Educating Bill Maher Pot, Condoms , Sex, Bible May 2, 2014.

I’m a thinker and a lot of thought goes into these videos. It’s like the devil created a society to stop people from thinking. People are watching TV, watching sports, listening to the radio and no one is thinking. I googled the question “why do women cry?” And when I got the answer from the major religions of the world and the major thinkers, that said “all women cry” I realized, nobody had put any thought into this. Someone asked the question, “why do women cry” and someone gave the answer, “all women cry” and no one else put any thought into it. And that’s been the answer to that question for more than 5000 years.

Many people have suspected marijuana and drugs might drive people to violence or murder, but no one put any thought into it. When someone suggested these two girls might have murdered their best friend because they were high on marijuana, the answer came back, “not all people who smoke marijuana murder their best friend” and no one put any more thought into it. Even though everyone knows that all people are different and drugs affect different people different ways as soon as the answer came, “not all people who smoke marijuana murder their best friend” no one even questioned their criminally insane answer. That’s what that answer is, criminal insanity.

We all watch the drug commercials, where they give a list at the end of the commercial of different side effects that drug could cause. That’s because a certain percentage of people will suffer those kind of side effects. Not everyone is the same. Not everyone who takes a college SAT test gets 100% on the test. Not everyone who takes Viagra, will have a erection that lasts more than four hours. And yet Viagra is not a miracle drug, not all people who take Viagra will be able to get an erection. They only test these drugs on maybe 100 people and they write down the side effects. All drugs have side effects. Some people will get diarrhea, some people might get headaches and even a small percentage of the people might even die from taking the drug. The drug companies are out to make money, so that anyone who dies of a heart attack while taking a drug, the drug companies are quick to claim that person had a pre-existing heart condition and it wasn’t their drug that caused that heart attack. The drug companies have been very good at labeling people with a mental illness, if they have a bad side effect from a drug that they’re trying to make a profit on. Industry does the same with job injuries. Putting imaginary mental illnesses on people who are not happy with a lousy thousand dollar month disability check are simply labeled mentally ill, so that industry doesn’t have to pay them for their suffering.

But God didn’t create mentally ill people. If people are mentally ill, it’s probably a side effect from a drug, a job injury or from going to war. This is why many veterans have posttraumatic stress. They have tried to label me as mentally ill, because they didn’t want to pay me a 450 Billion dollars for my job injury. But I wasn’t mentally ill before the job injury, so if the job injury made me mentally ill, then I want 100 trillion dollars for the job injury, that made me mentally ill. So I hope they can prove I’m mentally ill, so I can get my hundred trillion dollars. All people are different and that’s why one guy sold his operating system to Bill Gates for $50,000. But the guys who created PayPal, YouTube, Facebook wanted millions and even billions of dollars for the things they created, that took very little effort. The guy who wanted seven billion dollars for Facebook was not mentally ill, because he wanted a lot of money. If he can get 7 billion for what he did, I should have no problem getting 100 trillion for the suffering I went through.

Not all people die from peanut allergies, but enough people do for them to put a warning on food labeling packages. Not all people rape or commit murder while high on marijuana, but enough people do to fill up our prisons full of murderers and rapist. So many that some people believe, we should all have guns. If there was no drugs or alcohol, we would not need guns because it is very rare that somebody rapes or murder someone while they are completely sober. Just about every rape and murder was committed while someone was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I’m not trying to use drugs or alcohol as an excuse, but it sure is a mass coincidence when So many people are in prison, for crimes they committed while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I’m not just talking about illegal drugs, many people commit crimes while under the influence of prescription drugs. Not only should the alcohol companies warn pregnant women about the dangers of drinking while pregnant, they should warn them that they could get pregnant, if they drink around men.

Blaming 16-year-old girls for murdering their friend while they were under the influence of marijuana, is either a sign of stupidity or criminal insanity. Because someone convinced these girls that smoking marijuana was perfectly okay. These girls did not grow the marijuana, someone grew it and sold it to them. It doesn’t matter if they didn’t know Bill Maher. Bill Maher has a TV show and lawyers and producers advising him, where he speaks to millions of people and convinces them that marijuana is perfectly okay. Bill Maher is at the top of the pyramid, he teaches people marijuana is okay, they teach their friends marijuana is okay and before you know it, people are selling marijuana to Rachel Shoaf and Sheila Eddy. So they don’t even have to watch the Bill Maher show, for Bill Maher to be liable. If you teach two 16-year-old girls it’s okay to jump out of a plane without a parachute and they jump out and die, you are liable for their deaths. You don’t blame them for being young and dumb.

It’s okay to be a 50-year-old and be an idiot. But once someone teaches you the truth, you have an obligation to right your wrong or risk prison or lawsuit. Just because you have a small penis and use a triple thick latex condom, that has protected you for 30 years, doesn’t mean that it’s going to protect everyone. Some men have bigger penises and the condoms break. Some men don’t use latex condoms, they use those feel-good thin animal skin condoms, that break. Condoms might work for men, who know how to use them, but they don’t work for women. Because men lie and tell women they will use a condom and once the women consents to having sex and get naked in a man’s bed, some men decide they don’t want to use the condom or they promised to use a latex condom, but they use a thin skin condom that breaks in the women can claim they were raped because the man did not use a latex condom. So condoms don’t work for women, at all. When you go on national TV show and tell women condoms work, abstinence doesn’t, you are liable for every condom that breaks, for every woman who gets pregnant or a disease from listening to your fuckin ignorance.

The only reason why you think condoms work, is because the kind of women you have sex with, that would cut your penis off if you didn’t use a triple thick latex condom. With the triple thick latex condom that you need for protection, you are better off not even to have sex. A rubber dildo feels more real than a man with a latex condom. Jacking off, feels better than having sex with a latex condom. So abstinence is a far better choice and the only way to guarantee you will not get a disease or pregnant. And you should have said that on your TV show. But now that you didn’t, it now only shows the world how ignorant you are, it makes you liable for every girl who gets pregnant or a disease, because she believed a condom would work.

I don’t know why Bill Maher the atheist seems to think he knows so much about God. This guy is so high on marijuana, he thinks God wrote the Bible. Maybe when he was high on marijuana he seen God typing out the Bible on a word processor. If he is God, he must have a word processor, is Bill Mahers kind of logic. The Bible was not written by God and only atheists believe it was. The Bible says you’re not supposed to take from the tree of knowledge. So according to the Bible, your not even supposed to have the knowledge to print a Bible.

The true word of God was never meant to be put in a book. The word God was supposed to be preached by mouth and the word of God was handed down by word of mouth for thousands of years, before Gutenberg ever came along. Once people started putting God’s word in a book, tyrants and dictators like King James, decided to twist God’s words for their own benefit. Others have tried to correct the Bible, by taking out these dictators words.

This is my mother’s Bible. If you read this Bible, it tells you that the words in red, are reportedly, what people believe God said. The words in black, there’s no debate, everyone knows those are not God’s words, but are the words of the Bible writers and Bible printers. I don’t really believe your that stupid Bill Maher, I think you know this and you just want to deceive people, so that they can sue you or kill you, for deceiving them. Because not only did drugs cause people to murder, people have murdered, because people have lied or deceived them. I’m not saying you are going to be murdered, if you lie and deceive people or smoke marijuana, I’m just saying the odds of you being murdered is a lot higher, when you deceive and lie to people and they smoke marijuana. That’s what holy wars are all about, killing the liars and deceivers. That’s what the antichrist, the devil or the serpent is, a liar and deceiver. That makes you, the antichrist according to the word of God, that is handed down by mouth, from generation to generation.

Educating former president Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter was on the Bill Maher show and he was boasting that he never started any wars and he talked about how so many women, murdered their children by way of abortion. He seems to be a religious man, but he seems to think that the women are evil for having abortions, when in fact he is the one who is responsible for women being forced to murder their children. He is making the laws, he’s the one in power, he is the one responsible for so many women murdering their children. When the nine Supreme Court justices legalized abortion, he should have started a war right here in this country, to save the lives of a half million children a year. Because he did not do that, he is the one responsible or liable for a half million babies being murdered every year by way of abortion. First thing he should have done was, charge the nine Supreme Court justices killed for treason, for going against the Constitution that guarantees everyone life.

My grandfather had 12 children. Back then people had children to help them on the farm. The more children you had, the easier life was and that’s the way life is supposed to be. The Archons, (politicians, the rich, those in power) have created a society, that makes it a burden on women to have children. They are responsible for creating the society, that forces women and gives them no other choice but to murder their own children and that makes them, people like Jimmy Carter, 10,000 times more evil, than the women who have abortions. They created a society that forces people to purchase clothing. Clothing by the way, that is made by slave children in dangerous sweatshops and if the clothing isn’t made by children in sweatshops, the more expensive the clothing, the more it forces women to abort their children. Food grows on trees, were supposed to walk around naked. It’s the devil that tells you your naked and need to purchase clothing made by slave children. The witnesses of God, preached in sack cloth, because purchasing clothing is funding Satan’s kingdom. Don’t be surprised on judgment day when you are held responsible for all the women who abort their children, because of the government you supported and created. Anyone who supported abortion should have been tried for treason because it’s against the Constitution that guarantees everyone life.

People who are so mentally ill that they rationalize abortion is not murder, has to be put to death. You can’t change those people. There’s no arguing with them because they are mentally ill and that mental illness is caused by money and power. When people have money and power they want to be able to force others to murder their children by way of abortion and they use criminally insane rationalization to justify it. We went to war with Saddam because he reportedly killed five babies in incubators. The people in this country kill a half million babies every year and use criminally insane rationalization to justify it for profit and power. They know they cannot keep their power and wealth unless they kill millions of babies.

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