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Re Funeral Director, No Signs of Fight on Trayvon, April 17, 2012.

Blacks are helping Zimmerman get away with murder. The 911 call obviously indicates Trayvon crying and screaming as if he was being beaten. This would indicate murder. The funeral director seems to be in on the organized crime murder, by claiming Trayvon had no injuries. Blacks are helping spread the lies of the funeral director, because they believe it will make Zimmerman look like a liar. Because Zimmerman said there was a fight.

There was a fight, we heard it on the 911 call. If there was no injuries on Trayvon, Zimmerman will get away with murder. Because Trayvon didn’t die from a gunshot, he was choked to death, to make sure he was dead, before police arrived. This is how the KKK legally murder people. They make it look like self-defense.

When I tried to straighten the black people out, they block my posting, so I had to make this video. The person posting the video, claims they did not buy into what the funeral director said. But the fact is, as soon as they made the video and posted it online, that meant they bought into it and believed what the funeral director said.

I make hundreds of videos. But I only make the videos that I believe in. Someone said Trayvon was a thug. But I did not make a video about it because I did not believe it. I did not buy into it. If I did buy into it, I would’ve made a video about it. This person bought what the funeral director said as truth and the proof of that, is he made a video.

Holy shit, people told me blacks were dumb, but I didn’t believe it until now.

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