Pray for the Destruction of Dubai, January 30, 2015.

I havenít prophesied because the CIA will send their agents on TV talk shows saying this is proof that astrology is true, Dubai is going to be destroyed. Because they are so against God they will go against his prophets. The world will not change until there is a destruction of the rich and greedy. Once the rich see the rich being destroyed they will have no desire to become rich. The atheist want to see a sign that there is a God. They say ďif there is a God why doesnít he destroy Dubai were all the rich people are?Ē. In less the atheists see a sign from God they will not believe in God. The purpose of the gospel is to spread the power of God to the people. When people pray for the destruction of Dubai and God destroys it, it gives the people power. So Iím asking everybody who believes in God to pray for Dubaiís destruction. So that the people may have a victory when they see it destroyed.

God isnít much different then we are. He created us in his image. If you want God to destroy Dubai all you have to do is give some arguments of why it should be destroyed. This is how I got God to bring an earthquake and 50,000 dead. Because these people didnít believe in God, these people worship money. On the news the other day a rich person purchased a photograph of a potato for $1 million. Why would any rich person purchase a picture of a potato for $1 million in less they were completely insane? What are they going to do with that picture of the potato? Are they going to show it to poor starving children so they can get their rocks off? Money is the root of evil and the more money one has the more evil they are. Bill Gates is the most evil man on earth. He has literally using his money to kill millions of children by sterilizing mothers. He has killed more people than Adolf Hitler ever dreamed of. There are prophecies that the rich Donald Trump is going to bring about the end of the world by killing the people of God, to the point where the only people left on earth, are the servants of the devil.

If the CIA wants to go on talk shows and say Dubai is going to be destroyed because astrology says so, let them do it. The outcome is going to be the same that the rich are destroyed.

Russia and China have been fighting wars the wrong way. The way to end all wars is to bomb the rich. Bombing the poor doesnít stop wars because the poor people canít stop the war if they wanted to. But if a war breaks out and you bomb the 10 richest people on earth, the rest of the rich people will know they are next on the list and the war will and immediately. If Russia carpet bomb Dubai I believe it would be the war to end all wars. I think the rest of the rich people would know that they are next. Itís not the poor people who start wars or use propaganda to support them. Itís the propaganda of the rich people that start and perpetuate wars.

We have learned the truth from Detroit in Flint Michigan that these cities of delusion are not the way of God. They hippies of the 60s tried to teach us this. People gathered for a free concert at Woodstock. The song Woodstock was about mankind being caught in the devils bargain and we have to get back to the garden of Eden. All of the music of the 60s was antiestablishment. They hippies were about to overthrow the present system. But the system of the rich bought off all the hippies by promising them multimillion dollar record contracts. I heard Alice Cooper on a radio show talk about when he used to play in Detroit. He said that he would play a concert with Janis Joplin and the who and the show would only cost five dollars to see all three. And people would complain that five dollars was too much money. After the rich brainwashed these freedom fighters with the ideology that they could become rich with record contracts and charge people to do $300 to see a rock show, all the bands of the 60s signed contracts with the devil. Then these rock bands didnít care if 15-year-old kids stole their parents credit cards and charged up $300 to see them in concert. All of these rock bands knew they were serving the devil. All of them chose death for their children. Lately these rock stars have been dying. David Bowie died leaving $100 million to his children. A deal he made with the devil back in the 60s. These people knew they were making deals with the devil. They knew their children would pay the price. The war between good and evil the children of the rich will be beheaded. It was a choice they made a long time ago.

These rich people act like they care about the poor. Some rich guy purchased 1 million bottles of water and donated it to Flint. Trying to make himself look like a good guy. The toxic lead water in Flint is not the problem now. Now the problem is they have 1 million toxic plastic bottles to dispose of. The donation of 1 million bottles of water was only to make a water bottling company richer and make some movie star look like he was doing a good deed for the poor. Another rich guy donated money to make a documentary about viruses to educate the people on how a virus could wipe out millions of people. But instead of educating people about the danger of viruses, it only gave the rich people an idea on how to wipe out the poor with viruses. Money is the root of all evil. Everything God provides is free. Even the militia in Oregon were brainwashed into serving the rich rancher who owned 10,000 acres of land and wanted gun nuts to fight so he can get more land. The militia should have took over the 10,000 acres of land from Bundy who thought he could own 10,000 acres of Godís land. All land is public land. Alex Jones and his followers will be destroyed for claiming you could own land.

I prophesied in earthquake and 50,000 dead but I should have prophesied several earthquakes because no one changed within earthquake and 50,000 dead. If they donít believe the first sign, they should be given a second sign, and a third sign and a fourth sign etc. If they donít believe in the sign of the earthquake and 100,000 dead, then there will be an earthquake and 1 million dead, if they donít believe the sign of the earthquake and the million dead there will be an earthquake and 100 million dead, if they donít believe the sign of the earthquake and 100 million dead, then there will be an earthquake and 1 billion dead, if they donít believe the sign of the earthquake and the billion dead then there will be an earthquake and 2 billion dead and the only people left alive on earth, will be those who believes jobs are slavery and that the rich should be killed. Return to the Garden of Eden. If the CIA wants to go on TV and say this is proof that astrology is true, there will be an earthquake and 100,000 dead, and another earthquake and a million dead, and another earthquake and 100 million dead, and another earthquake and 1 billion dead, and another earthquake and 2 billion dead, it wonít matter because Godís will, will be done in the end.

The Muslims will be destroyed because they claimed Mohammed is the last prophet of God. The Christians will be destroyed because they claim Jesus died to pay for their sins. The atheist will be destroyed, because they donít believe in God. The rich will be destroyed because they worship their money. The businessman will be destroyed for enslaving people with jobs. The landowners will be destroyed for claiming to own Godís land. The oil sheiks will be destroyed for selling Godís oil. Those who believe in abortion will be destroyed for killing other peopleís children. The gun owners will be destroyed for claiming they had a right to murder. The landowners will be killed for claiming they could own Godís land. And who is on earth worthy of living? You want to be perfect sell all you have and distribute to the poor. God is your King. If you serve any president, Governor, religious leader or authority figure, you are serving the devil and chose death for yourself.


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