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Timothean Religion Dogma, August 8, 2011.

I had a religious experience in 1985 and have reading books and growing spiritually since then. In 1995 I had an AOL chat room where I debated Christians, Muslims, Jews and Atheist. At that point I decided it was easier to simply start a new religion. Rather than debate these people, to convince them of the truth, of my experiences. I did not want to write any dogma in stone, of my new religion, as I was still learning. It’s only been in the last year, that I decided that owning guns, is not God’s way. So gun ownership is banned and is the first dogma of the Timothean religion. If someone says they are a member of the Timothean religion, and they own a gun, they are lying. I’m not getting anywhere with my new relation, because of trolls. I’m wasting all my time talking to these Christians, Muslims, Jews and Atheists, who are just trying to convince me my beliefs are wrong. And I was a troll for a while, because I went to their channels trying to convince them they were wrong. Now I know that being a troll is wrong. Therefore I just decided a new dogma of the Timothean religion, is you cannot be a TROLL.

First let me define a troll. A troll is someone who does not like your beliefs and attacks you for your beliefs. There is nothing wrong with giving a opinion and explaining why you have that opinion or belief. Just as long as, you let it go, after that. You don’t just continue arguing with them, to try to convince them, to change their way of thinking, after it is clearly starting to bother them. If you do this, you are a troll.

I love God, rock ‘n roll and karaoke. I don’t like religions, atheist, rap or guns. There’s nothing anyone is going to say, to me to get me to like rap, religion or guns. You are not going to convince me there is no God, Because I saw God. Furthermore, your not seeing God, is not going to convince me, that God doesn’t exist. If you are into rap, religion or guns, you can still watch my videos, but please don’t comment on them. There’s nothing worse than someone who loves rap music and they go to a rock ‘n roll channel, to tell the people on the channel who love rock ‘n roll, about how much they think rock ‘n roll music sucks.

There’s nothing worse than an atheist, who goes to a Christian channel, to tell the Christians how much Christianity sucks. If you want to post a video on your atheist channel, of how much you hate Christianity, you should be able to do that. That is your channel and it is free speech. And the Christians who come to your atheist channel, to tell you how much you’re wrong, would be considered Christian trolls. A Christian who goes to a Muslim channel, to tell them how much they are wrong about God, is just as much of a troll, as a Muslim who goes to a Christian channel, to tell them how much they are wrong.

It’s okay to give an opinion and the reason why you have the opinion and walk away. If you are persistent, to convince them they are wrong, to the point they have to block you, you are a troll. I like reading all kinds of religious books, I like classic rock ‘n roll, and love God. I don’t like the current religions, rap or guns. I’m starting a new religion called Timothean and I’m looking for like-minded people to join. I’m not looking for people to argue or debate with. My videos are about my experiences, my opinions and why I have them.

I do not want to be attached to the name Christian. The Norway shooter is a Christian. The Crusaders were Christians. Christians are killing Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. When someone has a Christian label, they are attaching themselves to these murderers. You might not think so. But I do. You cannot use the label “Al Qaeda” and then claim you had nothing to do with the terrorist bombings. That label has been tainted and associated with terrorist, just like the Christian label, the Muslim label and the Jewish labels. These terorist groups might even shoot or bomb somone to tain't the Timothean name. But the fact is if they have a gun or a bomb, they never were a Timothean. Christians, Jews, Muslims and Atheist, have no problem saying gun or bomb owners, are members of their group. But gun or bomb ownership is absolute proof, you never were a member of the Timothean Religion.

The dogma of the Timothean religion, is you have to be against guns-bombs, against the labels off Christianity or Christian, Islam, Muslim, Jew or atheist. I believe in God, but I’m not associated with any of these religions, nor do I want to be. You cannot be a Christian, Jew Or Muslim and a Timothean at the same time. Anyone who says they are a Timothean and a Christian is a liar. Timotheans are not Christians. There are risk to putting Timothean in your profile. Gun and bomb toting Christians, Muslims, Jews and Atheist will kill you for your beliefs. So only put it in your profile if you’re willing to die as a martyr for God. The only thing God ever promised anyone, was a martyr’s death anyway.

I’m going to be going through my list of subscribers and friends and will be deleting all of them. I should have been more careful of who I befriended on YouTube or who I let ascribe to my videos. Most of the people don’t put enough information in their profiles to tell me what they are like. So I sent them a friend invite, to find out what they are like. Now I realize they should not be on my friends list or subscribing to my videos.

The only requirement to be a member of the Timothean religion, is you have to be against guns - bombs, you have to love God, and you can’t have any other religious labels, besides Timothean. I will be searching for like-minded individuals on YouTube. I will try to weed out the trolls with a computer program. A computer program is not perfect. Some people who like my videos and my channel might be deleted. But if you love God, dislike established religions, and hate gun owners, I will let you friend me and subscribe to my channel.

Thank you Timothy Youtube

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