Sex Ed, Women Diminished Capacity December 24, 2013.

I had a dream last night that I was at a carnival. I stopped at a vendor who is selling cans of Coke and Pepsi mixed together as a single drink. And I love the idea of both Pepsi and Coca-Cola in one drink so I would not have to make a decision on what to buy. It was a Coca-Pepsi or a Pepsi - Coca I don’t know what they called it, but because it was my idea I could sue them for billions if they used it. I loved it so much I did not even as the price. I gave the gypsy women a $20 bill and she French kissed me. We gave each other tongue and I was seduced. The change was a dollar and a Penny, but because of the kiss I did not complain about the $18.99 drink. Then I started to feel sick to my stomach, ashamed and worried that I might have caught some kind of disease from kissing the woman.

I could almost read people’s thoughts of my last video before they even comment. And I bet they’re thinking why don’t you date a woman your same age if you want a mature woman. The great whore called the United States diminishes the mental capacity of women so much that the younger the woman the more mature she is. I am the youngest in my family and I have seven sisters. The oldest sister is 70 years old and she is the most immature and uncommunicative than the rest of them. I tried to discuss guns with her one day. She was so brainwashed by the gunlobby she could not say anything about guns except, “all I know is guns don’t kill people” and she refused to talk to me any further. My other sister who is 60 had destroyed her daughter’s life by feeding her fast food. She is extremely overweight and the fast food industry had convinced her that her daughter has a thyroid problem. Pepsi, Coca-Cola and the fast food industry are funding the college and universities that doctors are attending. The younger the woman the more mature she is because she has been less indoctrinated by the great whore called the United States.

But what about Dori, wasn’t she Mexican? What ended the relationship with Dori was she invited me over to her house for Thanksgiving dinner and I refuse to go. It didn’t bother me she was Mexican. What bothered me was that her Mexican parents were celebrating Thanksgiving. At first I asked her, “what are you guys having for dinner, stuffed tacos?” She laughed and said, “no were having stuffed turkey like everyone else”. I could not get past the idea that Mexicans were celebrating the white man killing Indians and taken their land. The great whore called the United States had expanded around the world. You can find a virgin in a whorehouse and now the entire world had become one giant whorehouse. I believe the Ariel Castro thing was a conspiracy. They killed Aerial Castro before we found out his side of the story. From what I’ve seen of the survivor on Dr. Phil, that girl wanted to kill her baby and Ariel Castro was trying to keep it alive. It seemed to me that Ariel Castro was just trying to make one righteous person to save the world but he failed. You can’t even raise a child to save the world because the great whore will kill the child, like they tried to kill Jesus when he was a child.

I don’t think I want to go to my family’s house for Christmas. It’s just too depressing to see their diminished capacity. I went to the bar the other day and these young people are outside smoking and it was too emotional for me. It was like I was at an antiwar demonstration and some young woman had just poured gasoline over self and was ready to light herself on fire. And it was if I was so stressed out that I wanted to stop her from lighting the match and a bunch of people stopped me by telling me this is the United States she has a right to light that match. Because that’s what these young people were doing when they were lighting up a cigarette. It’s no different lighting up a cigarette, then it is pouring gasoline over yourself and lighting a match. So I said to these kids that were smoking, “you’re killing yourself” and they looked at me like I was crazy. They are so brainwashed by the tobacco companies into believing it’s their right to light themselves on fire or smoke a cigarette. I tried to defuse the situation with some humor. And that I was only trying to make a joke. Then I was going to try to make a joke about the dangers of smoking but my emotions got the best of me and it didn’t come out right. What I wanted to say was, “friends don’t let friends drive drunk, and friends don’t let friends smoke”. And I was trying to make a joke on how you know if somebody loves you, when they knock the fuckin cigarette out of your mouth to save your life. But that joke didn’t come out well either. So I just enter the bar and got drunk.

I noticed that the end of my video was a guy eating honey like he was addicted to it and he was giving a speech demonstration to men on how to deceive women into having sex with you at a bar. In the olden days when a woman seen a man who was uncomfortable talking to women, that man was a good catch. But now they are using psychology to deceive women into believing a guy who can go to a bar and get laid in two hours is a good catch. The women nowadays are falling in love with the man who has the confidence to get laid every time he goes to a bar. This guy was worse than Charlie Sheen on two and a half men. The guy actually talked about in his speech how to pick up women and have sex with them right after they had an abortion. He’s so skilled at getting laid that he can go home with a woman, two days after she had an abortion. In 30 years from now this guy is going to have dysfunctional children knocking on his door saying, “hi dad”.

I’ve been a little bit emotional and my last few videos because I went to Sally Kelly’s 14 mile road in Fraser Michigan and learned a bunch of young women were drinking under age, people were illegally smoking in the bar and the police were doing nothing. The underage women were getting men to buy them free drinks and the bartender told me that women were being raped right inside the bar on the pool table and they couldn’t call police because they were drunk. The politicians and police are so corrupt, they say nothing and do nothing, except go in a bar and buy them women drinks. Furthermore everyone in the bar thought they deserved to be raped, because they weren’t letting men buy them drinks. No one called the cops and the cops don’t go in the bar. It’s literally a criminal hangout. I know what your advice to me will be on this subject, if you don’t like the bar don’t go to it right? They illegally smoke inside the bar to make sure there is no cops. If no one writes them a ticket, then serving drinks to underage girls or raping her right in the bar, is acceptable behavior. She did not have to drink those drinks is what they are thinking when they are raping her. The people who attend the bar actually believe they lost customers because of the smoking ban. I think they lost customers because the men who attend the bar believe it’s okay to rape the women in the bar, if they bought them drinks and the only way they can get new customers, is to get more naïve underage drinkers.

The government or the church I’m not sure which, had been trying to hook me up with women to corrupt me. I heard a rumor that the CIA paid a woman tens of thousands of dollars to try to seduce me to make me look less credible. This is how they take down powerful politicians that are catering to the gun lobby or the military-industrial complex. They will make it look this politician had affair with this woman he can’t run for Congress. What they don’t tell you is they paid that woman $200,000 to seduce him. They have been paying women to seduce me since I’ve been online in 1995. They have been using psychology to try to get me to fall in love with one of these women. So I’ve been trying to stay away from them, as I knew their tactics. But somehow they use psychology to get me to fall in love with a woman, who I did not even know her name. Not only did I not know her name I had no interest of even wanting to know her name in the two years or even longer I’ve seen her at the restaurant. In fact at one time I think I tried to get that woman fired. She cut off my Internet access one time and it really pissed me off. It was when I cut off my Internet access and started going to the restaurant to upload my YouTube videos. She’s seen me uploading these videos and she rebooted the router. I asked her what happen to the Internet access and she said, “I rebooted the router”. I believe she might be in some kind gang that were organized to seduce me. Every time I go to the bar I have all these people trying to hook me up with a woman. Some of these guys turned in a song for me last Friday and wanted me to dedicated to this woman in the bar. Clarence Carter - Strokin and they all thought it was funny. I’ve told these guys in the bar I’m not looking for a woman I married to God. And they said no you just haven’t found the right woman. So there’s literally hundreds of people out there trying to fix me up with somebody and they’re using every trick in the book, to seduce me. Psychology, manipulation, they might even be drugging me. Playing games by telling me I made a woman cry. Trying to get at my emotions. Did they break me or did I learn their game?

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