Dear President Obama, November 14, 2015.

Who’s the terrorist? Over 500,000 American people killed by the tobacco companies every year. How come my parents weren’t on the news when they were murdered by the tobacco companies and no one was charged? In fact my parents were even blamed for committing suicide. Over 40,000 Americans killed by the automobile companies every year. They knew if they made a car go faster than 10 mph, that people would be killed, and they made them anyway. That is premeditated first-degree murder, and there is no statute of limitations on murder. Over 35,000 Americans killed by the gun manufacturers every year. They can’t get away with they didn’t know guns kill people. They manufactured the guns for the purpose of killing people because they are in fact serial killers. The 7 billion people on the planet are enslaved with jobs and the rich refused to pay the capitalists injured worker the $450 billion for his job injury. You want to be a capitalist? Then pay the capitalists injured worker a fair price for his injury, like the maker of Facebook got paid.

We were all ignorant to the brainwashing by the Mafia to sell us tobacco, automobiles and enslave us with jobs. But we are more intelligent now. We have brains. God gave us a mind to reason with. When the rich use their money to brainwash the masses into blaming the victims of the tobacco or the automobile industry, the blowback is what you call terrorists.

Every senator, lawyer, lawmaker, politician or representative who refuses lower the speed limit below 10 mph, is guilty of one account of premeditated first-degree murder for every person who is killed in a car crash. Scientists told them if they made a car go faster than 10 miles an hour that people would be killed by them and they made them anyway. Because money is more important to them than human life. You don’t kill to preserve your way of life Mr. President. Sign a executive order to charge tobacco companies with one account of premeditated murder for every person killed by tobacco and for those who refused the lower speed limits below 10 miles an hour. Jobs are slavery and every man with a job should be able to sue his employer for $1 billion for every year he was employed.

Got has had mercy on the ignorant. They are to be forgiven if they do not know any better. But now you do know better. God is capable of bringing fire down from heaven to have the 310 million Americans destroyed, if they’re not capable of comprehending jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. Pay the capitalists injured worker a fair price for losing his arm or move to a communist country. $1 trillion for the loss of an arm is a fair price. The business owner has a choice to pay it or lose an arm, under the law of God.

Watch my videos. I am the Messiah and before you label me as insane, better listen to what God says. If they don’t believe God is God or I’m the Messiah, there is no reason for North America to exist. The religions of the world are operated by the devil and have been for 5,000 years. The Messiah has spoken. Https://


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