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E-Mail to Darien, March 26, 2012.

Hello Darien,

Sorry for the delay I don’t read my e-mail much. I usually don’t talk or argue with Christians because Jesus said their consciousness is seared shut with a hot iron. But if you’re open-minded enough to read the following, here is some absolutes I teach.

Religion has been passed down for thousands of years. Yet everyone knows that they are to study the holy books and pass down the religious truths they learn, to their children and their children should do the same until we have a generation of righteous people. Fortunately my parents had no religious truths to hand down to me, because everything they knew about God was wrong and they wanted me to find God for myself.

I started my first search for God after my mother had died and my niece drowned in a swimming pool in 1978. I had three visions of God before I seen Him in person in 1985. The first one was simply a image of Jesus in the grain of wood on my bedroom dresser in 1978. When I woke up one morning I seen his face and when I opened my eyes to get a better look, that image disappeared. I left for California later that year, when my mother died.

It wasn’t till 1981 that I had another vision. I was driving down the freeway at night and a bright light was along the road. That light changed into an image of a beautiful woman and then into image of Jesus’s face. I pulled my car to the side of the freeway to get a grip on what I saw. A man got into my car and I told him, “I’m sorry I don’t pick up hitchhikers”. He said, “I wasn’t hitchhiking, Jesus would provide me with a ride.” The man did not see the light or Jesus.

I stayed at a weekly rate hotel in Torrance California in 1985. A 12-year-old boy asked me if I would like to stand on the balcony and talk to him as he knew no one else at the hotel. We were not standing there more than a few minutes when Jesus appeared. There were five of us there when he appeared. I said it looked like Jesus, the boy said it looked like God. I’m not sure what religion he was. Since 1985 when I saw Jesus, I had no dogma for my religion. But God had revealed to me many books. And this is what I’ve learned thus far.

The world has been in the possession of the antichrist since the days of Adam and Eve. I have many sources for my beliefs. I try NOT to teach what I believe, but what Jesus said. I only read books that were written by people who claim to have seen Jesus or God. That is the criteria for calling them Scripture. For people have seen God and were inspired to write a book or Gospel. And Gospel simply means, “God story” a story about an encounter with God. All Scripture is inspired by God and is available for re proof and correction. Nothing but the 10 Commandments are carved in stone. Therefore it is useless to argue about any scriptures. You either make Paul and the 12 apostles your savior, or you make Jesus your savior. Either believe what Jesus said or you don’t.

Messiah means anointed by God. The Jews killed Jesus, not because he claimed to be a Messiah, they thought themselves to be messiahs, but because He claimed to be God, they stoned Him. Unfortunately, not even his 12 apostles believed Jesus was God. But he said to Peter, “who do you say I am” and Peter replied, “the begotten of God” and Jesus said, “I guess I’ll have to go with that, not admitting that it was the truth, but he could not get anybody to believe He was God, so he took the next best thing.

Christ is God made visible. Christ is the visible perfect tabernacle of God, even Paul agreed to this. Thomas only believed Jesus was God, after Thomas thrust His hand through Jesus’s side. That’s when he said, “my Lord and my God”. The church labeled him, “doubting Thomas” and rejected his religious truths. The recently discovered Gospel of Thomas reveals that Thomas was one of Jesus’s more faithful followers. Perhaps because Jesus revealed to him more miracles than the other apostles.

It is the visible tabernacle of God that we are to seek. It is the antichrist that claims no one can see God. Isaiah 47:10, says it is the false church Babylon, that claims, no one can see God. God Himself saying ,” Thou Has said none Seeith Me” to the evil Church. It is the fearful, faithless nonbelievers, who claim they would die if they saw God. However God never said this. In fact God said in Matthew 5:8, “the pure in heart, shall (in fact) see God”. Not only is it impossible to please God without faith, but God can only be seen by faith. God cannot appear to the faithless. It is by faith the brother of Jared saw Jesus, in the book of Mormon. No other man of his generation had that kind of faith. None, not even one.

There is another book called the Pearl of great Price from the Mormon religion which contains a book called the Assumption of Moses. It describes Christ as appearing to Moses, but Moses did not believe and he was God. He only believed God was God when he appeared as a burning bush. It’s not that I believe, but I know Jesus is God and no Messiah. I just could not see how anyone could mistake Jesus for being a Messiah.

I study all religions to see where they went wrong. Jesus was setting man free and Caiaphas the high Jewish priests was afraid they would lose their position of power. Caiaphas made up the story that Christ would die for the sins of the people. He is the antichrist. Jesus was very clear in the Bible that Christ could never die and furthermore this Scripture could not be broken. This truth is backed up by the Holy Quran and the Gospel of Peter, that was found at Nag Hammadi. It’s also kind of common sense that you can’t kill God and that only the devil, would claim that you could.

Although my parents had no absolutes about God I have several absolutes I teach. God has no name as before the creation there was no one to name him. This is also backed up when God appeared to Moses and said, “I am that I am” and that’s my name. I’m sure if God appeared to a Muslim, Christian or Hindu they would all have different names for Him, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, ETC.

God is the creator of all. Therefore everything belongs to God and nothing can be bought or sold for the people who do buy or sell are stealing from God. This is backed up by the Old Testament. for the Lord says all the gold, all the silver, is mine and that the land should never be divided or sold. Fulfilling the prophecy that no one can buy or sell without receiving the Mark or image of the beast. Jesus asked, “whose image, is on this silver coin?, give to Caesar what belongs to him and give to God, what is God’s”. The image is Caesar’s, everything else belongs to God, even the silver and gold.

God can never die. This is an absolute that not even God can change. There is only one absolute truth and the number of lies are infinite. Furthermore the infinite number of lies are easier to believe than the one absolute truth. You can teach people that the Lord died. You can make people believe that the Lord died. You can kill an impostor and claim to have killed the Lord. But the fact is you cannot kill the Lord. He can’t even commit suicide. You need to decide whether you want to follow the teaching of Caiaphas the high Jewish priests or the teaching of Jesus. Jesus said, “no man has seen God, except he who is of God, he has seen the father”. And this is the will of the Father, everyone who sees the begotten and believes he is God, will be saved. The original word was begotten and it was translated into Son. We could say the car is the child of Henry Ford. You could say the car was begotten by Henry Ford. You could not say is the automobile is the son of Henry Ford. Christ became visible so that God the Father could be seen and known. Those who see God are renamed Israel. The name Israel means the man that sees God. Israel is not a state in the Middle East. The state was named after the man Israel. This is from the book Philo on the change of names . Although some will claim Israel means the nation that sees God.

What Jesus said, “verily verily I say to you, those who believe in me can never die”. I don’t believe he was lying. I believe that none of the Christians or Protestants know Jesus because they were deceived by Caiaphas the high Jewish priests. To believe that Jesus died, means He can no longer be seen or found. If they truly knew Jesus they would never die. This truth is also found in the book of Mormon. For Jesus appeared and told the people that He was in fact God the Father and that he created man in His own image and that those who seen Him were redeemed from the fall of Adam. The Holy Quran backs up this truth by saying, “the purpose and goal of life is to see the face of God most High”. The Hindu religion is the same, Krishna, Buddha, and even Kalli are visible manifestations of God. Having different names, but it’s the same visible tabernacle of God.

I kind of knew I was the Messiah back in 1974. I didn’t want to go to Vietnam so God had canceled the war and told me that evil would continue to spread as the philosophical purpose of war, is to take criminals or evil doers and send them off to die in a war. I didn’t care. I did not think war was the way to rid the world of evil.

Because my beliefs are not set in stone, I have not completed the Gospel of Timothy and much of what I’ve teach are in the videos on YouTube. Search for GoTimothy on YouTube and MySpace.


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