Tom Cruise Crew Plane Crash Conspiracy, September 23, 2015.

Macks wanted me to read this article and give my opinion on whether it was a conspiracy in a interview online. So he gave me a link to this news article and I’ll leave the link below but I’ll explain it here. The article did not give me enough information to make a comment and then I said that the lack of information speaks volumes. It’s probably a conspiracy because of what it doesn’t say. Okay let me read the article and explain away.

This is the Guardian link Macks sent me to get my opinion on of weather it was a conspiracy with no author of the story.

This is a link with the exact same story, but gives the author’s name on ABC news, but no picture of the actual plane crash.

This is the version to the BBC version of the story, which has their own picture of the plane crash, a little more credible story.

Here is the link to the CNN story that was vetted by several people, which makes the actual plane crash and people dying seem credible

The real truth no one will ever know. Everyone spins the story to achieve their agendas.

Macks Fiiod September 18, 2015 interview me on Tom cruise crew plane crash. Well maybe it wasn’t an actual funeral but this is all I can find on it.

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