Didarul Sarder Proves Guns Should Be Banned, February 20, 2016.

We all thought conceal and carry carriers were all law abiding citizens. Didarul Sarder proves those who have licenses to carry guns, are in fact, “rule breaking criminals”. James Fouts proves that our mayors, are in fact Mafia thugs, who support the criminals. I cannot imagine having a job where my boss says, “no lethal weapons allowed at work” and I say, “fuck you, I have a gun, I make the laws, I’m bringing my gun to work, you can’t tell me what to do.” This is not an employee who breaks the rule of “no fucking fellow employees in the ass on the job against their will, it might upset them”. This is a rule of no bringing deadly weapons to work, somebody could get killed” and Didarul Sarder thinks, because he has a gun, he can make the rules and disobey his employer, risking the lives of fellow employees.

If GM doesn’t fire this guy and press charges against him to throw him in prison, I am never going to buy another GM product again. Can you imagine an airliner with a rule “no guns allowed on the commercial jet” and Didarul Sarder says, “fuck you, I have a gun, I make the laws I’m bringing a gun on a commercial jet anyways, I don’t care what the TSA rules say”. Didarul Sarder is not a law abiding citizen. He doesn’t obey rules. He risk the lives of fellow employees at General Motors, by bringing a lethal weapon to work. What’s worse, is this shows Isis terrorist how easy it is to bring lethal weapons into the GM Tech Center.

Today on channel 7 news I seen two teenagers sneak a gun into their schools in backpacks, because they watched their hero Didarul Sarder break the rules and sneak a gun into the GM Tech Center. These teenagers were hoping Mayor James Fouts, would give them $1000 reward, for stopping a so-called bully.

The GM Tech Center security camera video, shows Didarul Sarder had a lethal weapon inside the GM Tech Center. GM Tech Center employees should stop going to work until Didarul Sarder is arrested and fired. Furthermore, Mayor Fouts should be forced to resign along with Rick Snyder. Can you imagine this Mayor calling this criminal gunmen a hero and giving him $1000? He risked the lives of GM Tech Center employees by bringing a gun to work. Anyone who returns to work at General Motors after they rehired Didarul Sarder, should be in a mental hospital. They are suicidal. They are risking their lives by going to work at the GM Tech center as long as Didarul Sarder is working there.

These gun owners just don’t get it. It’s like there severely mentally ill, brainwashed by the gun lobby or both. Now we have children bringing guns to school, because of the decisions of Didarul Sarder and Mayor James Fouts of Warren Michigan. We have the governor Jeb Bush sending out intimidation pictures of his gun, to other presidential candidates. Sending a picture of a gun is a death threat. It’s no different than sending someone a picture of a bullet with their name on it. This is how the Mafia intimidates people, by sending a picture of a severed horse’s head. This is how Jeffrey Dahmer intimidated his victims by showing them pictures of the people he decapitated. These gun owners think there’s nothing wrong with sending someone an intimidation picture of a lethal weapon. You can’t cure that kind of mental illness.

You have the governor of Texas threatening the president of the United States saying, “you want my gun President Obama, come and try to take it”. Just what does that mean, if it is not a death threat against the president of the United States? The so-called law-abiding gun owners, believe that because they own a gun they are above the law. In fact the gun owners actually say, “he who has the guns makes the rules” and that’s why they own guns. Not to protect their families. Not to protect society. They own guns so they can make the rules.

Nobody likes a police state and many of these gun owners, own guns because of this. You can’t take the guns away from the police state until you take the guns away from the gun nuts first. They just don’t get the rules of “gun free zone”. James Fouts letting this criminal Didarul Sarder get rehired to his job, that made a rule that nobody can carry a gun on the job, sends a message to every gun owner that they can carry a gun it any gun free zone. On airplanes, in airports and even in your home. My house is a gun free zone. I can tell Didarul Sarder no guns allowed in my house and he has shown, that he’s going to bring a gun in my house anyway, he doesn’t follow rules.

Mayor James Fouts has also proven that he doesn’t follow rules either and therefore he must be forced to resign from his job. Because of Mayor James Fouts two teenagers brought guns to school in their backpacks. Because Mayor James Fouts says there’s no such thing as rules against having guns in schools, on your job on a plane you have a gun, you make the rules, that’s the message he sent out. We all need to sign a petition forcing Mayor James Fouts to resign and that will send a message, to children that you don’t bring guns to school when the rules say “no guns allowed”. We also need to sign a petition to force Jeb Bush and the governor of Texas to resign. Jeb Bush sending out those intimidation pictures of his gun and the governor of Texas threatening the president of the United States, he needs to be forced to resign also.

The people who refuse to sign a petition forcing Jim Fouts, Jeb Bush, Didarul Sarder, and the governor of Texas to resign are no different then rule breaking criminals who think, because they have a gun they don’t have to abide by any rules. If you recently purchased the GM product take it back and tell them you want a refund until Mayor Fouts is forced to resign and Didarul Sarder gets his gun taken away from him and refired.


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