Why they don’t kill David Icke, December 5, 2012.

David Icke is preaching exactly what the Mafia in power wants him to preach. The reason why we don’t have electric cars, is the oil companies convinced David Icke that the government is trying to force him to switch to economy light bulbs, that only use 14 Watts and contain mercury. David Icke believes the oil companies, because either they’re paying him $1 million a day or he’s brainwashed. The thermometers in your home contained more than 100 times more mercury than is in a lightbulb. This thermometer used to take your temperature has 100 times more mercury than one of these efficient light bulbs. If David Ike was worried about mercury, he would shut off his furnace. Because the thermostat for the furnace contains about 100 times more mercury than it is in this thermometer and 1000 times more mercury than in one of those energy-efficient light bulbs. The mercury is only going to come out of this lightbulb, if you break it and it’s such a small amount, that it will not harm you. But if David Icke is worried that he might drop this lightbulb, he should get rid of his gun. What if David Icke drops his gun? He will blow his balls off or his head off and you can’t live without a head. David Icke like other gun owners, will claim don’t worry, we will never drop our gun. But the hypocrite gun owners, are paranoid that they might drop a lightbulb, that they know contains mercury, so they stock up on these energy wasting light bulbs. As if they are really careful with guns, but they don’t want light bulbs that contain mercury, because they just throw them around the house. David Icke is doing exactly what the nuclear power companies want him to do. They want him to convince everyone that mercury lightbulbs are dangerous, so that they can build more nuclear power plants. Nuclear energy is not dangerous, just look at Chernobyl and Fukushima. Only 10% of our energy comes from nuclear energy. However, these energy efficient light bulbs save 30%, which means if everyone switched to using them, we would not only no longer need nuclear energy, we would have 20% electricity left over, for electric cars. It seems David Icke does not want to get rid of nuclear energy and he doesn’t want electric cars either. Either because the nuclear power companies and the oil companies are paying him at least $1 million a day or he is just a complete zombie that worries he will drop a lightbulb, that has less than .1% of the mercury he has in his thermostat, that heats his home. Why doesn’t he take the furnace out of his house, if he’s worried about the mercury? David Icke teaches that global warming doesn’t exist. It’s not really global warming or climate control, it’s the fact that industry is polluting the air and some of us, don’t want to breathe in the pollutants. And if we have to breathe in the pollutants, than we want to be compensated for it. But David Icke believes, industry should be allowed to pollute the air and the people should just breathe in the poison, without any compensation, because industry’s profits is more important. This is why they don’t kill David Icke. He’s the military-industrial complexes best friend. Every factory that pollutes the air, is either paying the David Icke $100,000 a day or David Icke is a complete stool pigeon. Why would David Icke be Against a carbon tax? Does he own a factory that’s polluting the air? Or is he part of a Mafia cartel family, that owns factories that pollute the air. I just can’t think of any other reason why David Icke would be against a carbon tax or why he would try to claim that global warming doesn’t exist, unless industry is paying him millions of dollars or he’s just plain possessed by the devil. David Icke has been all around the world. But has he ever been to the Ford rouge plant in Michigan? He better not go, because the people who live there might kill him. Over 90% of the people who live near the Ford rouge plant in Michigan have COPD or asthma from the pollution that the Ford rouge plant puts out. David Icke doesn’t think the Ford rouge plant should be carbon taxed for the pollution they put out or that the people who have to breathe in the toxins should be compensated. He would definitely be killed if he went to the Ford rouge plant. I don’t drive a car. I’m like the Amish. But if you want to drive a car David Icke and pollute the air, why do you think I should have to breathe it in, without being compensated for it? David Icke you better not go into an Amish community, because they don’t drive cars and they don’t want to breathe in your pollution, that you don’t think you should be taxed for, and they might kill you. Nobody is killing David Icke, because he only goes and teaches in communities full of rich people. The poor people who have to breathe in the toxic air, can’t afford to get in to see one of his speeches, because there is no carbon tax compensating them. Just think David Icke, if there was a carbon tax and these people were compensated for breathing in the toxic pollutants your car puts out, they would be able to afford to come hear you speak.

The reason why they don’t kill David Icke, when he teaches everyone they are slaves, is because he tells everyone they should buy a gun and the gun manufacturers know, that as long as he teaches people they should buy a gun, that people will always be in slavery. Because guns is what keeps people in slavery. We purchase clothing because people have guns. We have jobs because people have guns. We live in houses because people have guns. We can’t walk around naked because people have guns. We can’t eat apples from God’s apple trees because people have guns. We have to pay rent because people have guns. We have to pay taxes because people have guns. Guns don’t make us free they enslave us and the gun makers know that. Therefore as long as David Icke is telling people to buy guns to keep them in slavery, they have no reason to kill him. David Icke is keeping us in slavery and that’s why they don’t kill him. There’s no greater tool to keep men in slavery than to get people with guns to kill the deer that manufacture food. Dear and other animals are food manufacturing machines. They are not there for us to kill and eat, they are there to eat fruit, swallow the seeds and plant new fruit trees when the seeds come out the other end. One deer in its lifetime will plant more than 100 fruit and nut trees. Kill a deer and you eat for a week. Save a dear and people will eat for a lifetime and so will their children. For not only will the deer plant 100 trees when it takes a poop, thousands of pheasants, turkeys, chickens, rabbits and other birds will multiply by eating the fruit from those trees that the deer have planted, providing food for thousands of humans. The earth is a ecosystem that provides for its inhabitants. Just as long as the GunNuts don’t disturb that ecosystem, by killing the animals that manufacture the food. We will always be slaves as long as David Icke teaches men should have guns.

Is there anything David Icke teaches that rich people would kill him for? No but the poor people will kill him because his teachings are supporting the rich and I think he knows it. His teaching support the nuclear power plants, because he doesn’t want anyone to use energy-efficient light bulbs, he supports polluting the air because he doesn’t want a carbon tax and he supports enslaving mankind by giving everyone a gun and telling them they can own a piece of God’s land and kill anyone who tries to take what God gave them. God did not give you the land to collect rents or taxes on. If you own anything you have stolen from God.

David Icke has completely changed the message of occupy Wall Street. The message of occupy Wall Street was that the 99% of the people wanted campaign finance reform. They don’t want the rich people to be able to elect who they want, so they can pass laws to benefit them. If campaign finance reform is not the message of occupy Wall Street, then there is no need to occupy Wall Street. Everyone might as well go home. He has changed the message to let the nuclear power companies create more nuclear power plants so we can use these light bulbs that use 10 times more energy. He has changed the message so that factories can pollute the air and not pay for the damage they do as if his crime family owned 100 factories that pollute the air. He wants to keep everybody in slavery because he knows guns keep men in slavery even though he preaches against slavery.

YouTube has taken down my video of the NYPD cop that gave a homeless man an $80 pair of shoes, because I said it was a propaganda video and pointed out all the reasons why but you can read that on my website at www.Timothean.org. Click on religion on that page and then click the link to NYPD Italian Mafia Police State Propaganda.

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