Educating Cat Stevens, May 10, 2014.

I like singing karaoke because the lyrics in the songs are inspired by God as if they were part of the Bible or the Quran. I’m sure Cat Stevens believes he wrote the songs, but he could not have simply pulled the lyrics out of his ass. God must have given him the lyrics. Because when I read these lyrics from Cat Stevens, the Who, Jethro Tull, Ozzy Osborne it is as if God had written them. Or least most of them. So I picked out several new songs to sing last night at karaoke. Cat Stevens On the Road to find out, the Who’s I’m free, Jethro Tull living in the past, Rush subdivisions and the Authority song by John Mellencamp. I also looked on YouTube and found some of the who’s music that I never heard before, a song called heaven and hell.

Cat Stevens song “on the road to find out” starts out, “Well I left my happy home to see what I could find out, I left my folk and friends with the aim to clear my mind out” and this is exactly what I did when I seen Jesus. I left my home, job family friends and even my bank account.

In a YouTube video Cat Stevens changes one of the verses from “pickup the good book now” to pick up a good book now, because he’s now reading the Quran. I changed the verse back to “pick up The good book now” because the good book, is not the Bible, not the Quran or the Hindu Bhagavad-Gita, it is the Timothean “Gospel of Timothy”. Because when someone picks up one of these good books, that are inspired by God, they tend to believe that is “the book” because they know it’s inspired by God, but they limit God to one book. And God is so much bigger than one book. God’s words are in finite they could fill up 1 billion books. Although the Gospel of Timothy is still a book in process, it is “the book.” So I’ve been analyzing Cat Stevens songs along with the who, Jethro Tull Jim Morrison, and these guys were on the verge of overthrowing the Devils Kingdom and issuing in the kingdom of God. They were so close that after I read the who’s lyrics from the song Heaven and Hell I was absolutely sure that Pete Townshend had achieved immortality, when he is one of the first ones to ask the question in the song Heaven and Hell, “Why can't we have eternal life, And never die?” Because Jesus said those who believe in him can never die. And yet none of the Parsons can answer the question either. But then I found him in a video on YouTube in his old age and I seen he missed the target. The word sin comes from archery and it means to Miss the target. And we all know that the penalty for sin is death and there’s no big sinner or little sinner, the one who sins dies. Mother Teresa died just like Ariel Castro.

The who wrote a Song called “The seeker” and it says “I asked the Beatles” and he’s going to keep on seeking until the day he dies. If Cat Stevens would have asked the who for the right spiritual path, they would have sang him the song “I’m free”. Because they say “Messiahs pointed to the door And no one had the guts to leave the temple!”. Cat Stevens did nothing but go from one head of the beast the Christian Temple to another head of the beast the Muslim Temple.

The spiritual path of finding God is in the songs because they are inspired by God. The only thing that needs to be added to the seeker is the Gospel of Thomas where Jesus says, “let him who seeks until he finds, when he finds he’ll become troubled when he becomes troubled he will become astonished and then he will rule over the all. The only one who has reached this “highest high” is Charlie Manson. And Cat Stevens song longer boats he says “ and the soul of no body knows, How a flower grows” if Cat Stevens would’ve asked Charles Manson, how a flower grows, Manson would have said, “I make it grow”. Although everyone looks at Manson as being completely crazy this more truth in that statement than in any statement any pope or priest has said. Because God is all and in all, the highest high is when you become one with God. So Jesus said to seek until you find when you find you’ll be astonished and then you will rule over the all” When you become one with God, you control the matrix. Although I believe Manson may have only reached that place for a single moment, to obtain that oneness with God is possible.

Jim Morrison was on the verge of overthrowing Satan’s kingdom before he was killed. And he was killed. Because I watch the YouTube video where they said he’d been dead for at least an hour but firemen said the bath water was still warm. I like it a warm bath with the bath water only stays warm for about 15 minutes. That means he was dead for least 45 minutes before someone filled up the bathtub with warm water. Firemen also said they seen blood in the water meaning some kind of injury. And for some reason they didn’t do an autopsy. I believe Jim Morrison probably got in a fight with his girlfriend’s drug dealer and because the girlfriend was hooked on heroin, she was more faithful to her dealer.

At Woodstock people walk around naked and the FBI did not charge them with indecent exposure. At the Isle of Wright, people walked around naked and they were not arrested for indecent exposure. Jim Morrison convinced the his listeners that they were slaves and what was keeping them in bondage was wearing clothing. Being forced by law to wear clothing manufactured by slave children is what forces us to have jobs. The people at Woodstock knew this. If everyone walked around naked Satan’s kingdom would fall apart. Jim Morrison should have admitted he took his clothes off and fought it in court that if you’re forced to wear clothing you are not free and this is not a free country and he would have had thousands of followers and supporters. Half of his audience took their clothes off at that concert and the FBI didn’t arrest any of those people. Not only that but if he admitted he took his clothes off that would’ve put him in prison and that would’ve made him stop drinking. He would still be alive.

The FBI, the courts, the judges are 1 million times more evil than Ariel Castro. Ariel Castro locked up three girls for 10 years against their will and raped them. But there is not a judge in the United States that is not 1 million times more evil than Ariel Castro. Because every criminal judge sends people to prison against their will, and knows they will be gang raped in that prison by other prison inmates and for more than 10 years. So Ariel Castro locks up three women for 10 years to get raped by one man, the average judge locks up hundreds of men and women to be sexually tortured and gang raped by other prison inmates, for 10 to 20 years even life and they don’t think they are more evil than Ariel Castro because they went to school to get an education and a college degree and they weren’t even high on drugs or alcohol when they did their evil deeds. How can they possibly not believe they are NOT 1 million times more evil than Ariel Castro? There are many people in prison doing life for crimes they didn’t even commit. If these three girls somehow were locked up in prison for 10 years, to be raped and tortured by the other prison inmates I have no doubt these three girls would have said they would have been better off with Ariel Castro. Society doesn’t seem to care if people are raped and tortured in prison because they believe prisoners should suffer. The present system is so corrupt it causes murder. Prison is such cruel and unusual punishment that people will kill witnesses so they don’t have to go to prison to be tortured. Not only is capital punishment not a deterrent, it’s incentive to kill the witnesses for self-preservation.

Cat Stevens seems to think the answer is to send children to school. School and education is what is causing the evil in this world. Because education tells these judges they are doing so right and Ariel Castro is so evil. Is evil , yes but the judges, lawyers and politicians are 1 million times worse. The Ariel Castro really showed the world how evil it is to lock someone up against their will and allow them to be raped and tortured in prisons. You think child labor is child abuse? I’ll tell you what child abuse is. When you send a child to school and force them to read books for eight hours a day. To make them read the government’s version of history. To make them learn the government’s version of justice. To make them learn the governmental laws and make them forget God’s laws. That’s child abuse.

The Cheshire Murders was on HBO. Not only do most people believe that cops caused these girls to be murdered, because they want to put people in prison and get raises and bonuses and promotions, even the cops believe they’re responsible for the two girls getting murdered. That’s why they redacted all the police reports. Cops were happy these guys raped, murdered and burned these girls, that made them look like bigger heroes for catching the criminals. I bet they all got big promotions might even be elected to mayor or governor or maybe even president. At least a senator. Did they not take these criminals seriously? When they said if you call the cops we will kill your family, did they think they were joking? What did they think was going to happen when they surrounded the house with cops, get invited in for a party? I could make a whole other video on this subject but cops and judges will never accept responsibility for the evil they create. That’s why there has to be a judgment day.

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