would be poisoned by Fukushima radiation, if the fish was not tested. I think she may have learned from the Flint toxic lead crisis, that not testing the water, was a big mistake. She needs to admit of her mistake, about this statement that she would not test fish for Fukushima radiation. Americans are loving people, quick to forgive those who admit their mistakes, and she needs to do this to be elected.

Bernie Sanders wants to send everyone to college and we know this will not work. People who work at McDonald’s have college educations. We already have too many doctors, lawyers and dentist and they are literally causing cavities and making people sick on purpose, to earn a living. People with straight A’s already get free college tuition and Bernie wants to send the people who get D’s and E’s off to college. I got D’s and E’s in school, because I was poor, hungry and bullied. You cannot get A’s if you’re hungry and bullied. Later they found out how intelligent I was and wanted to send me off to college with free tuition, but it was a bit late and college is not the answer, education is the problem. Food grows on trees, this is the Garden of Eden. God is the provider. There’s no such thing as recreational marijuana. People who think they need to smoke marijuana are mentally ill. That is a fact.

My message to Alex Jones, But God’s government is a one world government so you are against God. It doesn’t matter if God’s government is run by God or by the devil himself. Once the world is run by the devil, all God has to do is kill that devil, and step into his shoes. As Bob Dylan said, “you’re going to have to serve somebody, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but you’re going to have to serve somebody.” You however Alex Jones, want to serve yourself making yourself the devil who doesn’t want to rule the world. You have said the world is evil and you are right because you have also said that “he who has the guns makes the rules” and the gunowners have made the rules that made this world so fucked up. Now it’s time for the gunowners to give up their guns and stop making the rules. © Copyright ©1996-2016 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.