Dr. Phil, I mentioned you and your show in a letter to Lionel

DR. Phil, I mentioned you and your show in a letter to Lionel and thought I would send you a copy because I was going to comment on the subject on your web page, but I didn’t have time. The show aired a few weeks ago about a woman with mental illness. Mental illness doesn’t exist. God did not create it. It’s long, if the website doesn’t let me post it all, a full copy will be on my website at www.GoTimothy.com/DrPhilLionel.htm.

To Lionel,
I watched you on the Corbett Report talking about philosophical issues and how you didn’t believe in UFO’s and then you realize you were wrong and became “open-minded” I like that.

In another video I saw what you said about Bill Cosby, North Korea, being accused without any evidence, without any judge, trial or jury and I agreed with you. I thought man I’m going to go subscribe to this guys channel he is intelligent.

Then I seen your video about guns and the Constitution and I thought what an @%&$#.

Then I thought, no this guy is very intelligent and must be simply brainwashed by the gun lobby. Just like his mind was closed to the idea of UFO’s, his mind must be seared like a steak in a frying pan, not to let any juices out, or anything in, with slogans from the National Rifle Association or the multibillion-dollar gun industry, who uses psychology to sell guns.

I say anything anti gun, and your mind says, “this is a schizophrenic UFO believing 911 inside job tinfoil hat nut, don’t listen”.

Try to have an open mind like you say in your youtube video on the Lionel Nation Channel.

We both agree that the word hunter, gun collector is not in the Second Amendment.

However, you claim the Constitution gives gun owners the right to kill. Because you say in one of your videos and I forget the persons name and I’m not going to mention his name anyways, that this guy wrote a paper on why we have gun rights for self protection and you claim that what this guy says, gives all Americans a right to kill. Well first of all, the guy you mentioned is not God, so what he says is meaningless, it’s an opinion. The guy you mentioned was not even the president of the United States. The guy you mention does not represent all the people in the United States. He might represent you, but not the rest of us. He is not the people for the people.

Parts of the Constitution have more power than other parts. The part where it says every man has a right to life, is far more powerful than anybody’s right to kill. The right to life is written in stone in the Constitution, the right to kill, is just an opinion, of someone who is perhaps a murderer. Now you are all about rights of a fair trial, a judge, a jury, all are innocent until proven guilty. Where does that fit in with a gun owner’s right to kill without a trial, judge or jury? Hold the gun lobby has taught you about a straw man argument. You don’t need to prove the guy is going to kill you before you kill him and you accepted the gun lobby argument. The right to a trial, right to life and innocent until proven guilty, is far more important than someone’s right to kill you or me.

You defend Bill Cosby in one of your videos. In another video you’re defending gun owners, so that if one of these women thought without a trial, jury or judge that Bill Cosby was going to poison their drink, they can simply shoot him in the head in self defense and it would be a strawman argument, if you had to prove Bill Cosby was going to poison your drink, if you are a gun owner.

There is very little evidence in the Constitution that anyone has a right to kill even in self defense. The most important part of the Constitution is the right to life, the right to a fair trial and the right to be innocent until proven guilty. People are against guns because they don’t want someone shooting them and then claiming self-defense like Trayvon Martin, without a trial, jury or judge, convicting you of being a criminal worthy of death. Most countries have even abolished the death penalty, because it’s so uncivilized. You can murder someone and go to another country and they will not extradite you, because the United States has capital punishment. What you’re claiming, is the Constitution gives people a right to kill with a gun and then claiming, it’s a strawman argument, if you have to prove the person you killed was going to harm you. These woman could have simply killed Bill Cosby and said it was self defense because he drugged them, and you would be defending these women’s right to kill him. No doubt three women testifying Bill Cosby drugged them, would be enough evidence to kill and claim self-defense and not even be arrested. It would simply be your word against a dead man and you see nothing wrong with that.

Secondly the words in the Second Amendment, “well regulated” means gun-control. If you were brainwashed into believing otherwise, that is considered mental illness and you cannot legally have a gun, if you didn’t know “well regulated” means “gun-control”. You really need to check your dictionary and check with an English teacher, if you do not know the legal definition of the word “regulation”. How can you be a lawyer or have anything to do with the law or prosecution, if you don’t know what the word regulation means? I know you don’t like to call people insane, but you have to look at your own psychology. I really don’t believe there is any such thing as insanity. Mental illness simply does not exist because God did not create it. Mental illness is a learned behavior. People who believe in UFOs and aliens, were taught of UFOs. People used to believe the world was flat, but not because they were mentally ill, the colleges and universities used to teach people the world was flat before Columbus sailed to America.

Dr. Phil said this woman was crazy because she believed Michael Jackson was chasing her. A woman told me that a giant stapler was chasing her and it was real. Dr. Phil would claim this woman is having hallucinations and needs medication or hospitalization.

I asked the woman what happened before the giant stapler started chasing you? She said well it was about 11 o’clock at night and I put on my pajamas and went to bed. Then I asked her what happened immediately after the giant stapler was chasing you. She said, “well I remember my heart beating really fast and I look at the alarm clock and it was 4 AM, then I got out of bed because I couldn’t sleep.” Well then, you’re not crazy, you were simply having a nightmare. Nightmares seem real.

The only way we know we are having a nightmare, is when we wake up. The woman on Dr. Phil was doing drugs, so she was falling in and out of consciousness, she didn’t know when she was awake, when she was asleep, or when she was having a nightmare and Dr. Phil simply diagnosed her as being mentally ill. The only way you know you’re having a nightmare is when you wake up, but if you’re doing drugs, you didn’t even know you were sleeping so it seems real. Most of us have these nightmares but when we wake up we forget about them because we know it was just a nightmare and not reality and we know it’s considered normal. If you didn’t know you were sleeping and you had these nightmares, you would think yourself to be insane.

If you want the true story about the Sony hack go to my web site.

It’s almost like a conspiracy maybe the CIA made the trailer to get me to cancel my interview about my interpretation of the book of Revelation, that tells the world how God is going to destroy the United States with nuclear weapons. The beast that rises out of the sea with 10 heads and 7 horns, that they say, “arise and devour much flesh” is a nuclear powered submarine. This class submarine has 10 missiles, each missile contained 7 warheads and they can devour much flesh, from my book the Gospel of Timothy http://www.GoTimothy.com/tgospel.htm

What must’ve really scared Sony was my e-mails of why I canceled “the interview” with Frank Prather a Hollywood studio producer you can read those e-mails here http://www.GoTimothy.com/FrankPrather.htm and http://www.GoTimothy.com/ThanksFrank.htm

Homeland Security has been trying to drive me insane and keep my books off the shelves since 1996, because I tell my story how I saw God, jobs are slavery and you are serving the devil when you have a job. They don’t want to kill me that would cement my words in stone and give me credibility. It tells how I was injured on the job & was tortured with Stella ganglion blocks to the neck by the military industrial complex branch of the government called “Western medicine”, because they don’t want to pay you disability.

The Mafia offered me 200 million to keep my mouth shut. How when you reject those bribes, they offer you jobs as president of a country, but it wasn’t worth it for my 450 billion worth of suffering. Besides it’s not about the money, it’s about suing the industrial nations out of business to guaranteed no one else is ever injured on the job again. Anyone who even thinks the automobile industry should still be able to profit after a man is injured on the job is completely insane. They should have been tried with murder when the first person was killed in a car accident. Scientist told them in 1914, if they build a car that goes over 10 miles an hour Americans would be injured and killed by them. They built them anyway making it premeditated first-degree murder when someone is killed in a car crash. Even if they were drunk. Alcohol was invented long before the automobile and although many people got drunk nobody died in car crashes until they mass-produced the automobile.


1. Remember when the movie “Shark” came out? Everybody was afraid to go in the ocean. Beaches and resorts lost millions. Can you imagine if this movie came out? Everybody would be afraid to go on job interviews for fear of being assassinated. They would have to pay everybody disability, people will be claiming they can’t get a job, because they are afraid if they go on a job interview, they might be assassinated, after watching this movie. People will be on unemployment forever. I can’t go on a job interview they might kill me I seen “the interview”. There would be a new entry into the DSM manual, fear of spiders and now fear of being assassinated on a job interview. You now qualify for mental disability. lol PS.
Let me be the first to coin this term “ObamaPhobia” fear of being killed on a job interview.

2. They also put needles in candy bars. They put poison in candy because they did not like the idea of neighborhood thugs threatening to vandalize their house if they did not give out treats. Maybe you never had your house vandalized because you always gave out treats or you live in a rich neighborhood where they didn't have Gangs or thugs, but that's what happened in the city of Detroit during the 60s.

We had to screen our Candy for people who spit in it, urinated on it, used it as a suppository or simply handed out five-year-old Candy because people resent this holiday promoted by the $8 billion a year candy industry.

When I was a child I didn't know why we had to screen candy, but now as an Adult, I would never let my children go trick or treating demanding candy from complete strangers. It's just not logical.You would be better off teaching your children to get in cars of strangers who offer them candy.

There is something true in psychology that if you want to be the devil, you probably are the devil.

What I forgot to mention in my last letter to you Lionel, is when you teach gun owners they have a right to kill and they actually kill somebody, thinking they had a constitutional right to do it, because of your words or your actions, that makes you guilty of second-degree murder.

If you did something to cause someone’s death, by supporting someone’s right to kill whether it be self defense or otherwise, without a trial jury or judge, you are responsible for every person who is killed, where the gun owner claimed, “self defense”.

I hope to be trying you in a court of law for second-degree murder, for every person who was killed by a Self Defense Claim, because of your actions of claiming the Constitution gives people a right to kill. You caused their death.

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