Democracy is an Atheist Government, October 5, 2014.

Democracy is not God’s government. Democracy is the opposite of Therocracy. Democracy comes from DemonCracy a government ruled by demons and devils. Democracy is known as serpents rule. Democracy is where the majority of the tail makes decisions for the head of the serpent. It all depends if you want the man with the brains to rule or if you want the majority of idiots to make decisions. It all depends if you want a journeyman license builder, to build your house or if you want 100 volunteers from the YMCA, to build your house.

Atheist have infiltrated religions and have used them to divide and conquer believers. This is why Christians are fighting Muslims and Muslims are fighting Jews. There is no reference in the Bible that believers should be killed. The Bible says atheist should be killed. The Quran says the same thing. It says the unbelievers should be killed, that doesn’t mean Christians and Jews who believe in God, it means atheist. The word “infidel” means atheist. It doesn’t mean someone who calls God by a different name then you do. God is much bigger than your one little holy book. God has infinite names and yet he is nameless because before the world created there was no man to give him a name. God has no parents to name him. This is why in the Jewish text, God says to Moses, “I am that I am” and that is my name forever. We all know that God has no name. But we need a label for reference when we communicate with others and that’s why some call God Jesus, some call him Allah and some call him Jehovah. All these labels for God have different meanings. The name Jesus, means Savior. When you call on the name of Jesus, you’re saying the Lord is my savior. When you call for Allah, you are calling for God’s judgment. When you call on the name of Jehovah, you are calling for God to be with you and in you.

The Muslims, the Jews and the Christians need to unite to fight against the atheist which is the true antichrist. Stop letting the antichrist divided and conquer believers. The Therocracy is God’s government. It doesn’t matter if we have a Jewish state, an Islamic state or a Christian state or even a Timothean state, any state is better than the atheist state of democracy. Any religious state is better than atheist ruling over us. The atheist have made money their God and Darwin their Bible. They have ruled over us with oppression for thousands of years and have divided and conquered believers by infiltrating their religions and twisting their holy books to achieve their agendas.

Slavery was a result of atheism. The Bible was very clear God was against slavery when he overthrew the Egyptian slave masters and set the slaves free. No one who watches the classic movie titled “the 10 Commandments” comes out with the idea that God wants men to enslave others. We have the plagues of Egypt because the people in power have created jobs. Jobs are slavery. This is why we have floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, Ebola and every plague of Egypt and even a few new ones like Fukushima radiation. Food grows on trees. One Apple contains enough seeds if planted, to feed the world. But Monsanto has created an Apple that doesn’t produce fruit causing the starvation of millions. Don’t buy seedless watermelons, cucumbers or Monsanto’s sterilized apples. Monsanto even created a sterilized cottonseed that has caused more than 200,000 Indians in India to commit suicide. Their crops have failed because of Monsanto.

If your religious leader is not teaching you that jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity than he is the antichrist. He is not a man of God he is an atheist that infiltrated the church. Public education is the atheist school of thought. Public education is indoctrination into atheism. When there is a separation of church and state that makes the state an atheist state. There’s no greater dictatorship than a government that forces parents to go to prison, if they don’t send their children to public schools, to be indoctrinated into atheism.

The atheist are losing control and they know their Kingdom is coming to an end and they know all religious books teach that they must be killed. The politicians know that they will be tried for crimes against humanity if they lose power. They are going to make one last attempt to control society by the abomination of desolation which is a false image of God that can speak and talk. This may be the painting or statue of Jesus that’s in the Christian church or might be a hologram of Jesus. They will try to kill anyone who doesn’t worship that image. You must not serve that fake dead Jesus. Christ can never die. Atheist can make you believe they killed him but the fact is Christ can never die. You must seek to see the real Jesus, so you that you know the fake one when he appears. You must seek to see the real Jesus so that you know the fake one is in the church set up by atheist.

Jesus said to try them to see if they are of God. The nine Supreme Court justices claimed to be Christians, men of God, but when they legalized abortion they prove themselves to be atheist. Politicians lie and say they are Christians to get elected , but when they have affairs, they prove themselves to be atheist. The church leaders claim they are Christian, though when they believe in abortion they prove themselves to be atheist. The church leaders claim they are Christian, but when they say you need a job, that means they don’t believe in God’s providers and they are in fact atheist. The church leaders claim they are Christian, but when they say you need to go to public schools, they proved themselves to be atheist. The Christian leaders claim to be men of God, when they want you to vote in the democracy, they prove themselves to be atheist. God’s government is a theocracy and any religious leader who does not believe so is not a man of God but is in fact an atheist.

The people in Hong Kong have been protesting for democracy. Thousands of people are going out to protest. But they’re not protesting for better wages, they’re not protesting for better working conditions, they’re not protesting for better healthcare, they’re not protesting against pollution or killing all the sea life. The protesting because they want to choose their own leaders. What do you think is going to happen when they choose their own leader? When the rich run all the news media and manipulate people into voting for “their candidate” then they’re going to be protesting for better wages, better working conditions, better healthcare, to save the environment and to save the animals because the Atheistic capitalist who run the democracy will take away the things that even a dictator promised them. The people are in Syria were better off with the dictator. The people in Egypt were better off with their dictator. The people of Libya were better off with their dictator. That is because they only had to petition one man for change and with the democracy change will never come. It doesn’t matter how many protest for campaign finance reform, no elected politician who receives money is going to do it. It doesn’t matter how many protest to get evil politicians out of office, evil politicians are not going to leave office in a democracy. Democracy is the most evil form of government on earth. Far worse than socialism or communism but I’m not suggesting socialism or communism I’m suggesting the Therocracy. God’s government on earth. While these evil atheist politicians and religious leaders are trying to set up their democracies, God is setting up his Therocracy that will stand forever and never be destroyed. For the atheist will set up the image of a false theocracy, like Caesar’s image on a coin to be worshiped and the atheist will demand anyone who doesn’t serve that image of democracy, of Caesar’s image on the coin, to be destroyed and we shall die as martyrs, because we will not serve that image and after our death, God will raise us from the dead in the real theocracy.

I seen Dr. Phil on TV claim he believed in Jesus, but then he denounce a man as delusional, who believed in the resurrection of the dead. If you don’t believe in the resurrection of the dead you are in fact an atheist. You don’t believe in an afterlife and so you will try to live on earth as if it was the only life you had, so you will want to drive fancy cars and live in big houses. God created the entire universe by the power of his word. He’s perfectly capable of resurrecting the dead. No he is not going to resurrect people from the dead were killed by the tobacco companies so they can make more money. He’s not a resurrect people from the dead who were killed by guns so the gun lobby can profit.

Last night I went to the bar because I was tired of arguing with atheist and I was stressed out. Then I ran into an atheist in the bar. And I started the same argument again. God is not invisible. You’re not supposed to believe in God by faith, that’s a teaching of the antichrist. Christ is God made visible . Antichrist is against people seeing God. You’re supposed to Seek God, until you see God.

And the atheist says, “I’m not going to seek God, he killed my son.” When my niece died, and my mother died, I went to seek God to find out why they died. When I saw God he said the swimming pool manufacturers want to make 5 billion in profit and that’s why my niece is dead and the tobacco companies killed my mother. I didn’t blame God, I didn’t even think of blaming him, I just knew that if there was a God I would be able to see him and he would be able to answer my questions.

This guy’s son died in a car accident and he’s blaming God not the automobile companies or even himself for purchasing an automobile. This guy was smoking cigarettes. If he dies from smoking cigarettes, he is going to blame God not the tobacco companies or himself for purchasing cigarettes. Because he believes that God should have told him cigarettes would kill him. God should have made him stop smoking. I kind of believe that to because I used to smoke. And I still feel it’s true, that if I really love somebody, I would knock that fuckin cigarette, right out of their mouth. But we don’t do it, because the tobacco companies have educated Dr. Phil to believe, that if anyone knocks a cigarette out of someone’s mouth, they must be a violent person, suffering delusions, if they believed tobacco kills people. If your friend was ready to commit suicide, by putting a loaded gun to his head, you would knock that gun out of his hand, but you find it wrong, to knock the cigarette, out of his mouth.

Now most of us purchase automobiles not being conscious that they can kill us or our children. But we all knew about the Amish how they didn’t drive cars because God said not to. We all knew how the Amish believe cars came from the devil. But we wanted to look at them as if they were insane because Dr. Phil is on TV and he’s going to denounce those people as delusional. He knows he went to atheist medical school. He knows he went to atheist public schools. And Dr. Phil knows Jesus, because he went to an Christian church run by a atheist infiltrated leader. Dr. Phil’s not stupid he knows the Jesus of the Bible said the devil teaches in the temple. It’s not about listening to what the preacher says it’s about reading what Jesus in the Bible says. And it’s amazing that the Jesus of the Bible says the devil teaches in the temple and people sit in the temple read the Bible and watch the atheist speak as if he was a man of God.

It’s not the CiA & Zionists running the world it’s the atheist. They run most of the media and the radio and TV stations. People like Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman, Howard Stern and hundreds of others. You almost have to be an atheist to get a talk show or be on the radio. The democracy is an atheist government, the opposite of Therocracy. Public education is atheist indoctrination the opposite of the teachings of God. Property ownership is an atheist idea. Money is atheist ideology, you can’t buy or sell without receiving the Mark of the beast. Therocracy is God’s Kingdom on earth, democracy is the Kingdom of the antichrist. God set men free atheist enslave mankind with jobs. No man with a job is free. Food grows on trees it was not invented by Monsanto. One apple contains enough seeds to feed the world if not uprooted by Monsanto or the antichrist. Monsanto created seedless fruits and vegetables to cause starvation and control the world.

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