Detroit Police PR Campaign Debacle, August 3, 2016.

I know I said I wasnít going to make any more videos but the world is so crazy somebody has to say something. Somebodyís hacking my email so I canít get followers through email. On with the video.

The cops kill innocent people, protect the rich, forced the poor into crime, support this evil system, to give women no other choice but to murder their own children by abortion. And they think that if they give away free food and drinks at the police station, people will like them. Of course their using the money that they should have used to test rape kits, to have these parties at the police station. This is their PR campaign and they think it doesnít make them look a thousand times more evil, because theyíre so stupid.

The job of the police should be to serve and protect the people from the tyrants in power. Itís almost as if the cops are protecting the pimps and the Mafia tyrants in power. In the 1990's on the news, these women on Michigan Avenue said they were forced into prostitution by this gang. Channel 7 news interviewed several of these women on Michigan Avenue, who said they were forced into prostitution. So I went out to Michigan Avenue and sure enough there was the very same women that were on the news and I couldnít stop to help them, because there were several Detroit cop cars driving around looking to arrest anyone who stopped to talk to these women. Last night on unsolved mysteries, a man and his wife Danny and Cathy Freeman, were threatening to sue the police because the cops shot and killed their son. The cops started harassing the family of the son they killed, because they feared a lawsuit. The man told a friend that if anything happened to them, it was the cops that did it, because they were being threatened by them because of their lawsuit. A week later their house burned down and Danny and Cathy were found dead in the fire and sixteen-year-old Ashley and her best friend Lauria Bible, who stayed over for her birthday, were missing. This means the cops murdered the couple and kidnapped the two girls because this couple had a lawsuit against the cops for murdering their son. What the sick perverted murdering cops did with the two young girls nobody knows but I have an idea they turn them into prostitutes. The case was never solved, because every cop an FBI agent in America is in on the crime. There is no doubt that these two young girls were forced into prostitution by the cops and killed later. So I went to Google this story, and I found a man who tried to sue the cops and he was charged with murder. Hereís a link to that story. and I finally found the unsolved mystery story of Danny and Kathy Freeman. Iíll put the links below. .

Cops are possessed by the devil, thatís why they see nothing wrong with kidnaping and murdering little girls with names like Lauria Bible. People like Alex Jones should investigate these stories, because they are probably easily solved but mainstream news media doesnít even bother, because they know the cops did it. The news article doesnít even mention the lawsuit Danny and Cathy Freeman had against the cops for killing their son and the death threats they were getting by the cops. Luckily unsolved mysteries mentions it, otherwise I would not have known. If Alex Jones doesnít want to investigate this case than some other news agency on YouTube should. Weíll find out if Alex Jones is on Godís side or on the side of cops who murder people who threatened to sue them and kidnap their children.

The job of the cop is the serve and protect the people not kill the people to protect themselves. God is watching. God knows who killed this couple. God knows the cops are protecting the rich and forcing the poor into crime. All the people in prison are going to be let free and all the cops are going to be put in prison when Jesus returns with his holy angels to fight the battle between good and evil. If you are cop you are serving the system that gives women no other choice but to murder their own children. Thereís a woman at the bar who has a child and she can barely afford to support the one child with her bartending slave job. She has no other choice but to murder any other children by abortion, because of her low wage slave job. This means that the people running this system are responsible for forcing her to murder her children by abortion. Itís no different if she had a husband that told her she had to kill her children or if she has a system of cops who force people to work slave jobs that donít pay enough to support their children so they have no other choice, but to kill them by abortion. Over sixty million children have been aborted by the masterminds that are running the system. That means every cop is responsible for accessory to murder for every woman who has had an abortion. You donít blame the women for abortion they had no other choice. You blame people like Donald Trump who created this system where women donít have enough money to support children so they have to kill them. I went to the bar Saturday night and there was this drunk woman hanging on everybody. She was in the bar with her boyfriend, but her boyfriend was abusive. She could not leave him because he would beat her. She told all the women in the bar that her boyfriend beat her and she could not leave him. None of these women gave her any advice and I didnít think of it at the time because Iím not a woman. But all women should know that there are battered womenís shelters where they can go to for help. I donít know the numbers to the shelters because Iím not a woman. But cops should know the numbers to these battered womenís shelters. And if cops want to start a good PR campaign, the first thing they should do is advertise that if a woman is being abused she can call the cops and they will come pick her up and take her to a battered womenís shelter. Thatís their job. But women are afraid to call the cops when they are beaten because the cops are worse than their abusive husbands. Their husbands only beat them the cops will probably shoot them and kidnap their children.

Cops seem to be stupid and not know whatís going on in the world. Either they know they are serving the evil dictators in power inslaving mankind in jobs and forcing women to murder their own children because they canít afford to raise them or their mentally retarded. Either way in the war between good and evil, all cops are going to be killed. I donít see them changing into people who do good, when their ignorance runs so deep they canít see whatís going on in the world.

Iím still waiting for my two hundred million dollars from the Rams Horn restaurant of when I turned them into the health department for coughing waitress and the restaurant poisoned my food and the cops kicked me out of the restaurant. Thatís what you get for reporting restaurants who are poison your food, the Fraser cops kick you out of the restaurant. Thatís what you get for reporting a restaurant to the health department. The Fraser cops protect the restaurants that are poisoning peopleís food and have whoíve been cough waitresses coughing in the childrenís food.

It doesnít matter who was behind the coup in Turkey. Because once the dictator Erdogan Er dog an, and his military started torturing people, he committed crimes against humanity. He disobeyed the Geneva Convention. He committed an act of war and needs to be taken out of power along with his military. Erdogan and his military needs to be charged with crimes against humanity. You donít torture people just because they donít like you. You donít torture people even if they murder people. We donít torture murderers in prison. Itís a crime against humanity and its justification for war. This isnít the Constitution, itís the law of God. Any nation or country that doesnít try to overthrow that dictator after he committed crimes against humanity is an enemy of God. The people who try to overthrow the government, just proved they were right that their leader was a tyrant dictator who needs to be overthrown.

An evil off-duty cop in Detroit claims to have been robbed by someone with a sniper rifle. Supposedly, he was able to take out his handgun and shoot the person with the rifle. You donít kill robbers. Robbers are poor people who only know how to get money by robbing people. Their mentally ill. Donald Trump Robbed poor people in his gambling casinos. When I said casino owners were robbing poor people, a casino owner tweeted to me that it was legal to Rob poor people because theyíre stupid. If people are so stupid they lose their grocery money in gambling casinos, what makes you think theyíre not too stupid to rob people for money? The cops are creating the criminals by their stupidity. When you legalize gambling by taking money from stupid people you create stupid criminals and if you donít believe that, then youíre stupider than the people who gamble and stupider than the people who donít know any better but to rob people, to get a few bucks.

This off-duty Detroit cop who shot at the robber must be charged with premeditated first-degree attempted murder for trying to shoot the robber with the rifle. If that doesnít happen, forget about the PR campaign in Detroit. Because everybody is going to know cops are either stupid or their murderers. I was robbed at gunpoint. I know that somebody who rise me at gunpoint, is somebody who is so stupid they qualifies for mental disability. When that guy pulled the rifle on that off-duty cop the cops shoot is said, ďyou qualify for mental disability, why rob me?Ē The DSM dialogical statistical manual that qualifies people for disability says that the guy who robs with a gun, qualifies for mental disability. In fact all cops qualify for mental disability if they are too stupid to know they are the cause of crime. All cops qualify for mental disability if theyíre too stupid to know they are the ones who force women to murder their own babies by abortion. There should be signs all around Detroit that say, ďif you need to rob people, you qualify for disability, call this numberĒ and have the phone number on that sign. Thatís the way to stop crime. God is the provider, food grows on trees. Everything belongs to God. Anybody who claims ownership to anything, is a thief, who committed a sin against God that is punishable by death. When Jesus was hungry he went into the temple and stole the show bread. He said the bread belong to God and therefore he wasnít stealing.

This off-duty cop story is a bunch of bull shit. This cop says he shot this guy because he had a rifle. But then he claims the guy and his rifle disappeared. This story is full of bullshit and everyone knows it. If a guy pulled a rifle on him, how did he get his handgun out and shoot him? It didnít happen that way. This cop shot at two unarmed man and just claims they had a rifle to justify it and anybody who doesnít believe that, will probably die in the revolution. God will not bring anything to pass until his prophets declare it first. Everything is recorded in heaven. God knows this guy was not armed with a rifle. This off-duty Detroit cop shot at two unarmed people and lied and claimed this man had a rifle. He probably even threatened the one witness to say the man had a rifle because this is how evil cops are. If cops were good, when my parents were murdered by the tobacco companies they would have made sure the tobacco companies paid me the one trillion dollars compensation.

If cops were good when I was injured on the job they wouldíve made sure the automobile industry paid me the four hundred fifty billion dollars for my job injury. If Fraser cops were good, not only would they have rewarded me for turning the Rams Horn restaurant into the health department for the whooping coughing waitress who is coughing in childrenís food, they would have arrested the waitress for poisoning my food, after I reported them and they would help me get the two hundred million dollars from Rams Horn for being poisoned. If cops were good, they would make sure I got my three hundred million dollars from the city of Warren for selling me a toxic mold house that they knew was toxic. The house on 7324 Jackson St. In Warren was left for back taxes because of water damage. The city new this was a toxic house and they sold it to me anyway, under the clause of selling only to first-time home buyers who didnít know any better. This is how evil they are. They sell toxic homes to people who never purchased a home before. They donít want to sell a toxic home to somebody who knows something about houses. Furthermore they knew I was paying for that house with money I got from disability. Then there was even evidence that the government pump poison gas into that house, to try to kill me because they didnít want to pay me the four hundred fifty billion dollars for my job injury and they never investigated that. Thatís in my book killing the messenger. Not to mention the trillion dollars the medical profession owes me, for the Stella ganglion block to the neck, they tried to kill me because they didnít want to pay me the four hundred and fifty billion for my job injury.

This system is not working. The evil mayor of Detroit is trying to make it look like itís going to work by getting volunteers to clean up the city. They are even using Godís curses, as if it was a benefit to the city. God said out of the ashes of the burning Eagle, United States, will arise the immortal Phoenix. And they are trying to use that statement for the city of Detroit to make it look like the Mafia run city is working. Believe me when God says out of the ashes of the burning Eagle, it means the entire United States, is going up in flames because cops create crime. Because cops are evil. Because cops are against Godís laws. Because cops force women to murder their own children by abortion. Because cops give people no other choice but to turn to crime when people are disabled on the job.

Jobs are slavery no matter how much money youíre making. If Bernie Sanders raises minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour, then you are a fifteen dollar and hour slave. The movie stars are starting to realize they are twenty million dollars a year slaves. The rock stars are realizing they are serving the devil and are fifty million dollar a year slaves. Even people like Bill OíReilly realizes he is a six million dollar a year slave, who will be killed when he retires for what he knows just like Morley Safer. Morley Safer thought he was going to write a tell-all book but he died four days after he retired. When they pay you six million dollars a year like Bill OíReilly to be a reporter, youíre not making that money because youíre so smart or good. Youíre making that money because of what you know could cost business billions, and their paying you that money to shut you up. When people owned bars and restaurants they did not work for that money. Most of the bars I went to have been given to people as prime pay off hush money in lawsuits. In other words if your parents die from tobacco, instead of getting paid money, they will give you a business so you can enslave other people.

We are in a probational period of grace. We are not destroyed because of our sins, because they donít know they are sinning. It is not necessarily a sin for women who cannot afford to have children, to have abortions. The greater sin is to be a police officer in a system that forces women to have abortions because they canít afford children because of slave jobs. Food Grows on trees, you donít need a job to have a baby. Any country who says you need a job to have a baby will be destroyed by Godís judgment. This is why the prophecy says the Eagle will be burned by fire. You only have so many days left to repent of the works of your hands or be destroyed.


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