Dear rep Brad Johnson, email to the Michigan representative who is for raising the speed limit 80 mph.

November 13, 2015.

When President Reagan lowered the speed limit to 55 mph, it save 10,000 lives a year. Insurance companies found that they were losing money, because people who are not afraid to die, do not purchase car insurance. So the insurance companies backed people who were for raising the speed limit back to 65 mph. The insurance companies found that the higher the speed limits, the more liability insurance they can sell. So they tried to get people elected who would raise the speed limit to 70, 75 and even 80 mph.

Scientists told the automobile companies back in 1914, that if they made a car go faster than 15 mph, people would be injured and killed by them. But they made them go faster anyway. Because fast cars sold and made the automobile companies rich. Not only would we save 40,000 lives a year by lowering the speed limit to 25 mph, nobody would need to purchase car insurance at all. We would literally save billions of dollars in disability insurance. Over 54 million people were made disabled from automobile and work related injuries and they are on the payroll of your tax dollars. The automobile companies or the insurance companies don’t pay the disability payments to those who are disabled from automobile accidents. The taxpayers pay for it. It’s a rigged system by big businesses. They cause the injury, the disability, the death and the taxpayers pay for it.

What these representatives don’t know, is that when they raise the speed limit and people die, that is premeditated first-degree murder. They knew by raising the speed limit, people would die and be seriously injured, but they raise them anyway. Because they wanted to please the insurance companies and their billions in profits. There is a God and there is a judgment day. My job, as the man who saw Jesus, is to log all the names of those responsible for causing people to be injured and killed in car crashes, so that insurance companies and hospitals can make billions in profits. Yes the hospitals realized they were losing money when Reagan lowered the speed limit. The trauma centers and emergency rooms were empty. They needed to raise the speed limit to get more victims into the emergency rooms or the hospitals would go out of business. Not only can you be charged with premeditated first-degree murder when you support higher speed limits, you can be sued by everybody who’s injured. I’m backing plans to sue state representatives to get back all the money people paid in car insurance, when they didn’t have to. Because speed limits could have been lowered to 25 mph making car insurance obsolete and unnecessary.

So what is your lawyers address? I’d like to get those lawsuits started as I don’t drive because I can’t afford car insurance. I am disabled.

Timothy Alan Campbell, the man who saw God and started the Timothean religion.

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This is this guy’s bio.


Jacobsen is vice president of Jacobsen’s Flowers. The family-run company, founded by his great grandfather in 1920, currently has three locations. He has also served as an Oakland County Commissioner, Oxford Township trustee, past chair of the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority, and was a member of the Oxford Emergency Safety Authority.

So this guy has a reason for raising the speed limits. The more people who die in car crashes the more flowers he can sell at funerals. This guy probably knew the flower business lost money when Reagan lowered the speed limit and 10,000 lives were saved. That’s 10,000 less funerals they could sell flowers to. He also belongs to Satanic Christianity church.

The reason why it’s so hard lower speed limits and abolish current insurance, is because these religions have become like the Mafia. Many of these religious people work for the car insurance companies and work for the hospitals who treat injured victims. If speed limits were lowered, they wouldn’t have any injured people, to make money off of. Christianity is Satanism. And this is why there are so many people against lowering the speed limits to abolish car insurance, abolish traffic fatalities and abolishing guns etc.

A link below to this guy’s bio and email address so you can file your lawsuits against him. .


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