Ebola & Enemy of the State Conspiracy, October 6, 2014.

Well if you watch the news about the Ebola scare and you watch the movie enemy of the state they both have something in common. The enemy of the state was a man that knew too much and so the state wanted him killed. Every person the man talked to was also an enemy of the state because they knew too much. So not only did they have to kill the man they had to kill every person the man talk to, to keep the truth from leaking out. This is what they are doing with Ebola. Do these people really have Ebola or are they an enemy of the state where every person who talks to them has to be quarantined to keep the truth bottled up.

Jenny McCarthy said that vaccines cause autism. Everybody thought she was crazy because why would anyone purposely cause autism. While that information could get you killed it make you an enemy of the state and everybody you talk to would have to be quarantined or killed. There is only a handful of people in power and the only way they can control people is if they make them stupid by fluoridated water or by vaccines. What happens to people who have autism? They have to get jobs at fast food restaurants, in coal mines, cleaning up nuclear radiation or they have to become soldiers in our military maybe even policemen. This is why they give vaccines that cause autism. They need more soldiers, more people to serve fast food and more people to clean up Fukushima radiation.

Bill Gates has donated millions of dollars for these vaccines for the Ebola virus. Yes he is diabolical. But that’s how atheists are. If you don’t believe in God why not make millions of people autistic so you can use them as soldiers and fast food workers. They can’t control intelligent people, but people with autism you can control millions of those people. You can get them to believe 19 hijackers hit the World Trade Center. You can get them to believe them stupid beheading videos. Very possible that the people they claim have Ebola and their friends they talk to, really only have a case of truth, that they are trying to quarantine.

Whatever you do don’t get any vaccines and if they say someone has Ebola, they probably have the truth. I’m not even going to talk to anyone anymore who had vaccines because most likely their brains have been damaged on purpose by atheist in power. It’s just too frustrating to talk to them. I’m sorry if I have called you stupid or dumb ass, it’s probably not your fault. You probably have autism from getting a vaccine or brain damage from drinking the fluoridated water. My memory is starting to fade rapidly, I think they might be putting something in my beer at the bar. I had to look up Jenny McCarthy’s name that was on the view because I forgot it and I just watched Ayn Rand on TV last night and I even had to look up her game again. I don’t think we should eat or drink anything, unless it comes right off of one of God’s trees. The people in power have too much to gain to Not make us all stupid.


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