Dearborn Michigan Falseflag to Cover-up Jon Benet, September 21, 2016.

There was another false flag staged event last night. Doctor Phil, dateline and CBS had specials on the Jon Benet Ramsey murder. The specials were trying to frame the Ramses. I made a couple videos pointing out that the Ramses could not have done it. One of the points I made was that people donít kill people and then call the cops afterwards, when there is a body in the basement. This is the same false flag conspiracy as Ira Einhorn who claims the CIA murdered his girlfriend and put her body in his home to frame him. So this shooter in Dearborn Michigan last night, shoots his two beauty contestant daughters and calls police to prove me wrong. This is no coincidence, that there is a shooter that kills his beauty contestant daughters, at the same time this CBS special was on TV. No doubt they will probably kill this shooter, if he is not a CIA agent, just like they killed four of his family members. It seems to be the same mafia cartels that killed Jon Benet Ramsey, who is pulling off this Dearborn Michigan false flag hoax. I donít think itís a total hoax I think they actually killed these children. But the hoax is that the father did it, to cover-up the truth of the Jon Benet Ramsey killing. More people watched this CBS special then watched any of the sports games or other propaganda that they had on TV.

The Ramses would not have placed a ransom note on the stairs. They would have to be geniuses, to think that far ahead, that a kidnapper would place the ransom note on the stairs rather than the kitchen table or counter top. There is a reason for everything. So you have to look at every detail. Why would someone put a ransom note on the stairs? It seems to be a roadblock to stop the Ramses from going down into the basement. The kidnapper was probably still in the basement when the Ramses dialed 911. The kidnapper probably wanted to see the Ramses were going to pay the ransom or call 911, before he tried to sneak a child out of the house. So the kidnapper would have a reason to leave the note on the stairs as a roadblock. The Ramses had no reason to leave a note on the stairs. Someone said on Twitter, that the Ramses left a note on the stairs so that they could find it. Itís unbelievable that no matter what you say you cannot convince some people of the truth. I bet this Twitter person leaves childrens rollerskates on the stairs so they can find them. LMAO.

These people actually believe that Burke hit Jon Benet over the head and the parents not only staged a kidnapping, but they licked their daughters vagina, penetrated their daughters vagina, strangled with a Garrote their daughter to end her suffering after she was hit on the head, poked her with railroad tracks to make sure she was dead, planted Hispanic DNA in her underwear, not only faked a ransom note, but misspelled words in broken English in the ransom note, to make it look like a foreigner wrote it and left a note on the stairs instead of the table to make it look like a burglar. The Ramses should get a Nobel Prize for being a genius, if they thought of faking a ransom note and making it look like foreigners wrote it. I can see the Ku Klux Klan killing someone and peppering words like colt forty-five, watermelon and fried chicken in a ransom note to make it look like blacks wrote it. But to write a ransom note with misspellings and broken English to try to blame a Hispanic, has got to be Pulitzer Prize winning genius. The hair on the garrotte alone points to a psychopath, not a family member. If a family member would have stage the event to cover-up an accident, they would have been careful not to rip out a big gob of Jon Benetís hair in the process. The garrotte showed a big gob of JonBenetís hair that was ripped out. You really believe Patsy would do that to her kid? The only reason why you believe it, is because if your daughter accidentally died, you would lick her vagina, penetrate her vagina, plant Hispanic DNA on her underwear, choke her with a garrotte to end her suffering while ripping out a big gob of your daughterís hair, jab her with railroad tracks to make sure sheís dead and create this genius ransom note. And then you would call the cops and expect them to believe it all.

I didnít really want to make any more videos because these people are stealing my ideas and using them for evil. I said on Twitter that they could carefully remove the rope from the garrotte to test DNA underneath it. Then on the CBS special they show these investigators carelessly untying the rope, ruining any chance of finding the real killer. Itís unbelievable.

Conspiracies get deeper. I went to the bar Thursday and somebody said there was a party afterwards and gave me a number to text message. Well I lost the number and good thing I did. It seems that there was some bombs in New York that went off by cell phone. So anybody can make one of these bombs and give someone at the bar the phone number, to set off the bomb and tell someone at a bar to call it, there is going to be a party. I think somebodyís trying to set me up. Right after making the video about the Jon Benet Ramsey conspiracy, the maintenance department left a note on my door saying they need access to my townhouse next week. I guess they need access to put Ira Einhornís girlfriendís dead body in my basement. Iím going to set up a bunch of hidden cameras. I got some really cool microsized cameras. I might even leave open access to my security camera system when maintenance comes into my townhouse for inspection.

It seems to be worse than the movie, ďEyes Wide ShutĒ. David Russell Williams documented all of his murders and rapes as if it was necessary for the job application of flying the Queen on her jet. It seems like he logged and documented all the people he killed to put it on his resume. This is how this system is run. In my book the gospel of Timothy, I not only write about my seeing God but someone said I had two books. One is about my promotion by job injury. It seems like every time I got a job injury, I got promoted. People become bosses and supervisors because they had a job injury and can no longer do the manual labor. People become five-star generals by proving on their resume they can kill many people without a conscience. This is how the mafia and gangs work. You have to kill someone to get in. It seems the more people you kill, the higher you rise in ranks, similar to whatís in the movie, ďeyes wide shutĒ but even worse. When a Mafia boss was arrested for murdering fifty-four people, he said, ďitís just businessĒ. Thatís how business works. It seems like the ransom note is how business works and I think Mister Ramsey knows a little more than heís telling. I donít think he did the murder. But I think he knows how billionaires work. They didnít get their money by being smart, they made their billions by being ruthless. Iíll leave a link below to the story of four children killed mother injured. This is a black family so they probably would not have hoaxed the killing. I donít think itís Italian mafia cartels, itís religious cartels. This is the kind of ruthless killing the Zionist does to stay in control and keep people from following the Timothean religion.


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Four children killed mother injured. Timothy Allen Campbell GoTimothy I am the original conspiracy false flag theorist.

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