Twenty Years of Schooling & They Put You on the Day Shift, Lookout Kid, June 14, 2017.

Abortion is murder, not a choice. Bob Dylanís songs were very prophetic. They had a lot of information in them too. Look out kid, they keep it all hid.

Not only can 20 years of schooling teach you that abortion isnít murder and nuclear power is safe, it can also teach you that the earth is flat and the country is run by reptilianís. With the right teacher like David Icke, you can be convinced President Obama is a lizard with a tail, that eats flies with his 12 inch tongue.

When Alex Jones was starting out teaching 9/11 was an inside job, president Kennedy was killed by the FBI and that they were poising us with fluoridated water, he met David Icke. David Icke and Jesse Ventura were on the same page as Alex Jones, as they were getting their information from me.

I spoke a little bit on reptilianís from the movie, ďthey liveĒ and there is a little bit of truth about the grays. The grays are actually men in suits. In the 40s 50s and 60s the world was run by the people in gray suits. They were called the grays. Men in gray suits are different from the rest of us. They are the cause of the evil in the world. They are like serpents or reptiles. Of Course now days they wear all different colors suits, but the men in suits are the people running the world and causing the evil. David Icke did more research and took it to a whole new level and started to talk about the reptilianís. When David Icke met Alex Jones, they both agreed about 9/11, the Kennedy conspiracies, but then David Icke started talking about the reptilianís. Alex Jones looked at David Icke as if he was crazy. But David Icke said, ďif you do the research, 20 years of schooling, youíll find out the world is run by reptilesĒ. So Alex Jones started doing the research and started to agree that the world is run by reptiles. That president Obama had a tail with a 12 inch tongue that ate flies. Alex Jones looked into the 20 years of schooling on reptilianís and started to believe it. So Alex Jones started to look just as crazy as David Icke. This is how they get you and control you. Information overload.

With 20 years of schooling you can teach anybody anything. All education is, is indoctrination. With 20 years of schooling, you can teach people the earth is flat. With 20 years of schooling you can teach people that the world is run by lizards. With 20 years of schooling you can teach people abortion is not murder. This is how the nuclear power industry convinces people that nuclear power is safe, by 20 years of schooling. Or 20 years of indoctrination. You can teach people anything, if they are forced to sit in the classroom for eight hours a day.

Nobody believes a word I say, because they are not forced to sit in front of my YouTube channel for eight hours a day. But believe me, it wouldnít take that long, to convince people that Iím the Messiah. It is a lot of information. But if you agree with the last video I made, that Jesus is God, and therefore cannot be the Messiah. That the Bible says the Messiah will come in the later days, not 2000 years ago. And if you agree that these are the later days, you should be looking for a Messiah somewhere. And Iím not talking about Jesus. Because the Bible is very clear, that Jesus is God and not the Messiah.

It would sure be nice if the government forced everyone to have 20 years of schooling on how Jesus is God and that I am the Messiah and no one gets a job or graduates, until they believe it. But thatís exactly how school is, isnít it. You canít become a doctor, until you agree abortion isnít murder. You canít become a nuclear scientist or physicist, until you agree that nuclear power is perfectly safe. Youíll never get your graduation certificate. You will flunk out in school, if you believe abortion is murder and nuclear power is dangerous.

Just like you will flunk out of David Icke University, if you donít believe President Obama is a lizard with a tail and a tongue that catches flies. This is how theyíre able to convince everybody that Darwinís evolution is the truth. 20 years of schooling on Darwinism is no different than 20 years of schooling on reptilianís. Itís no different than 20 years of schooling on the flat Earth movement. You can convince anybody the world is flat, if you make them sit in a schoolroom for eight hours a day for 20 years. People are so dumb down, that itís not even taken them 20 years of schooling to teach them that the world is flat. Itís a quick eight hour course, to learn how the earth is flat and everybody who believes the earth is round, is crazy like Alex Jones, David Icke and David Koresh.

The Heavenís Gate people had the truth, until the grays, the men in suits, convince the world with 20 years of schooling, that these people committed suicide, while trying to catch a ride on the Hale-Bopp Comet. With 20 years of schooling youíll be convinced David Koresh was a child molester, who committed suicide. But it only takes about eight hours truth, to convince people David Koresh was murdered by Christians. Not by the government. Christians who would rather kill, than give up their fake dead, plastic, Jesus on a cross. David Koresh had the truth and the Christians feared the truth. They spent millions making movies to convince people David Koresh was crazy like Alex Jones and David Icke. David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were murdered by Christians, because David Koresh at the truth.

Heavenís Gate people did not commit suicide. They were murdered and it was made to look like suicide because they had the truth. The people at Jonestown did not commit mass suicide, they were murdered because they had the truth. Murdered by Christians. This has been going on for thousands of years. The Cathers were murdered and it was made to look like they all committed suicide, because they had the truth. At Masada, the truth thereís held out on the mountain top until the Roman Empire, run by Christians killed them all and made it look like they all committed suicide. Because the Christians want to make themselves look like saints, not murderers. So they simply murder people and then claim it was suicide. Itís the MO of Christians. Itís the MO of the Christian Roman empire. This is how they do things. And itís no secret. They purposely burn women and children on live TV, to show you how evil they are, so that you donít fight against them. If I had 1 million followers they would kill all 1 million of us, label us as crazies and make it look like suicide. Thatís their MO.

When you join the Roman empire Christian religion, youíre just as guilty of murdering all these people. You know, I thought abortion was legal because atheists made it legal. But the reality of it is, Christianity made abortion legal. We know Christianity made abortion legal, because they refuse to put up signs in all their churches that say, ďAbortion Is MurderĒ. The truth is that the women who are being forced to have abortions, are not Christians. They are using abortion, as a way of genocide, to kill the people who donít belong to their religion. Itís why many of these women, also die on the abortion table or commit suicide later, if they donít become addicted to heroin. A woman who gets pregnant and has an abortion, is not the same as a woman who has never had an abortion. Abortion does something to you.

Many of the women who support abortion, are the women who had abortions. Well if you are a person who murders your neighbor, youíre going to support murdering neighbors. If you are a warmonger, youíre going to support war. If you been in a war and have killed people, youíre not going to see anything wrong with war and killing people.

Many of the people who die from heroin overdose are women. Many of these women get pregnant at a young age and are forced to get abortions. They are brainwashed into believing this is a simple procedure for their health. When they realize they murdered their own children, they get depressed. This drives them to heroin addiction. Thereís no way to cure their heroin addiction, because thereís no way you can convince them, that they werenít forced to murder their own children. These women are suffering from a posttraumatic stress disorder, that Iíve seen in a lot of my friends who went to Vietnam. When soldiers see their friends being killed, blown up by bombs, they suffer the same post traumatic stress, as women who were forced to murder their own children and brainwashed into believing abortion was a choice, their choice and a simple medical procedure.

The biggest cause of heroin addiction is women who get C-sections. The medication they give women for pain, after a C-section, is just like heroin and they get addicted to it. When the doctors refused to give them any more pain medication, they start doing heroin. Itís just like in Alcoholics Anonymous. You not only have to overcome your addiction, you have to fight against the people, who are causing the problem. Itís better to become homicidal then suicidal. I canít say what should be done, that would be forensic. That would be inciting violence.

Any church or religion that refuses to put up a sign, ďabortion is murderĒ in their church or synagogue, isnít any different than the people who are actually murdering the children at the abortion clinics. When good men do nothing evil flourishes. Itís not about blowing up abortion clinics. Innocent people could be killed that way. Words are like bullets against murderers. The first words on every video I make will be, ďabortion is murderĒ. I would suggest people not watch any other YouTube video, that doesnít start out with that absolute truth. Because if theyíre not even going to tell you the truth about killing babies, theyíre not going to tell you the truth about anything else. Donít watch YouTube videos or news channels, that donít announce at the beginning of every broadcast, that abortion is murder. People have been brainwashed and indoctrinated with 20 years of schooling, into believing abortion isnít murder and they need this reminder, that abortion is murder, where ever they go. Because theyíre not going to sit in a class for eight hours a day, for 20 years to learn abortion is murder. Theyíre only going to go to a school that will teach them abortion isnít murder, so that they can kill innocent children to support their dead plastic Jesus. Abortion isnít a debate. Itís premeditated first-degree baby murder. Itís criminally insane rationalization to justify killing infants. It doesnít control population. The United States lets more people immigrate into this country legally, then it kills by abortion.

Donald Trump should be impeached. Not because he grabbed womanís pussyís. But because he promised to stop abortion and he didnít fulfill his promises. Over half 1 million babies have already been killed by abortion since Donald Trump has been in office. The blood of those innocence are on his hands. Itís not just the blood of all the innocent babies but all these staged false flag events and even the real terrorist attacks were done to put the abortion issue on the back burner. Nobodyís talking about how evil abortion is because 11 people were killed by terrorist here and 29 people were killed by terrorists there. Nobodyís talking about the 3500 American babies that were murdered today, by insane narcissistic psychopaths, who rationalize abortion isnít murder and demonize these babies as not being human.

I donít care if were not on the same page about the fake moon landing, the inside job of 9/11, the false flag staged events, the flat Earth or the branch Davidian massacre. But anyone who doesnít believe abortion is baby murder, canít be saved. And I donít want to waste any of my time talking to them. Thereís nothing more evil, than the people who support the killing of innocent infants and then use an insane rationalization to claim it wasnít murder. At least Jeffrey Dahmer admitted he was a murderer. I have more respect for him. The pro-choice people are in denial of their murders. I even seen the pro-choice people, calling the pro-life people dummies, because they werenít indoctrinated with 20 years of schooling. You arenít brainwashed like I was, so youíre a dummy. Thatís what you will hear pro-choice people say.


Abortion is murder, abortion debate, public education, education is indoctrination, education is brainwashing.

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