Elk River FalseFlag AlexJones January 12, 2014.

Well it looks like the elk River contamination is a false flag event. Whenever you see an event on the news and the president signs some new legislation within a day or two, it is a false flag event. Supposedly 5000 gallons of toxins entered into the elk River in which FEMA truck in 75 tankers of water holding 4,900 gallons each. The official went on the news saying he couldn’t say if it was toxic or not. While that’s a lie. Hazmat knows which chemicals are toxic and which ones are not. This was a false flag event to get fresh drinking water to politicians without alarming the public and for the president to sign in some new legislation. It seems my videos about Fermi II poison in the Great Lakes with toxic radiation and suggesting Alex Jones send his people to Monroe Michigan with their radiation detectors because there was an incident there and be nuclear power plant claims no radiation leak out. However, they turned a large chunk of land into a wildlife preserve. The only time they do that is when the radiation is so high humans can’t live there. It seems that Fermi II has been poisoning the Great Lakes water supply and politicians in Washington Virginia need to ship in fresh water for themselves to drink. Hence the false flag event of elk River to get in a fresh and drinking water for politicians.

Fukushima speed so much radiation into the atmosphere that it contaminated all of the lakes and ponds. People with ponds all over North America have claimed that their fish have died within a week of the Fukushima explosion. Government officials must have tested the Great Lakes which supplies just about all of North America with drinking water and found it to contaminated for politicians to drink.

People in Indiana are claiming they are getting sick from radiation and they believe the radiation is coming from the Fermi II nuclear power plant more than 100 miles away. I really don’t like Alex Jones, I think he is a government plant and is working for industry. As soon as we had those cold temperatures of a few degrees below zero Alex Jones was doing a radio show saying this was proof global warming doesn’t exist and he is against the carbon tax, that would tax industry that is polluting the water and the air. Alex Jones is not against polluting water and the air and that’s why he’s against the carbon tax. David Icke is not against polluting water in the air because he also is a shill for industry. They are against any tax against industry that is polluting the water and the air. Two days later when it was 40° Alex Jones did not repent of his mistake and say “global warming is happening”. Because it’s 40° in the middle of January in Michigan. Alex Jones really made a fool of himself when he claimed global warming didn’t exist because it was 5° and a few days later it’s 40° in the middle of winter. I believe that there is a revolution Alex Jones and his followers will be the first to be killed. But he did get enough fools to donate money so he can buy some radiation detectors. Unfortunately he’s only going to use the information to promote industry polluting the air and the gun lobby murdering the victims of society. Because that’s what the criminal is. When the government labels someone a criminal, that is an enemy of the state and a victim of society. Criminals are the victims of industry. God did not create criminals industry created criminals. They are injured by industry and physically unable to work and are forced into crime to survive and Alex Jones and David Icke knows this. But they want to spend the rest of eternity burning in hell for supporting industry creating the disabled who are forced into crime. Alex Jones is no fool he knows criminals are victims of the military-industrial complex. Alex Jones knows he’s going against God. He knows that he’s the devil.

The radioactive particles are attaching themselves to cars and guns. The radioactive metal from Fukushima automobiles is being melted down, turned into guns and sold to Alex Jones followers. This is God’s will. Alex Jones does not believe in God he believes in a right to kill the people who will not let him and his followers pollute the water and the air and divide up God’s land for gain and he sees nothing wrong with killing God’s animals. But the Bible says people like AlexJones and his followers who own guns shall be killed. You’re going to see this happening as the radiation starts attacking gun owners. If the gun owner keeps his gun by his front pocket he will get testicular cancer. If the gun owner keeps his gun by his back pocket, he will get colon, kidney or liver cancer. If the gun owner keeps his gun by his chest, he will get lung cancer or die of heart disease.

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