Why the Devil Wants You to Believe Jesus Died, September 17, 2015.

The Scripture says Christ abides forever and the Scripture cannot be broken, John 12:34. In verse 33 the people assumed that this meant that Jesus must die, but Jesus really didn’t explain things to them very well. Jesus simply said that he must be lifted up into heaven, doesn’t necessarily mean he has to die on the cross. People in them days believed that you go to heaven when you die. In fact they believe the only way to go to heaven is to die. All of the apostles believed that the only way to get to heaven was to die as a martyr. But Jesus even said to them, “your father’s did eat manna in the wilderness, but they are dead now”, John 6:49. Nobody understood what Jesus was trying to say. Jesus said those who believe in him, never die, John 11:26. However, since Christianity has begun all Christians die in their sins. For the Bible does say the penalty for sin is death both in the Old Testament and new.

And we all know the devil doesn’t like to pay for his sins. This is why Caiaphas the Jewish high priests that sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver had come up with the story or the false flag event that Jesus would die to pay for people’s sins. What he was really saying that Jesus would die to pay for setting people free. Jesus was going around setting people free in the high priest were worried they would lose their position and power. You don’t even have to go to the gospel of Philip to know Christ never died. The gospel of John tells the story John 11:46 - 53. It says Caiaphas prophesied, but can the man that sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver and killed God be a prophet? If Mohammed is not the false prophet, then this guy Caiaphas is the false prophet the Bible talks about. I believe Mohammed to be a true prophet that saw God because he says the purpose of life is to see God the most high, Surah 92:20, and Caiaphas the false prophet the Bible talks about. And this is why they came up with the cover story that Jesus would die as a sacrifice. They did not want to lose their position and power as the antichrist teaches in the Temple.

Back in those days they believed in blood sacrifices because they were spiritually demon possessed. This is against God’s personality. But Muslims are going to have to accept the fact that Jesus is God and no prophet or they’re going to have to admit Mohammed is a false prophet. The only way to be a prophet is to see God. If Mohammed did not see God, he is no prophet. I believe Mohammed did see God but if the Shiites and Sunnis want to claim he didn’t, then they are admitting that they are serving a false prophet.

When I showed Christian leaders this passage that Christ never died they wanted to remove that verse from the Bible. The Christian leaders are so demon possessed they think nothing of changing the Bible. This is why we have so many different versions, a Jehovah witness version, a Catholic version, a Mormon version and I really don’t believe the Protestants and Methodists have the same version of the Bible.

The Bible is very clear in several places that the most high God will not allow his holy one to see violence or to see blood, or the grave meaning he can’t die, Psalms 11: 5, Acts 13:35. We believe the holy one of God is Jesus. And if he is not allowed to see violence, he certainly not going to be allowed to be killed by violence. Mel Gibson made this quite clear in his movie the last temptation of Christ that the fake Christ died violently. I never watched the movie because I knew Christ could not possibly die. The main reason why the devil wants you to believe Christ died is so we can set up the antichrist the false Christ who can die. When Jesus returns the only way we will know the difference between the true Jesus and the fake Jesus is you cannot kill the true Jesus. When I went to the antiwar protest in Washington DC I seen the fake Jesus. This guy had his own website at www.Jesus.com and the website is not up any longer because somebody probably killed him. There was another man in Russia that claim to be Jesus and he had a few thousand followers I’m not sure if he’s still alive. But the Catholic popes all claim to be Jesus or Christ on earth and every single one of them died in their sins. The present Pope doesn’t want to be Pope anymore as he has learned the truth. That Christ is someone else besides himself. The Catholics got away with setting up these fake Christ for 2000 years because they were able to convince people that Christ can die so when the popes died, they simply claim another Christ died for your sins. Christ doesn’t die to pay for anyone’s sin. You sin you die.

Jesus said all manners of sin you have committed against your fellow man can be forgiven. Even sins against Christ can be forgiven but sins against the Holy Ghost cannot possibly be forgiven. There are natural absolute laws of God that can’t be broken. Unfortunately most of us don’t know what those laws are but I will give you one. The Holy ghost is everywhere. It’s the invisible force of gravity, electric magnet field, the nuclear forces of radiation, radio, TV and microwaves even those invisible Wi-Fi connections. A man on an airplane has to go to the bathroom in the stewardess says the men’s room is the door on the left at the back of the plane. The man goes running to the back of the plane in a hurry because he really has to go and he opens the door and step through. He didn’t notice there was two doors and one door said men’s room at the top while the other door said exit at the top. A simple mistake anyone could make but a sin against the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit, gravity if you want to call it that, that cannot be forgiven. So the man falls to his death for stepping out the exit door of an airplane at 30,000 feet. No one can save him, the Holy Ghost seems to be without mercy.

Violence takes the world by force and it seems to be war in every country. The movie industry perpetuates violence. God would not let his holy one see violence, because violence corrupts. It’s quite possible that Jesus does not even see the violence in this world because the heavenly father does not want to corrupt him. Once a person is corrupted, it’s as if the genie is out of the bottle and cannot be put back in. I’ve seen alcoholics and drug addicts recover and find God. But I’ve never seen a person who likes to watch boxing or wrestling, find God and decide they don’t want to watch that anymore. I haven’t found too many gun owners who purchased the gun to kill people, shot at silhouette’s of children holding skittles, who found God and got rid of their guns. They simply joined religions that wanted to kill.

Somebody wanted me to watch the movie nightcrawlers. When I first seen it I was angry at the violence, corruption, insanity, hypocrisy, and narcissism of the people who created that movie. What the hell is wrong with them? They tried to paint the media as evil when the movie industry is 1000 times more evil. They make news media look evil for showing bloody car accident victims. But even in the movie where there showing the news media showing the bloody car accident victims they have all the blood and gore pixeled over. However, the people who made nightcrawlers did not pixel over any of the bloody gory scenes as they were accusing news media of selling blood and gore, when they weren’t really doing that, this movie was selling blood and gore. I read a few of the reviews on this movie and it cost $8.5 million to make it. They claim that was a cheap movie it should’ve cost 18 million. I’ve could’ve made the movie for $200,000 and that includes the purchase of the cameras. I wondered why this movie cost $8 million to make. First I thought it must be the special effects, but the only special effects with the blood and gore of the car accident victims that the news media was pixeling out but the movie industry was making very graphic to sell movies. What hypocrisy. They paint the news media as evil for paying $100,000 for violent news stories, but someone is paying a $8.5 million for violent movie. I want to see a price list for this movie. Why in the hell did it cost $8.5 million. In an interview the star said he took five months to prep for the movie talking to police officers and FBI agents. He didn’t spend five minutes on the phone with a news reporter. Because if he did he would’ve asked them what their opinion was of the cops who thought all news reporters spent at 100 miles an hour to get to a crime scene, ran red lights, hesitated to call 911, withheld information from police, interfered with police work, caused police officers to be killed, etc. etc. Instead of paying millions of dollars to movie stars they should have found a narcissistic prison inmate play the part. How was is it that an actor can play the part of a narcissistic criminal than an actual criminal? Let’s not get Jesus Christ to play Jesus, let’s get an actor, he will do a better job.

We need to find out who was paying the news media, so much money for violent shooting videos that they can pay $100,000 for them. Probably the gun lobby. The news media is corrupt because of the people paying them. The movie industry is corrupt because of the people funding the $8.5 million movies. What is all that money for? Psychiatrists and psychologists so they could brainwash and manipulate people? One review said they used the name nightcrawlers to make people think of creepy crawling creatures that come out at night. Walt Disney started it. He was the first one to hire psychiatrist to get their advice on how to try to get people to cry at a cartoon. Once that started the corruption it was all about using psychology to manipulate people who watch movies. I think this movie Nightcrawler should be the last movie anyone ever watches. This movie is nothing but a mafia run police state using psych ops to manipulate society into getting jobs, and blaming the poor and even blaming the media who is trying to expose the Mafia run police state, so they can get society to purchase lottery tickets with the hopes of being a millionaire while pointing the finger at Saints for the corruption of the world. This movie was a eight and a half-million dollar lottery commercial and people who watch it should sue the people who made it. The Constitution gives us freedom of the press because this is a system of checks and balances. The job of the news media is to expose corruption. Not only the corruption in politics, but the corruption the movies and industry. If the media is corrupt you have to find out why it is corrupt and who it is that is corrupting it.


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