NYPD Barney Miller Doomsday, Cops Only Protect the Rich, December 4, 2012.

A few weeks ago I watched an episode of Barney Miller. In this episode a guy walks into the NYPD and tells the cops he wants the politicians to be arrested for crimes against humanity. Barney Miller tells him, we can do that, those people are giving us our paychecks. They set the man got down and give him reasons why they can’t arrest the corrupt mafia in power, all the while they know that they’re working for the mafia. They tell the man to relax and take off his coat. He takes off his coat and he has a couple hundred sticks of dynamite wrapped around him. Then Barney Miller says, well I guess we can try to arrest the corrupt mafia in power, for crimes against humanity. And every cop in the police department starts typing up arrest warrants, for the mayor, the governor and every other shark in power. Towards the end of the episode it looks as if Barney Miller has decided to join occupy wall street and tells the man that he will wear the dynamite vest. So it looked like the episode was going to end on a happy note, where the people were going to win and corrupt politicians in power were going to be arrested for crimes against humanity, but then they ran out of time for the episode and the ending fizzled. Barney Miller is an old show. People knew that the only way to change the world was with bombs. Protesting is not going to convince the mafia or corrupt politicians to change their ways. This show was trying to teach us that the cops are in fact serving the mafia in power and not the people.

This brings us back to the NYPD propaganda photo of a cop giving a homeless man some $80 shoes. The people in power have no idea of what things cost. They shop at the expensive shoe stores. The $80 shoes was probably the cheaper shoes they sold at that store. I’ve never been to a store that sold $80 boots. I think the most expensive shoes at Kmart or Wal-Mart is $59, but no one pays that price because they always go on sale for $49. I knew when I pointed out the anomaly’s in the propaganda photo that they would try to change things in the story to make it sound more believable. When I pointed out the fact that a news team was there at the moment the cop gave the boots to the homeless man and the odds of that were about 1 trillion to one they claim it was just a tourist that took the photo. I pointed out the fact that the cheap ass cop did not buy the homeless man a pair of socks, they added a new pair socks to the story. When I pointed out the fact that the homeless man was not homeless because he had clean feet, they said I was just rambling. I was expecting them to say that not only are there good cops but there are good rich people and Donald Trump invited the homeless man into one of his suites to shower and clean his feet before he was presented with the new pair of shoes, to send out the propaganda message, that not all rich people are bad. If I was the homeless man I would be pissed off at the cop, because the story says the cop put the receipt in his bulletproof vest. Why didn’t the cop give the homeless man the receipt? What if the boots didn’t fit him? I wear a size 12, if the cop bought a size 10, than I would not be able to wear them. Maybe the homeless man would have rather returned the boots got the $80, bought himself a cheap pair shoes at the Salvation Army and use the rest of the money to get a room for the night, to get out of the cold. Obviously this cop did not care about anyone but himself. You don’t buy a homeless man and $80 pair of boots because people in Detroit are being robbed and killed for their $49 boots. With $80 boots you will have the middle-class beating him up for his boots. I’m pretty sure I saw the people from the show Shark Tank offer the same homeless man a moldy piece of bread, for his $80 boots and Mr. Wonderful said, “either you can take a piece of moldy bread for your $80 boots and live or die in your $80 boots, that’s the final offer, take it or leave it”.

There is another propaganda man on the news. This guy claims he escaped from a prison concentration camp in North Korea and walked 2000 miles through the jungle to escape. This is to convince people that we should go to war with North Korea. This guy is more unbelievable than the NYPD cop, but the government is going to go with his propaganda stories. He claims they cut off one of his fingers because he tried to sabotage a machine. Then they show his cut off finger. But people lose their fingers in machines at the military-industrial complex in the United States, every day of the week. And they claim he was beaten severely, but too ashamed to show everyone those scars. Bullshit, if someone tortured you, you would want others to see the scars. The guy was almost laughing as he’s told his story of being tortured and watching his parents being murdered, as if someone was paying him to play a joke on society. Then they asked him what freedom was and he said freedom is the ability to eat chicken or whatever you want. Supposedly in the concentration camp he was only allowed to eat oatmeal. When he comes to the United States he will realize that only the rich get to eat lobster and caviar and eating chicken just means we are one step higher in the slave chain, than the people who live in North Korea. Because now in the United States most people cannot even afford to eat steak. The story was definitely propaganda to convince Americans we should go to war with Korea. I’m not sure how many people are buying it, but if people are stupid enough to buy the NYPD cop buying homeless man’s shoes story, NRA gun nuts, will be volunteering for the Army to blow away North Korea, because those people can’t eat chicken.

So I was almost killed last week when I went to the bar. Because some people did not think my last videos were good. This NRA gun nut believes I’m trying to take away his guns. I don’t believe he watch my videos but someone told him about my videos. I go to the bar and I see all of these militiamen, police cars, taxi drivers, parked along the route to the bar. I’m kind of feeling like the president of the United States that has Secret Service all along the way of his route. I have people spying on me, people protecting me and the people who are trying to kill me that follow me around. They get on their walkie-talkies or their text phones to tell people where I’m going where I will be at. Taxis are the best spies, protection available because they can park their cars anywhere along the route with the engine running and talk on the walkie-talkies to other drivers and dispatch just like policemen. So I go on the bar and a guy comes in and sits next to me and he is drunker and higher than shit. He is like one of these people that escaped from a mental hospital to kill John Lennon or shoot Reagan. Someone told him about my videos because he knew some of the content. But he didn’t watch my videos cause he had no idea I was against marijuana and killing animals. He just knew I was kind of antiestablishment and that he had a spare gun for me, if I want to kill someone. He showed me all his pictures of the deer he shot an even intimidated me by pulling out would look like a switchblade knife but was actually just one of those hunting knives that you open up and there’s a pair of pliers and a corkscrew inside. I tried to convince him that the people I was against was the ones who got him addicted to tobacco, marijuana, guns and liquor but it was no use he was convinced it was his freedom to use these products. Many hunters do not see what is wrong with killing deer. Killing deer is what keeps us in slavery. It doesn’t make you free. We are held in slavery because the people in power control the food supply. Killing deer is controlling the food supply and keeping it in the hands of the rich. Dear are sub planters. They walk around eating fruit, apples, pears, nuts etc. then they walk a mile or two and shit out those seeds. Those seeds grow more fruit trees and provide nutrients for wild turkeys, chickens and birds. We don’t see anymore wild chickens in nature because the hunters have killed them all. But we still see some wild turkeys. When you kill a deer, you not only prevent thousands of fruit trees from being planted you cause the starvation of turkeys, chickens and other animals that would have eaten that fruit, even humans. We are In bondage because we believe food comes from grocery stores. The sharks that own those grocery stores, allow you to hunt and chop down trees, to control food distribution. So that only they have control over the food supply. If fruit and nut trees were growing everywhere no one would have to work, no one would get sick because they would be eating fresh nuts and fruits and the world would be a Garden of Eden. What you should be doing is raising chickens and then letting them loose in the wild so that when the system falls apart, we don’t all starve to death. The sharks in power will continue to convince people to go hunt and kill animals, so that no one can survive in the wild. Those animals are necessary to plant the fruit and nut trees. They also control this food supply by killing the bees. If there are no bees, the trees when I produce apples or pears and men will be forced to work to buy food at the grocery store.

Keywords Barney Miller, Shark Tank, NYPD, propaganda, homeless man, occupy wall street, starvation Doomsday First aired Sep/11/1975 Writer Arne Sultan, Chris Hayward, Danny Arnold Director Noam Pitlik A citizen holds the station hostage with a belt of dynamite strapped to his body, requesting the immediate arrest of the Governor and all city officials.

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