Dream Donald Trump Making the Bed, January 28, 2016.

I had a dream last night that Donald Trump was helping making the bed. He was given instructions on how to hold the corners to make the bed right. This is a very prophetic dream. If you have remember the old saying, “you made your bed, now lay in it”. This means that if people elect Donald Trump, they’re going to have to live with the consequences. God is your King and when you elect someone else to be your King, you made your bed and you will have to live with the consequences. Or should I say you will die with the consequences. Don’t say God or the Messiah did not warn you. Donald Trump makes his living by robbing poor people in his gambling casinos. The day Donald Trump purchased his private jet, 25,000 children died of starvation because they had no food. The day Donald Trump purchased a private helicopter, another 25,000 children died of starvation. Donald Trump knows how to swim, but if a child was drowning in the Flint River, would he jump in to save the child’s life? He’s not going to jump in the river, it’s toxic from big corporations like GM and Ford and that’s not his child and he doesn’t care if it drowns. He certainly didn’t care if 25,000 children died of starvation the day he purchased a luxury jet. Besides those are black children dying of starvation.

Does that mean that only black president Obama cares about black children? President Obama purchased a $5 million mansion in Dubai the day 25,000 black children died of starvation in Africa. So what should happen to president Obama’s children on the day of judgment? Does he really think he’s purchasing security for his children and grandchildren when his priorities are a new $5 million mansion? The penalty for sin is death. However, president Obama and his wife knew purchasing that mansion would mean the death of his children or grandchildren when the war between good and evil breaks out. He doesn’t need a prophet of God to predict this.


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