Donald Trumps Tax Return-Evasion, Is Public Information, October 4, 2016.

Am I hearing this correctly? They say in 1995, Donald Trump wrote off almost a trillion dollars in losses? He couldnít have wrote off almost a trillion dollars in losses because he didnít have anywhere close to a trillion dollars to lose. Not even Bill Gates has a trillion dollars.

First of all, Donald Trump claims to get audited every year. If this was true, Donald trumps tax forms would be public information. From the freedom of information act anyone should be able to get a copy of his tax return from the IRS audit. Everybody has a right to privacy until they have been accused of a crime. If the tax audit was purely random selection, then Donald Trump might have some right to privacy. However, if the IRS thinks Donald Trump is somehow cheating on his taxes that they are auditing him every year, then those tax returns are public information from the freedom of information act. When the IRS audits you because something looks shady, itís like they are accusing you of a crime. Any lawyer should be able to get a copy of your criminal record through the freedom of information act. If you have been audited because of a shady tax return, then your tax forms are public record. The IRS was doing some audits unfairly on people for their religious and political views. How did the news media find out they were auditing people for their political and religious views, if the tax audits were not public information? Maybe Donald Trump is being audited every year for his political views and news media should request a copy of his tax forms from the IRS tax audit people to find out.

Secondly, you canít write off nearly a trillion dollars, unless you made nearly a trillion dollars. You canít write off what you never had. I canít buy a shirt for twenty dollars, wear it for a year, donate it to charity as a twenty million dollars loss, because itís a shirt worn by, ďthe MessiahĒ estimated worth twenty million dollars. Like Marilyn Monroe donated a dress to charity thatís worth eight million dollars because she wore it, when it only cost her less than ten thousand dollars in the first place. You have to have had not only made that trillion dollars but you will have two have had paid taxes on that trillion dollars before you can write it off. These casino owners seem to think they can write off what they payout to winners, when theyíre not even claiming what theyíre taking from people, as income. They take me peopleís money without claiming it as income and they only seem to write off what they payout to winners.

Thirdly, Donald Trump didnít own the casino that he lost. The Bank owned it. He only lost his ten or twenty percent he put down and the bank lost the rest. This is why it I found out itís never a good idea to purchase a house in cash. When the house is infested with toxic mold, you lose the whole house. If you only put twenty percent down on our house and itís filled with toxic mold, the bank is the biggest loser. Unless you can recover your cost with mold insurance. You have to find out what Donald Trump actually owned and what was owned by the banks. How much of his own money did Donald Trump put down on the casinos? Iím pretty sure the banks took the biggest loss on his bankrupt casino.

Fourthly, you canít lose a casino. It didnít fall into the ocean. It didnít make a profit, so he sold it to someone else. The way the shady deals go down, is before the Mafia crook files for bankruptcy, he sells his casino with all the slot machines, to his son for a dollar. You got a find out what Donald Trump did with the casino and the slot machines. No doubt one of his distant relatives purchased it for pennies on the dollar.

Fifthly, whose auditing the auditors? I got a feeling Donald Trump gets audited and then pays off the auditors. Somebody needs to be policing the auditors. Tax audits cannot be done in a black box. Donald trumps tax returns are available at the IRS tax audit division, from the freedom of information act. Someone that needs to do an audit on the Donald Trump tax audits. The American system, is a system of bribes and payoffs and no doubt these IRS agents that work on Donald Trumpís case, were probably paid off. How else could he have possibly wrote off almost a trillion dollars when he didnít have anywhere close to that money. If he did, then Donald Trump is not only one of the one per centers, he is the top of the one percent of the one percentíers.


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