Anyone Who Goes to a Doctor is Insane, November 16, 2014.

The syringe invented in 1897 had a glass needle. This thing was dangerous but not as dangerous as the needles we have today. Over 30,000 people a year die from infections from catheters. How is it possible, doctors are not charged with 30,000 counts of premeditated first-degree murder every year? If you know someone has a chance of dying of infection , if you stick a needle in them and you do it anyway and they die, you are a murderer. It’s no different than sticking a bullet in a gun, sticking the loaded gun to someone’s head and pulling the trigger. Unless you’re George Zimmerman and you claim you didn’t know guns kill people, you just bought the gun to protect yourself from a dog.

I used to think the Jehovah witnesses were crazy when they wore the bracelets saying “no medical attention please, I would rather die”. Anybody who goes to a doctor, knowing that 30,000 people a year die from infections from catheters, is mentally insane and needs to see a psychiatrist. They are worse than the people who send their children out on Halloween to demand candy from complete strangers, knowing those strangers who were threatened to pass out candy will poison the children’s candy. I’m kind of pissed off at the Jehovah witnesses for saying they don’t go to doctors because doctors serve the devil, what they should have told me doctors kill 100,000 year by mistakes and another 30,000 a year with syringes so they can make billions in profit. Pat Robertson pulled the same crap with Halloween, “it’s the devil”. Instead of telling us how they candy cartels are making 8 billion in profit, getting our children to threaten to fire bomb strangers houses for candy while those strangers are poisoning our children’s candy. They don’t even consider it an accident if you die from infection from a catheter or a syringe, they just think it’s something that just happens. That’s life. You die and they make billions of dollars, get over it. If they invent a new needle that’s a little bit more sanitary, they will claim the needle saves 1000 lives a year, instead of saying, “this needle will only kill 29,000 people a year” before they stick it in your. You’re not saving lives if you use a needle that only kills 29,000 people a year, your murdering 29,000 people and before you were murdering 30,000 people a year.

We thought the Amish were crazy when they refused to drive cars or use electricity. But now all of us who use electricity are going to die from radiation, as our grand parents died from coal-fired electrical power plants. Of the 40,000 people a year who die in car crashes, none of them are Amish and we thought they were the idiots. Your odds of winning the lottery or one in 160 million. The odds of you dying in a car crash before you’re 50 years old? Multiply 40,000x50 years and divide that by 300 million and then drive to the store to buy a lottery ticket idiot.

I seen a news report where the antibiotics that the doctors gave me cause tendons to snap. I’ve been having chronic pain in my fingers and elbows and I thought it was that disease you get from stepping on a rusty nail. Just a few months ago I said the only good thing about going to doctors is they give antibiotics that cure disease and now they’re not even good for that. Maybe I would have died from the disease at least all my tendons would not be snapping and I wouldn’t be in chronic pain.

I seen another news report where Viagra is now causing cancer. The medicine our mothers used to rub on our chests when we were kids is now considered toxic. Johnson & Johnson baby powder that mothers used to put all over their babies causes cancer. There is nothing that is man-made that doesn’t cause disease. Everything man makes is toxic. Yes the nuclear power plants are bad, but so is solar and wind mill energy. A nuclear power plant puts out poison that last 10,000 years. But the poisons from windmills and solar panels won’t even become toxic for 50,000 years. Plastic doesn’t break down for 50,000 years and when it breaks down its toxic. So they started to make plastic that they call biodegradable. Which means it won’t last 50,000 years it will start to break down in 50 to 200 years. Which means that toxic in plastic will break down and seep into the soil and groundwater and cause everyone cancer and only about 50 years instead of 50,000 years. We need to quit our jobs and stop polluting the planet. Everyone that has a job is serving the evil people in power. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, lawyer, judge, policeman or politician. If you’re not serving God by teaching jobs are slavery and food grows on trees, your serving the devil.

Trees are living organisms and if the logger cuts down the trees and the builders build houses out of them, they’re going to be toxic to you. Microorganisms start eating the wood and those same microorganisms eat you too. The tree is now dead and you’re living in a house made out of dead trees. Everything in your house is toxic to you. Not just the cleaning agents. The plastics, the aluminum, the wood, the paper, the particle board, the carpets, the tiles, it’s all toxic to humans. We just can’t prove it yet. But we have proven the lead paint on your homes is toxic, the asbestos in your homes was toxic, the installation in your home is toxic, your house is food for toxic mold and we’ve proven it.

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