Don’t Fly in Planes or Eat Meat, January 13, 2014.

Radiation levels on the ground are about 30-40 counts on a radiation detector. Rad chick was getting 1300 to 1400 counts on an airplane. Japanese physicists Michio Kaku, was getting even higher ratings on airplanes flying out West. The radiation is even higher in the atmosphere. Pilots are being exposed to high levels of radiation and they’re passing out and having heart attacks. Planes are crashing and it’s going to get worse instead of better. All the president, news reporters and people like Dr. Phil care about, is industrial profits. How much money will the airlines lose, if people stop flying? The good news is that most people who fly are the people who work for the propaganda movie industry, people who work for industry and fly to Washington to have laws passed, so they can make more profits and cause more human suffering. There ain’t no good people on airplanes. The Amish don’t fly, because they know it’s God’s will not to. Them FBI agents that fly around arresting the victims of industry, while letting tobacco companies kill 500,000 Americans a year, letting the automobile companies kill 40,000 year and letting insurance companies make billions while people are injured are forced to crime to survive are going to start dying in plane crashes by the hundreds. Praise the Lord.

Don’t eat meat. If I told you God made you a vegetarian, you would probably still go out and eat meat and maybe even get a gun and kill some of God’s animals to eat them. But radiation is accumulative. Radiation accumulates in animals. So all the hunters and animal eaters will be some of the first people to die from Fukushima’s radiation along with their children who they feed meat to. I almost want to thank the NRA. We knew we shouldn’t eat the fish, but now don’t eat meat either. Chicken is still the safest meat because it doesn’t take too long before their slaughtered. But the chickens are ingesting the radiation right off the ground and vegetation has a way of filtering some of the radiation.

Their telling people to remove their clothing when they enter the house as clothing can be contaminated with radiation. We all knew from reading our Bibles, that it’s not God’s will to wear clothing and the only reason why we’re wearing it, is because Jews run the clothing industry and it’s a $32 billion a year profit. If you can move to South America to a nudist colony, you will be far better off. God certainly does work in mysterious ways to snuff out sin.

Alex Jones water purifiers will not take out radiation. They will not filter out the chemicals from Elk River in West Virginia either. But he certainly doesn’t mind industry polluting the water and the air so he can sell his water filters. My thermometer reached 43° today and it’s the middle of January in Michigan, that’s proof global warming exists and Alex Jones is the antichrist.

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