Dr. Phil is a Government Propagandist January 3, 2014.

I’m going to put a link below, to a video I want you to watch, about prescription medications and psychiatrist. Psychiatry is not a science. The practice of medicine is barely a science, it’s mostly doctors opinions based on indoctrination by the military-industrial complex. Dr. Phil uses psychiatry to control the masses. It is mind control. This is worse than Hitler’s Germany.

Hitler used Gestalt psychology, to find Jews and people who believe in God. When people read the Bible, they get imagery in their minds. The arc of the covenant. With the two Cherubims overlooking the arc. He had an artist draw up an ink blot that would match this imagery. When a psychiatrist shows the ink blot to the patient, if the patient has read the Bible, he will describe the ink blot as two Cherubims overlooking the arc. These were the people Hitler had exterminated in his death camps. He didn’t exterminate Jews. He exterminated anyone who recognized these biblical images. Because the Bible was against any man ruler. People who read the Bible, were serving God, not the dictator in power and that’s why he had to find them and exterminate them. If you ever go to a psychiatrist and they ask you to identify the ink blots, say they look like inkblots, because they’re trying to find out if you serve God or the dictator in power. This can be reversed, to design inkblots to find the people who don’t serve God, if we design the ink blots the right way.

Dr. Phil will be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity just like Hitler’s SS were charged with crimes against humanity for their propaganda TV shows. Dr. Phil is pushing pharmaceutical medication and he is demonizing alcohol. Alcohol has been around for thousands years. It is the only drug God had approved of. It’s the drug Jesus created by turning water into wine. The Bible says to give drink to those who are suffering. To give strong drink to those who are in chronic pain. Alcohol was the doctor’s number one drug a hundred years ago. Until pharmaceutical companies found out they could not make any money on it and started demonizing alcohol, to sell prescription drugs that not only did not kill pain very well , but killed the patient or damage their brains. The military-industrial complex, wants the injured worker to have a damaged brain, so they don’t have to pay them for their job injuries. Alcohol might damage the liver if used to access, but even most alcoholics, can think clearly. Alcohol doesn’t make people violent, it just gives them the courage to speak and do the things that they are afraid of doing while sober. The sober person is probably thinking about bashing Dr. Phils had into the concrete, but he probably won’t do it, unless he has enough alcohol in his system, to not worry about the consequences.

The Constitution of the United States, gives us the right to bear arms to protect our country from enemies foreign and domestic. Doctors, psychiatrists and the pharmaceutical companies are the domestic enemies who are pushing drugs to our children and our elderly. It’s time for us to stand up and fight. And I don’t even believe in guns, but when you have Dr. Phil on a TV show who is worse than Adolf Hitler, than maybe I should change my opinion about guns. It seems every business is a domestic enemy. The tobacco companies. The automobile industry. The oil companies. The nuclear power industry. The lumber industry. When people cut down trees that are necessary for human life, they are the domestic enemy. It’s not about being a tree hugger, but about carrying a gun and defending your country against people who would cut down trees necessary for life. When psychiatrist and Dr. Phil push prescription drugs on your children, the Constitution gives your right to bear arms to protect your family, and it’s called justifiable homicide. That’s what it would be called if someone put a bullet through Dr. Phils head. The dictators and Mafia run pharmaceutical companies, might not see it that way, but history will.

It is absolutely unacceptable for pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrist to push prescription drugs on our children or our senior citizens. It is absolutely unacceptable for pharmaceutical companies to make one penny of profit, when they cause the suffering of other Americans. I was tortured with a stellate ganglion block to the neck, it damaged my heart. There is no way they can make one penny of profit after that. I don’t care if you had the same procedure and it helped you out. If it helped you, then you should pay for the people who it made worse. So I hope that procedure helped you out enough, to pay me for the $1 trillion worth of pain that I suffered from getting it. If it didn’t, that procedure should never be used again and the doctors who performed it should be in prison, for attempted murder. Because it almost killed me. In fact that procedure has killed people and so doctors should be killed, for killing people with that procedure. There’s no statute of limitations on murder and doctors knew, there was a possibility that procedure might kill people. It’s no different than putting a loaded gun to a person’s head, knowing the bullet might kill them, when you pull the trigger. Prescription drugs are a loaded gun and doctors and psychiatrists know it. Dr. Phil knows it too. Dr. Phil knows how he got his TV show, because he’s representing the drug companies and the psychiatrist drug pushers. They are committing crimes against humanity. And I sure am glad I am not the only one who feels this way, because if there wasn’t someone else, I’m sure God would destroy the entire earth.

Dr. Phil, doctors and psychiatrists are no different than Hitler, who tried to make it legal to kill Jews. They have tried to make it legal to kill people who are injured on the job, so that they don’t have to pay them for their injuries. They do this by telling them they cannot use alcohol to kill the pain, caused by job injuries they must use prescription drugs that will damage their brains and slowly kill them. I’ve had an injury support group, where I watched people die who had chronic pain. Doctors simply gave them more and more pain medication, until they were dead. These people could have lived another 30 to 50 years if they used alcohol, for their pain, rather than toxic prescription medication. Now they’re trying to legalize medical marijuana for pain. But that’s just because the pharmaceutical companies have found a way to make a profit off of medical marijuana by licensing.

Anyone could make alcohol and that’s why they don’t want that to be used as pain medication. There’s no profit in it for them. When these people’s brains are damaged by perscription drugs, they cannot tell you how they were injured on the job and tortured by doctors because the medical perfection has been indoctrinated by industry to support industries profits. Doctors Are not there to help people, they are there to help industry. Not one doctor gave a f_ck that I suffered $450 billion worth of pain in my job injury. Every doctor tried to torture me with medications and treatments. None were trying to cure me, none could cure me if they wanted to. It was a job injury. It’s not God’s will to work.

Religion that teaches Jesus should heal your injuries, so the military-industrial complex can make profit, is another domestic enemy. Jesus said to try them to see if they’re practicing what they’re preaching. Will they let you put a bullet through their head, to show you how Jesus heals their bullet wound? If not, they are preaching for the profits of industry. The time will come when the man of God will ask the Christian, if Jesus heals injuries, if the Christian says yes, he will have both of his hands cut off and then the Christian will know God’s judgments. Every injured worker will be paid for their suffering. Every person who claims God heals injuries, so industry can profit, will receive the injuries, the people have received from industry. God will show them no mercy, for they have showed the Messiah no mercy, when he suffered $450 billion worth of pain from his job injury or the $1 trillion worth of pain he suffered, from being tortured with a stellate ganglion block to the neck.

I will be the first to be paid the $450 billion because I’ve been preaching that since my job injury. Others are only copycats. From that video of the pharmaceutical companies pushing drugs making over $330 billion a year, I can see my $1 trillion complaint against the drug companies is not enough. I will have to raise the amount I’m asking to 100 trillion to guarantee the pharmaceutical companies are sued for every penny they made and to put them out of business. I’m also asking that they be put to death for crimes against humanity. There are some things that money just can’t buy. I cannot buy back my health that they damaged. The money will just ease some of the suffering.

I will be going down to shooters tonight and I expect some armed militia, some patriotic Americans, willing to defend their country from domestic enemies, to be down there. As Texans say, there is some people at that bar, that need a killing.

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