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Jaycee Lee Dugard Rape Abortion, August 25, 2012.

Last night on 20/20 Diane Sawyer interviewed Jaycee Dugard. She was the girl kidnaped at age 11 and held captive for 18 years and had two girls as the result of the rape by Phillip Craig Garrido. Jaycee Dugard has a lot to teach us. As pro choice groups are using Savanna Dietrich sexual abuse, via way of the date rape drug alcohol, as an excuse to kill unborn children, Jaycee Dugard and her mother teach us that children whose father is a lowlife evil rapist, are in fact beautiful children that deserve to be loved. Out of all the abuse Jaycee Dugard suffered through in at 18 years, what she really worried about, was the evil people in society, who believed that her children do not deserve to live, because the father is a rapist. She was almost in tears, because she thought her mother would not accept her children, that were the result of rape. This is because we have so many pro-choice women groups in America, that see nothing wrong with killing children, if their father is a rapist.

Phillip Craig Garrido believed he was hearing voices from Angels. Amazingly there was some truth in what Phillip Craig Garrido was saying. That pro-choice groups would reject Jaycee Dugard’s children and even suggest the government pay for them to be aborted. Do you realize he was right? If Jaycee Dugard was found when she was four months pregnant, they would’ve aborted her children. That is a fact that we must all accept. Think about it. Let me repeat. If Jaycee Dugard was found when she was four months pregnant, they would have killed her children. Phillip Craig Garrido was right and we all know it.

This is why Jaycee Dugard did not try to escape from her attackers. Jaycee Dugard watch TV she knew what the pro-choice’s were saying about her children. That they don’t deserve to live because the father was a rapist.

Jaycee Dugard’s mother, was even shocked when Jaycee Dugard referred Phillip Craig Garrido as the children’s father. But Jaycee Dugard responded, “it is what it is, he is their father” a truth that pro-choice people, do not want to hear and even shocked her mother. None of us get to choose who our mother or father is. Some of us are born to rich people, some to poor, some have good parents and some have evil parents. Jaycee Dugard has proved to us that it doesn’t matter who the father is, that the children are not him. Even Jaycee Dugard’s mother says she doesn’t see a trace of Phillip Craig Garrido in the children.

But pro-choice women do, a prophetic truthful message, that Phillip Craig Garrido had for the world, as if Angels were speaking to him. It’s as if God put the devil into Phillip Craig Garrido, so pro choice women, can see the evil in killing over a half a million babies a year in America, because they don’t like what the father did to them.

Phillip Craig Garrido might be considered the most evil rapist dirt bag on the earth, but if banning abortions comes out of his actions, Jesus’s prophecy, that he who is considered the lowest scum on earth, is in reality, the greatest in heaven. I’m not considering Phillip Craig Garrido a hero because his actions might ban abortion for rape victims, but God works in mysterious ways. Out of evil, he brings good.

Instead of hating Jaycee Dugard’s children because the father is a rapist, we should show our love for them by using their tragedy and changing it into something positive. I think the president who is the father of our nation, should show true fatherly love to Jaycee Dugard’s and her children and invite them to the White House, showing them that even though they are product of abuse, what happened to them has changed the nation and will save over half a million babies a year, that were discarded as trash, by people who think that children born out of abuse, should be aborted. We cannot undo what happened to Jaycee Dugard and her children, but we can show them, that we learn from them and that their experience will save over a half a million children a year who are aborted by people 1 million times more evil than Phillip Craig Garrido. Phillip Craig Garrido is mentally ill and has an excuse for what he did. Pro-choice people are not mentally ill and they don’t have an excuse for what they did by killing over half a million babies a year, because they believe they should die for what the father did.

My message to Jaycee Dugard and her children is, I hope you can forgive God for what he let happen to you, but if you can see the possibility, of the love you have for your children, might change the world and ban abortion, then you can see that the pain of abuse, like the pain of childbirth, can bring on miraculous changes in the world.

When the president signs the papers for banning abortion, I hope you and your children are given credit for it. You have taught us to love our children, no matter who the father is, or what he did. You have also taught us that no matter how evil Phillip Craig Garrido is, there is no one in the world more evil than the people who want to kill their children. I agree Phillip Craig Garrido is evil, but the pro-choice women who want to kill their babies, far surpass his evilness. If the president does not sign papers banning abortion, he is showing he has no love for your children and he is proving Phillip Craig Garrido as a prophet of God and right, when he said the world would reject your children and you would be safer in his shed. It’s the least we could do to show you Jaycee Dugard that we love you and your children and accept you as members of our nation by banning abortion. If you ever do another interview with Diane Sawyer, I would hope you would share with the world, that even though Phillip Craig Garrido was the most evil, sinister lowlife, dirt bag, scumbag rapist in the world, that you cannot imagine, there being anyone in the world more evil than a woman, who would kill her own children, because of what a man like that has done. You know what Phillip Craig Garrido did to you, but imagine a woman killing, her unborn baby. Be honest with us Jaycee Dugard, who is more evil, Phillip Craig Garrido or a woman who kills her unborn baby? I might ask your children a similar question, who is more evil, Phillip Craig Garrido or the woman, politicians, abortion doctors and pro-choicer’s, who thinks they should have never been born?

We should also love our heavenly father God, no matter who he is, or what he did. Even though he gets blamed for a lot of stuff he really never did. He is what he is just like Phillip Craig Garrido. When you are killing over 500,000 unborn babies a year and justifing it, by claiming the father was a rapist, be careful when you call Phillip Craig Garrido more evil, than yourself.

Phillip Craig Garrido had to be very abusive, otherwise some other woman, would claim that her rapist, was more abusive than him, so she deserves to be able to legally murder her unborn child.

Pro-choicer “My rapist abuse me worse than Phillip Craig Garrido abused Jaycee Dugard, so I should be able to legally kill my unborn children”.

The only question I have for you Jaycee Dugard, who is more evil, Phillip Craig Garrido or a woman who wants to kill her unborn children?

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