Ronnie Dahl 7 News, Increases Crime in Farmington Hills, February 9, 2016.

Homeless people used to beg for money in Farmington Hills, but now they will have to rob people to survive. The homeless will be cracking Farmingville Hills residents over the head with bricks and taken their money, because of Ronnie Dahl and Channel 7 news. They convinced people to stop giving money to the homeless. Why give money to the homeless, if they were really desperate for money, they would be breaking into homes and robbing people? They certainly wouldnít be standing out in the cold, begging for money, when they could be robbing the rich to survive. Why donít they sell drugs on the streets of Farmington Hills to the rich kids, if the homeless really need the money? Ronnie Dahl thinks these homeless people should work in strip clubs or sell their bodies for sex, instead of begging for money. Because thatís what people do, when they canít beg for money, when they donít have a income, they rob people, they break into houses, they sell drugs, they prostitute themselves. Ronnie Dahl knows this and so does Channel 7 action news. But they are promoting crime, so that cops can have a job. They have to create criminals, to put cops to work. Got to fill up those privatized prisons run by the Mafia police state. Funny story about Ypsilanti. Itís a very poor area with a lot of beggars. Ronnie Dahl Channel 7 news, did a story on how they stopped people from begging in Ypsilanti Michigan. Back in 1998 I was in Ypsilanti Michigan. And there was this guy begging for money. He said his car had run out of gas and his wife and kids were in the car. It was freezing outside in the middle of winter. And he was begging for money for about two hours and nobody would give him any money. I gave him a dollar and said thatís enough for a phone call. I figured he could call a friend if he really ran out of gas, so I gave him a dollar and went into a bar. About a half hour later two cops came into the bar, asked us if we seen the guy with the blue jacket. I said yes, he was asking everybody for money and nobody gave him any, but I gave him a dollar for a phone call. The cop said the guy in the blue jacket just crack somebody over the head with a rock and robed them. I guess he was really desperate for money to get back to his wife and kids that was freezing in the car. My rationalization was, why didnít he call a friend, but then I thought, maybe didnít have any friends. Maybe he was from out of town. Whatever the reason, it was easier to crack someone over the head with a rock and rob them, than to try to beg for money when nobody was given it to him. I guess he didnít know there was people like Ronnie Dahl telling people not to give to beggars, force them to rob people if they really need money. Nobody believed his story. Anyway, he mustíve got enough money from robbing the guy to buy some gas, because after I told the cops that his car was out of gas on the freeway, they went looking but were too late he was gone.

The next time some guy asked me for gas money I gave him five dollars. Just because I didnít want to be hit over the head with a rock and I knew he probably asked 100 people before me and got nothing because of people like Ronnie Dahl and Channel 7 action news.

The good news is nobody is watching Channel 7 propaganda news anymore. With insane people like Ronnie Dahl, who is clueless to what is really going on in the world. Channel 7 news is having a contest to try to get viewers. But they only have about three viewers. The guy on channel 7 news says, ďmany people are upset about the beggar story and itís blowing up on the InternetĒ but I went to Channel 7 news website and Iím the only guy commenting, except for a few spammers telling people they can get jobs as telemarketers. Channel 7 news seems to be the last people on earth to know that jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity and people would rather spend life in prison, than be a slave. We are no longer held to the idea that we are serving God by having a job. People are waking up to the fact that you have a job, youíre serving the devil and people donít want to spend the rest of eternity being burned and tortured in the lake of fire for having a job like Ronnie Dahl. She should quit her job and beg for money, because itís so easy to live in a mansion. when you beg for money out in the cold. Thumb up the video if you feel like smashing a brick into that stupid fucken bitches head.


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