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Asbestos In Our Drinking Water, Food, October 24, 2012The best source of factual information on asbestos is to read the weblogs of people who are dying from cancer.

These people are going to be dead in six months and they want to tell the truth before they meet Jesus, so they have no reason to lie.

A young woman in her 20s is dying from cancer and she is being studied by hundreds of doctors because she is the first case of asbestos stomach cancer. She got cancer from ingesting asbestos. Either the asbestos was in her food or in her water.

This blew my perfect solution for asbestos basement tiles removal. The best way to remove asbestos tiles in the basement would be to block the drains, flood the basement with a inch or two of water, put bleach to kill the mold and dish soap to loosen the glue and let the water soak until the tiles come loose. Then why the tiles are underwater you can safely pry them loose and remove them without getting asbestos in the air. The problem is you would have to flush the asbestos particles down the city drain which drains into the future right River down to the water treatment plant where asbestos is impossible to filter out of water. There are many different kinds of asbestos. Vermiculite Insulation Tremolite, Zonolight chrysotile amosite crocidolite

30% of the population of Libby Montana have lung cancer from asbestos. In 2002 it was declared a national superfund site worse Case of industrial poisoning in history, along with 200 cities along train tracks, leading to the City.

Tremolite is the most toxic with fiber so small that if you laid off 1200 of them side-by-side they would be the thickness of a hair. Looking at one with the 1200 X. Microscope would look like a human hair. Even at the water filtration system used Hepa filters, they would not filter them out. We have no way to test for asbestos in the water. When we test the water we test two drops under a microscope out of 1,000,000 gallons of water. If there were millions of asbestos spores in the drinking water the likelihood that a asbestos spore would be in one of those drops that we were testing, would be very rare. Every time you mop your basement asbestos floor you are sending asbestos fibers into the city drain into our drinking water. What’s making it worse is the cities are using water to keep the asbestos fibers down, when they are demolishing houses and that water is running down into the city drains into our drinking water. Nobody knows. Nobody cares. No one wants to know. No one wants to test. No one knows how to test for asbestos spores in billions of gallons of water. There is no safe level of asbestos. One asbestos spore in 1 billion glasses of water has a chance to kill the person who drinks that glass of water. It’s kind of like fish. Millions of fish are eaten every year. Hundreds of fish bones are swallowed. Most past the peoples digestive systems. But once in a while a fish bone will get stuck into someone’s stomach or intestine and it will kill them. This could be the way the woman ingested the asbestos through our city tap Water.

Another person suffering from cancer that he believes is from asbestos, but can’t prove it, has posted his horror story on a blog, looking for someone to listen to him. He works in the produce department at a grocery store. He read up on asbestos floor tiles on the Internet. He indemnified the floor tiles in the grocery store as being asbestos. Every night he has to use a machine to polish the asbestos floor tiles. This produces millions of asbestos fibers that float in the air in the produce section and land on the apples, pears, grapes, broccoli and every fruit and vegetable not to mention the meets and potato salad at the deli. He knows this is happening but everyone says he’s crazy. The hospital next to the grocery store is pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars from Medicaid and Medicare from the people getting sick from shopping and eating food at the grocery store and none of the doctors want to disturb their cash cow, by telling the truth.

His story would be very hard to believe if I didn’t go to the grocery store that has floor tile that is at least 50 years old, and I seen a guy buffing the tile and I noticed that the 50-year-old tile is hardly worn at all. Pretty much convinced me that it is asbestos. My tennis shoes are six months old and I could see signs of wear on the bottom. Hundreds of people walk through that store every day for at least 50 years and none of those floor tiles look worn. One thing I noticed about my basement floor tiles is that asbestos really is amazing. The asbestos floor tiles that are at least 30 years old show absolutely no signs of wear. Yes their scuffed and dented and chipped, but not worn at all. They put different amounts of asbestos in floor tiles, anywhere from 1 to 75% asbestos. So you can be fooled by some wear and tear. But if they look too good to be true, it probably asbestos. Look at the tiles in your liquor or grocery store and if they look too good, then start shopping somewhere else.

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