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Zimmerman’s Insanity Defense, April 10, 2011.

I watched a video of five black people who raped and killed a white man and his girlfriend. The lawyers and news media were all out to say this was not a racist killing. Why? Their best defense was to say that it was a racist killing, because then they could have gotten off on an insanity plea. Racism is insanity. Racism is ignorance. Racism is a sign of mental illness. Racism is not a hate crime. Murder is a hate crime.

If It wasn’t a racist killing, they are going to get the death penalty or a life prison sentence. There is no cure for a murderer. Someone who kills for money, you can’t give them a bunch of money so that they never kill for money again. Someone who kills for revenge, there’s no cure for that. Someone who kills a witness, because they were going to testify it against them in a crime, there is no cure for that. You cannot cure someone who believes they were justified in killing in self-defense. They cannot later come back and say, “oh it wasn’t self-defense, it was racism”. I think Zimmerman knew all along, it was racism and his lawyers tried to say it wasn’t and try to get him off by the self-defense plea.

Racism is curable by education. Zimmerman can go to a mental hospital for six months to a year and be cured of racism. The five blacks that murdered the couple could have been cured if it was a race crime, but the lawyers and news media tried to say that it wasn’t. You cannot cure racism by denying its existence. I could not understand why the news media and the lawyers tried to claim it wasn’t a race crime.

Zimmerman himself is starting to see his own insanity. He’s also seen the insanity of the lawyers when they told him to take down the racist comments on his website. When he seen them he erased the racial comments on the 911 tape and then try to say this was not a race crime.

If Zimmerman admits this is a race crime, that he is mentally ill, the parents of Trayvon and the rest of the world, would more likely forgive him and would be satisfied with a year in a psychiatric hospital and a lifetime of community service against racism. If he tries to claim it was self-defense, people are going to want to kill him. The parents of Trayvon will never be able to forgive him. I don’t want Zimmerman near my house. However, if Zimmerman got psychiatric care and was cured of his racism and his NRA logic that guns save lives and he has a right to kill people, I would feel comfortable letting him move into my townhouse.

I think the reason why the lawyers and the gun lobby did not want to call this a race crime, is because they wanted to sell more guns. Millions of guns were sold when Obama took office. They were looking to sell millions of guns when Zimmerman was let out of jail. People who don’t even believe in guns, went and purchased guns, when Zimmerman was let out. I was ready to buy a gun myself, even though it’s against my religion. If you purchased a gun, to protect yourself from people like Zimmerman, comment below.

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