Able to Disable Drano by Johnson a Family Co, November 12, 2015.

I recently tweeted about Dr. Phil’s TV show #able2disable about the woman who became blind from Drano in her eyes.

So on Dr. Phil’s CIA propaganda show, they had a lady who became blind from Johnson’s Drano. All of Dr. Phil’s brainwashed followers were angry at the victim of the Johnson company, because she might get a $500 disability check, for becoming blind from this multibillion-dollar company who makes Drano. This lady was actually getting death threats in tweets to this #. The Johnson company makes $11.75 billion a year. Heaven forbid this lady get $500 from becoming blind by their product. The Dr. Phil propaganda show, had twisted this story so much, that his followers wanted to kill this lady and even made death threats against her. Because she might get a $500 disability check, while the Johnson family company, maker of Drano, continues to make their $12 billion a year and gets their picture on Fortune 500 magazine for being such geniuses of making billions of dollars, while you’re product is making people blind and disabled. The propaganda on the Dr. Phil show is so successful, that these people are actually attacking the victim of this multibillion-dollar company. Someone might actually kill this blind lady, because they’re afraid she might get 500 bucks.

So to further the brainwashing propaganda of the Dr. Phil show, they had a man on the news that got $20 million in a lawsuit against a company because he bumped his head on a door. This is on the news because it’s propaganda. The propaganda that there trying to brainwash the masses with is that all lawsuits are frivolous lawsuits and this is the example of a frivolous lawsuit, this guy bumped his head on a door and getting $20 million. This propaganda is to get everyone angry about frivolous lawsuits, so that other people liked this lady who was blinded by Drano can even get a $500 month disability check while the Johnson family company makes 12 billion a year and profit. They did this before when a judge sued a cleaners for $10 million because they stained his pants and because he was a judge he won his lawsuit. Doesn’t anybody know that there is a God and he’s watching all this?

Johnson the maker of Drano should have been sued out of business a long time ago. This lady searched the net to find out Drano made people blind. The only way they could’ve found out, is if someone accidentally got Drano in their eyes and became blind. This means that Johnson the maker of Drano, knew their product could make people blind and they sold it anyway, because they were making 12 billion in profit and were able to use propaganda shows like Dr. Phil and the nightly news media, to brainwash people into believing all lawsuits are frivolous lawsuits.

This is how these people are controlling the world. They are brainwashing people with news media and shows like Dr. Phil. They are also using the court systems to file frivolous lawsuits to change laws, so that justifiable lawsuits are ignored. This is why lawyers are filing lawsuits against doctors who don’t perform cesarean sections and refuse to file lawsuits against doctors who perform cesarean sections and kill the baby and the mother. It’s all about making money for the hospitals and the lawyers. You and your baby are three times more likely to die during an cesarean section. But if you or your baby dies during a cesarean section, you’re not going to find a lawyer to sue the doctor. You will only find a lawyer to sue the doctor if he doesn’t perform a cesarean section. My house was filled with toxic mold and when I talk to lawyers every one of them wanted to represent me in the lawsuit against those evil people that sold me the toxic mold house. Until they found out HUD sold me the house then no lawyer wanted to represent me in a lawsuit. But if I sold the toxic mold house, they would represent the people who I sold it to, in a lawsuit against me. The rich people can sue you, but you can’t sue them. That’s the American way. Anyone who thinks the industrial nations should be able to make one penny a profit while a human being is injured by their product will spend eternity burning in the lake of fire. This is why God said eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, $1 trillion for $1 trillion with the suffering. The industrial nations do not have enough money, to pay for even the loss of one person’s eye. Anyone who thinks it does is so insane that there is no cure for their insanity.

It’s not just that industry should be sued out of business when a man is injured on the job, industry should have been sued out of business for enslaving people with jobs. If you have a job you should be able to sue your employer for one billion dollars for every month you were employed as a slave. Don’t give us this brainwashed delusion grander rationalization, that the company that hired you, was doing you a favor to make you a slave. They knew jobs were slavery the day they hired you. They also knew there was a just God that would demand they pay $1 billion for every year of your employment for enslaving them with jobs.

When two armed gunmen rob a bank and one guy stands outside as the lookout for cops, all three are bank robbers. The one guy may argue he didn’t rob a bank, he didn’t use a gun, but the fact is he is a bank robber. When you purchase an automobile, you’re just as guilty as the automobile companies that kill 40,000 Americans a year. When you purchase a gallon of gasoline, you’re just as guilty as Halliburton, that bombed over 1 million women and children. You might not have actually dropped the bombs, but you gave money to the people who did. You’re just as guilty. But I think it even goes further. If you live in a country that allowed Halliburton to drop bombs, that allowed the automobile companies to kill 40,000 people a year, that allowed the tobacco companies to do kill 500,000 people a year, you’re just as guilty as the Germans who supported Hitler. The most evil people in the United States are those who fly American flags on their automobiles, their houses or their license plates. What they are saying by flying the American flag is they support the tobacco companies killing a half million people a year. They are saying they support the automobile companies killing 40,000 Americans a year. They support the gun manufacturers killing 35,000 people a year. Those 35,000 people did not die by gun accident or suicide. The gun manufacturers new guns kill people and they sold them anyways. This is why gun manufacturers should have been sued out of business the first time someone was killed by a gun whether accidentally or by suicide. When the second with person was killed by gun accident or suicide, the manufacturers of guns should have been charged with premeditated first-degree murder for not recalling all of their weapons. I don’t care if the gun manufacturers in the billionaires want to label me as crazy or insane for believing they should pay for the pain and suffering they cause. The fact of the matter is there is a God who is watching all of this and he doesn’t think that I’m insane. That means all you people are about to be destroyed for allowing the gun manufacturers, the automobile manufacturers, the tobacco companies and even Johnson’s able to disable Drano company to stay in business after the injured and enslaved people with jobs. So that’s why were having all these earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, snowstorms, floods every biblical God made disaster he can think of is coming upon you. Even to the point where God is ready to destroy the whole earth and the 7 billion people on it. Because all 7 billion who don’t believe I’m the Messiah, or that God is God, is just as guilty for all the death, pain and suffering in the world.

The last enemy to be destroyed is death. Jesus came to overcome death. God made mankind immortal, but business profited off of causing death. Jobs are causing our mortality. The one lady on twitter said people should know Drano has acid in it and shouldn’t put it in their eyes. But Drano doesn’t have acid in it. Drano has lye in it. The same ingredient that’s inside soap. This is why your eyes burn when you get soap in your eyes. It’s the lye in the soap that’s burning your eyes and it could make you blind. We are basically washing our bodies with this “acid” like the lady said because the soap manufacturers are making billions of dollars. And we don’t dare go a couple of days without rubbing acid all over our bodies, because people will say that we stink. We don’t stink we smell like humans. In the 1400s nobody bathed. Quite possibly bathing with lye, acid soap is contributing to our mortality. And we are brainwashed into believing bathing is making is live longer. Everything is backwards because of business and corporate profits. You’re more likely to die from a cesarean section. You’re more likely to die from going to a doctor. You’re more likely to die from your own gun then your gun saving your life. When doctors went on strike the death rate fell in half. When countries banned guns very few people are killed with guns. When cars are banned, nobody’s going to be killed in a car accident.

People say that I look young. If you look at my hands or my skin, these are young hands and this is young skin. I believe it’s Because I don’t use soap very often. You look old and wrinkled because your washing your face with lye soap a acid that’s destroying your skin and your brainwashed into believing it’s making you look younger by the multibillion-dollar soap industry. It’s time to wake up.

I don’t know if any of you know Danny Durnford? He’s been making videos about Fukushima radiation for the last five years. I don’t know him personally but I watched some of his videos and he is a religious guy but not really a threat. So in one of his videos he is trying to warn the world of Fukushima radiation. And he says, “scientists who don’t believe Fukushima is killing ocean life, should be boiled in oil” or something to that effect. Not only did they close down his YouTube account, they are charging him with terrorist threats. You can no longer have the opinion that scientists should be boiled in oil for building these nuclear power plants. He lives in Canada, so there’s no free speech in Canada. But I got a feeling they’re doing the same thing here in the United States, because the people in power don’t want to be charged with crimes against humanity for enslaving us all with jobs. Furthermore the rich people don’t want to pay for the pain-and-suffering they caused with tobacco, automobiles, guns, drugs or chemicals. Their businesses, no matter what they produce, is causing death and human suffering.

Even the logging industry is killing millions of Americans by cutting down trees and building houses out of them. You’re not supposed to build houses out of the corpses of dead trees because this causes disease. Every single house in the United States that is made out of wood is a biological weapon that will kill everyone within a mile radius of it in 200 years. When you build a house out of wood, microorganisms eat the wood and produce mycotoxins. The older the house is, the more infested with mold, the more toxins it produces. Houses made out of wood are Trojan horses. When I said this 20 years ago, the government convinced China to build houses out of wood because they knew that everyone in the United States would be killed by these toxic biohazard wooden houses and they didn’t want China to succeed. Tearing these thousands of biohazard houses down in Detroit it’s only going to spread the disease throughout America as the mold and mycotoxins will be airborne. You don’t want to publish books made out of paper. Because that paper could kill your grandchildren or great-grandchildren 200 years from now.

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