DrPhil Young Turks Abortion, August 7, 2015.

The Dr. Phil show had a lady, that let her 12-year-old daughter go on the Internet to meet a boyfriend, to Google how to commit suicide and to be bullied by classmates. Her daughter met a boyfriend on the Internet, not sure if it was craigslist under the lonely men section, but her daughter met a man on the Internet and the relationship failed. Then the 12-year-old girl committed suicide. The mother said her daughter committed suicide because she was bullied on the Internet. The daughter was evaluated by mental health professionals for 48 hours before she committed suicide. So much for Obama care. Who knows what drugs they gave her.

There was this woman on Facebook name Rebecca Ann who found this story interesting and wanted a new investigation, because she felt like this mother should be charged with some kind of crime or to at least give her some more answers. So she started harassing the mother of the daughter who committed suicide. Dr. Phil seemed to believe this woman was telling the truth that her daughter committed suicide from online bullying and even gave the woman $10,000 so she could start an anti-bullying campaign. I believe the medical profession probably admitted to some wrongdoing and settled a case with a gag order so that the mom could not talk about it.

Dr. Phil use the #strongaccusations for his viewers to comment about this case. Dr. Phil did nothing to stop the online twitter cyber bullying against Rebecca Ann. Dr. Phil did not even stop this ladies daughter from calling Rebecca Ann “crazy” on national TV. It’s one thing to call someone “crazy” on Facebook in front of your 17 followers but to call someone crazy on the Dr. Phil show, where Dr. Phil claims his show is on in more than a dozen country with over 100 million viewers, that’s a billion-dollar slander lawsuit. That’s only $10 per viewer if Rebecca Ann wins a lawsuit against the Dr. Phil show for slander.

Most of the Dr. Phil followers claim this lady should be left alone to grieve over 12-year-old child who committed suicide, like you’re supposed to leave Jeffrey Dahmer alone, to grieve over the 17 people he killed. This lady did not want another investigation into her child’s death and even had a lawyer with her on the show. I commented if she didn’t have nothing to do with their child’s death why did she need a lawyer? Someone on Twitter answered the lawyer was for a slander lawsuit against Rebecca Ann. Well it wasn’t a very good lawyer because that lawyer let that woman’s daughter call Rebecca Ann “crazy” on national TV opening herself up to a billion-dollar lawsuit.

Anyway check out my comments under the #strongaccusations on twitter. I am literally one man that caused 10,000 people to shut the hell up. You can see the top comments are cyber bullying of Dr. Phil’s followers against Rebecca Ann and you will have to click, “all comments” to see my latest post to shut them all up.

So then I watch a video where the Young Turks are doing the same thing Dr. Phil is doing on his show. Getting the audience to attack someone. A woman wrote to another woman who wanted to become an abortion doctor and warned her that becoming a abortion doctor could get you killed. The Young Turks were bashing this woman and spreading lies about her and they even got the Department of Justice to file lawsuit against her for warning people and teaching them the truth. I will also give a link to the Young Turks video below.

Department of Justice needs to file lawsuit against the Young Turks for lying and saying this woman said, "she knows where they live" when in fact she said, "they know where you live" as a warning to the dangers of being abortion doctor and not a threat. What was the woman’s name? I’m going to write the Department of Justice for them to file a lawsuit against the Young Turks.

This is the letter I sent to the Department of Justice.

Email to the Department of Justice:

The Young Turks Anna and Cenk are spreading lies and inciting violence against a woman who said, “they know where you live” and “they could put a bomb under your car” as a warning to abortion doctors, their children and grandchildren of the dangers, if a war between good and evil ever breaks out. They are twisting the woman’s words by saying the woman is threatening the abortion doctors by claiming she said, “I know where you live” and “I will put a bomb under your car”. Although there is free speech I heard the Justice Department could file a lawsuit against the Young Turks Anna and Cenk to put them out of business for their lying and inciting violence.

I tell members of the Timothean religion they could be killed by insane people who do not believe abortion is premeditated first-degree child murder. Not that I’m threatening members of the Timothean religion but I’m educating them to the dangers of teaching the truth.

This is the YouTube video they are using their news broadcasting agency to incite violence and teach lies.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cysq5Ka4mGY&spfreload=10 Thank you Timothy Allen Campbell The Gospel of Timothy http://www.GoTimothy.com Rebecca Ann, Rebecca Ann Sedwick You going to stop cyber bullying. The World Wide Web is not a place for children. Keep kids off the Internet. Most social media the minimum age is 14 and that is with a guardian or parent supervision. If your 12-year-old child is googling how to commit suicide or being bullied on the Internet and you don’t know it, that is child abuse.

Wonder how many girls commit suicide because 1. #DrPhil said they need a job to keep the baby. @DrPhil #strongaccusations #RebeccaAnnSedwick

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