Chemical Weapons Are a Deterrent, September 16, 2013.

Chemical and biological weapons are deterrent to war. They prevent evil governments from taking over your country. Nobody in their right mind is going to attack your country, if you have biological or chemical weapons. Because if they even think about bombing your country, you’re gonna launch your chemical and biological weapons to protect it. And even if they catch you off guard and bomb your country, they’re going to bomb the bunkers containing the biological and chemical weapons destroying the land so that no one can have it. It’s like the guy whose wife wants a divorce and if he can’t have her he would rather kill her so no one can have her. Or the guy who can’t make his car payment and the banks want to take his car away so he smashes the car with a sledgehammer and says go ahead and take it. Either President Obama, John Kerry, John McCain and Russian leader Putin are completely insane or they know for a fact that Assad does not have chemical or biological weapons, because they are the ones who used them on the Syrian people.

So when I pointed out that if we bombed Syria we might bomb the chemical weapons storehouse’s killing millions of Syrians and possibly killing our own troops if the mushroom cloud blows over our ships or Russian & Chinese ships in the area, John Kerry and John McCain claims they know exactly where the chemical weapons are stored and there’s not a chance that were going to bomb those storehouses.

In Iraq we bombed a baby milk factory because we thought it was the chemical warehouse. We bombed a hospital because we thought there was weapons stored there. The top scientists of the world don’t even know where the three radio active cores of Fukushima are at, but John Kerry, Barack Obama and John McCain claims they know where every single biological and chemical weapon in Syria is that and we don’t have to worry that we will bomb those warehouses and end the world by releasing biological & chemical toxins into the oceans and atmosphere killing everybody on earth.

I’m asking every military leader, every FBI agent, every American citizen to make a citizen’s arrest for John Kerry, John McCain & Barack Obama for crimes against humanity. These people knew chemical weapons were a deterrent to war and they wanted and still think they can bomb Syria without hitting one of these biological or chemical weapon storehouses. People are not that stupid. If all the top scientists in the world can’t find the Fukushima corium’s, you have no clue to where Syrians are hiding their chemical or biological weapons and you’re risking all life on the planet. Furthermore if you claim you are not risking the lives of everyone on the planet because you knew Syria had no chemical or biological weapons, then you need to be arrested for war crimes.

Now you’re trying to say Russia and the US agreed Syria would hand over their chemical biological weapons? Are you really that stupid? Do you think Americans are idiots? Everyone knows chemical weapons are a deterrent to war. Nobody is going to hand over their weapons to the enemy. We all watched Charlie Rose interview Assad. Assad said he would not even admit if he had chemical weapons or not let alone hand them over to his enemies. Show us the video of Assad admitting he had chemical weapons. Americans aren’t stupid. Don’t show us some jerk who claims he’s is representative of Syria & he has Assad’s authority to speak or make decisions on what Assad is going to do with his chemical weapons. Because Americans are not stupid and you already told us Assad is a dictator. Dictators don’t let other people make decisions for them. So either Assad is not a dictator or Obama, Kerry, Putin and McCain are liars & war criminals. Either Assad has no chemical weapons or all thease people are completely insane war criminals who were willing to risk all life on the planet to control Syria.

I’m glad I’m not Assad, because as soon as Obama, Kerry, Putin, China & McCain even started talking about bombing Syria, as soon as they sent those ships to the area, I would have been releasing the biological & chemical weapons to your ships downwind. Because that is self-defense, justifiable homicide. Should not have threatened them, should not have moved battleships. Better to die than be a slave.


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