The Davidian King, January 24, 2016.

They are asking Governor Snyder when he knew about Flint Michigan poison water problem. I remember at least a year ago maybe two years ago, on the news they showed the Flint River was green. And they were talking about the new water plant they were building and were going to take from the river. When I seen it on the news, I remember thinking that, it look like somebody poisoned the river to keep Flint from building the new water treatment plant. This is the kind of tactics that the Mafia uses to root out the competition. On channel 20.3 in Detroit, they show how the Mafia not only ran illegal alcohol, but they would burn down competitive newspapers and news channels. They poison the rivers and lakes, so they can sell the city a water treatment plant. This is how they work. The Mafia just thumbs their noses at the law, when everyone knows that they are criminals. The only way the FBI can get them, is to trump up tax evasion charges on them, which only makes the society more corrupt. Because now no one respects the law. They look at the cops and the FBI as being criminals also.

I have no doubt that Detroit Mafia thug Mayor Mike Duggan, had poisoned the Flint River, because Flint did not want to purchase their expensive water from 70 miles away downstream, when they have of River and a lake close by. It makes you wonder how Flint was ever getting their water from Detroit in the first place. Why would anybody pump water upstream 70 miles away, unless Mafia thugs were threatening to poison or kill them if they didnít?

These are Mafia thugs running the water treatment and delivery system. We are paying over $100 a month in our low-income housing unit for Detroit water, when we used to pump it for free out of our wells. The Detroit school are falling apart, teachers are underpaid and the Mafia thugs running the school system are the highest paid in the country. I donít believe in a $15 minimum wage. Because most people nowadays are elderly and on a fixed income. They would not be able to afford to eat at restaurants if everyone made $15 an hour, after they work hard all their life. I believe in a $15 maximum wage. Nobody should make more than $15 an hour. It was disgusting to see this guy on the news who ran the Detroit school system and was a highest-paid person in the country.

I wrote an email to President Obama that if the CIA didnít kill people, they probably should kill people. And these Mafia thugs who are charging people a hundred dollars a month for free water, should be the first people to be beheaded. President Obama made jokes about drones being aimed at his enemies. We killed Saddam, Gadhafi and are going after the leader of Libya because we claim they are dictators. But we have people who are 1000 times more evil running the school system and the water treatment plants. These are the people who the Texas gun toter saying, ďsome people need a killingĒ was talking about.

The Bible talks about Godís love for King David. The Bible promised another Davidian King. King David would not have taken any shit from the Mafia or these thugs, who think they can bribe government officials with campaign financing. King David wouldíve had them beheaded in the city, before many witnesses. Whom King David wanted killed, was killed. This was Godís appointed King. You donít have Mafia thugs thumbing their nose at the law saying thereís no proof Iím a criminal. In Godís Kingdom. The Mafia Mayor Mike Duggan is charging the poor people for drinking water is proof he is the Mafia thug who should be beheaded. They should even waste their time trying to get him on tax evasion or some other trumped up charges. Just the idea that this guy might have poisoned Flint water so they can sell Detroit water to Flint is enough evidence for King David to have Mafia Mayor Mike Duggan killed.

The Mafia is trying to make President Putin look like a criminal. When President Putin killed a reporter, he just gained respect from the people. Some people need a killing. Putin kicked out all the Mafia thugs out of his country. They know they would be killed if they did shit like Mafia Mayor Mike Duggan did. Charging poor people a hundred dollars a month for drinking water. Is he insane? New York City Mafia Mayor Giuliani was behind the World Trade Center attacks and everybody knows it. This is how the Mafia does things they kill 3000 people so they can start a war for oil. He killed those people, God knows it, the people know it, and when there is a Davidian King sitting on the throne Mafia Mayor Giuliani will be killed for the 9 11 attacks. And if Mafia Mayor Giuliani dies before the Davidian King sits on the throne, his children will be killed, as you cannot get good fruit from a bad tree. Mafia Mayor Giuliani made the decision to have his children killed, when he decided to kill 3000 Americans people on 911 and blame it on Muslims. If Mafia Mayor Mike Duggan didnít want his children killed, he would pimp out his children, until he got enough money to refund every person, every penny, they paid for drinking water from his city, plus interest.

You donít need proof Mafia Mayor Mike Duggan poisoned Flint River because he didnít like the competition on his water treatment plant. The fact of the matter is the river was poisoned and Detroit water treatment plant made money because of it. Thatís enough circumstantial evidence for King David to have that Mafia thug killed.

All people are created equal. Itís not communism. Anyone who thinks they should make more money than someone else is a fucken psychopath who should be killed. Iím not advocating violence, I am advocating justice. The Davidian King would kill anyone who thought they should make more money than someone else and that is because of justice. This is why Donald Trump is it evil piece of shit. He doesnít just think heís better than Mexicans or Muslims, he thinks heís better than everybody else and thatís why he is rich. He thinks he should have more money than everybody else. Poor people are poor because they give their money away. They donít think they should have more money than other people. They donít think theyíre better than others, like evil scum Donald Trump. The Davidian King, not only would not let Donald Trump be president, he would have had him killed, the second Donald Trump though he was better than someone else. What makes people like Donald Trump think they deserve to have more money, a bigger piece of pie, than someone else? The rich try to label people as communist, when the poor people cry out for oppression. But the fact of the matter is, that anyone who thinks they should make more money than someone else, is completely insane and thereís no cure for that kind of insanity. The Davidian King would have those kind of people killed. God promised us a king that would sit on Davidís throne. That is a king who will do Godís will, and make everyone equal.

In Godís kingdom, God is not going to find a special prosecutor to go after these Mafia thugs. The penalty for sin is death. Itís not as if these people donít know any better. They know they are Mafia thugs and they think itís funny to oppress the poor. You canít cure that kind of mental illness. Thatís why God created the guillotine. Or at least gave the idea to an inventor. The rich people are all taken off for New Zealand, because they know they have committed crimes against humanity by enslaving people with jobs. The world is not going to get any better until we have a Davidian King. Donít vote for anyone unless they promise to kill anyone who wants to make more than $15 an hour. Donít vote for anyone unless they promise to kill anyone who thinks they can buy a politician with campaign financing. Itís not a dictator that kills Mafia thugs, itís a man of God. We donít need a new minimum wage, we need a new maximum wage of $15 an hour. And that goes for everybody from factory workers to CEOs to presidents to business owners. Anyone who thinks they deserve to make more money than someone else is clinically insane, with a mental illness that is not curable.


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