Criminal Profile MO San Bernardino PPShooter Planned Parenthood Shooter is an Atheist, December 3, 2015.

The criminal profile MO, of both of these shooters is that of an atheist, not a Christian or Muslim or even a Timothean. Christians do not want to send their enemies to heaven. Muslims are not going to send their enemies to heaven, so they can have sex with 72 virgins. It doesn’t make sense. The criminal profile, of the person who did both of these shootings, is that of a Darwinian believing atheist. The motive for the attacks, is to arm abortion doctors and people at Planned Parenthood, to protect them, so that they can use Darwinian ideology genocide, kill babies without being killed by disgruntled victims. Like Aleen Wuornos who had 13 was forced to murder her own baby by Planned Parenthood and became a serial killer, she wanted revenge. The news has shown, that President Obama stopped police departments from being armed with military equipment. This shooting, the motive, was to reverse President Obama’s decisions and put military equipment in every police department. It was to create a police state, that’s the motive behind the shooting.

Christians believe if you help the blind, if you help people in wheelchairs, that God will bless you. Muslims believe the same. So it definitely was in a Christian or Muslim shooting people in wheelchairs or the people supporting blind people. It is Darwinian atheism, that believes there is no God, so why not kill the blind, kill the disabled in wheelchairs and babies, who parents don’t have a well-paying job. That is Darwinian ideology. It is the criminal profile of a extremist atheist. These hoaxes were done by atheist, who are trying to blame Christians and Muslims for what they did. This is the ideology of atheism. This is like the devil, right? The devil hits you in the back and when you turn around to the defend yourself he calls for the teacher. And you get blame for hitting him back. That’s the devil, that’s atheism. It was Darwinian atheism, that convinced Adolf Hitler to kill the people in wheelchairs and the children of the poor. Okay, it wasn’t Christianity even though Christianity got blamed for what Adolf Hitler did. This is the same Darwinian atheism, that was used at both of these shootings. You can’t change the MO of the shooter.

The Planned Parenthood shooter, was convicted of rape. Back in the 1990s, I was pro-life and wrote many letters against abortion. One of those letters to the president, was that women who went to Planned Parenthood and claimed they were raped, that the fetus DNA should be tested to find the rapist. There are two kinds of women who are raped. There are the ones who call the police and get a rape kit done. In the rape kit sits on the shelf of the police station for 20 years without being tested right because cops don’t want to find rapist. Then there are the kind of women who get raped and don’t report, it until they find out they are pregnant and need an abortion. In my letter to the president, I wrote that if these women were claiming they were raped, that we can test the DNA of the fetus to find the rapist. There’s no doubt Planned Parenthood was responsible for finding this rapist and that’s why he went on a shooting spree at Planned Parenthood. This rapist was not a Christian. Christians don’t kill people to send them to heaven. Although atheist thought enters Christianity. They might kill themselves to send themselves to heaven, but. Although God works in mysterious ways and some people believe he was doing God’s will, by killing the baby killers, he was in fact trying to kill the people testing the fetuses DNA for rape suspects, on women, who claimed they were raped. This killers motive was revenge for being prosecuted for rape. He wasn’t a Christian, killing baby killers. He was an atheist, he was an atheist killing the people, who were DNA testing rape victims fetuses. Christians do not want to send baby killers to heaven. That wouldn’t make any sense. Any atheist who thinks Christians are sending baby killers to heaven, have no clue to what religion is.

Muslims do not want to send crippled people to heaven. The San Bernardino killing was done by an Darwinian atheist, who did not want disabled people to receive tax dollars. Because only an atheist believes, there is no God to reward them, for helping the disabled. Quite possibly the San Bernardino atheist got away with murder. It seems the cops simply shot dead the first Muslims they seen, with no questions asked. I’ve seen YouTube videos where the witnesses said the San Bernardino shooters were white, not Muslim, not black. In this was a video from the clinic itself, the witnesses at the clinic, said the shooters were a Ku Klux Klan Aryan race white. I seen another YouTube video of someone trying to blame Muslims, with storefront surveillance video of three Muslims walking out the front door of the store. But that surveillance video did not have a time and date stamp, all video has a time and date stamp, I have surveillance video, proving it was a hoax video probably posted by an atheist that actually did the shooting.

I knew atheist did it, when I was tweeting under the #PlannedParenthood and arguing against these atheist, who are pro-choice and support Planned Parenthood. I was getting angry and even tweeted, I can see why someone would go on a shooting spree, after arguing with these atheist. That’s when I realized, the atheist would get angry enough to go on a shooting spree, because Christians and Muslims under the #PlannedParenthood, were calling them premeditated first-degree murderers and they realized they needed more guns to protect themselves. I kind of realized these oh atheist are going to go on a shooting spree now, after all of these tweets under the #Planned Parenthood, convincing them they were premeditated murderers that were going to be charged. My suspicions were confirmed when I seen the amazing atheist video, where he was severely upset, at the tweets under the hash tag of #PlannedParenthood. Quite possibly upset enough to go on a shooting spree in San Bernardino California. Better find out where the amazing atheist lives, he is a prime suspect in the shooting. I bet he lives in San Bernardino.

All of these shootings are not done NOT to ban guns, they are done to promote guns. We are going to see more guns and military equipment because of both of these shootings. We can see gun sales skyrocket after these shootings. There’s never been any guns banned after a major shooting, the only thing that’s happened, is more people have purchased guns and Police Department got better military equipment, to protect them from the people who want to charge them with 15 million accounts of premeditated first-degree baby murder, for all the children they have “illegally“ killed by demonizing babies as being fetuses. That’s how they illegally got away with killing them. Abortion always was murder. Many of the tweets under #PlannedParenthood were of abortion supporters, who knew it was baby killing, but said to me there is no way they are going to be charged with baby killing, because they have too much power and too many guns. And they basically are the police and the FBI who are the atheist. They were asking me which army was going to charge them with baby murder? Proving the atheist run United States military, is behind these shootings. They are against the Constitution of the United States, “right to life”. They believe they have a “right to murder” that’s why they believe in guns and abortion. They believe their guns are protecting them from the religious the righteous who demand justice.

Fancy words used to demonize people so that you can legally kill them. Fetus is one word and terrorist is another word, used to demonize people, so that you can legally kill them. This is how they went against the Constitution of the United States to enslave the blacks, they demonize them as being “less than human beings”. This is how they legally murder babies by demonizing them as less than human fetuses. This is how they are trying to legally kill people, by demonizing them in labeling them as being terrorist. If they are terrorist, it’s not illegal to kill them. If they are fetus it’s not illegal to kill them. Whoo woo. This is Darwinian atheism ideology. This Darwinian atheist ideology is extremist ideology that is used to murder over 15 million American babies, since the 1950s. And you talk about 15 murdered in San Bernardino, I tell you what, since the killing yesterday, the atheist have murdered another 3500 babies. Over 3500 babies a day are premeditatedly murdered by atheist extremist ideology called abortion.

Something needs to be done about this extremist atheist ideology that is taught in all of our atheist run public school systems. All of our public schools systems are atheist ideology because of the separation of church and state. Nothing of God can be taught in public schools. Making public education 100% extremist atheist Darwin ideology. Only atheist Darwinian ideology is taught in school and it teaches that it’s perfectly okay to murder 15 million babies, right, by demonizing them as less than human. Like the atheist did to enslave the blacks in the 1800s.

They demonize the blacks as less than human and called them Niggers. Remember that fancy word Nigger? There are Nigger it’s okay to enslave them. The constitutionally only protects humans. And if the Niggers are Niggers, then they’re not human and we can enslave them. If they’re not human, they’re not covered by the Constitution. That was extreme atheist ideology that enslaved the blacks. Not Christianity.

The blacks took the power away from the word Nigger by calling each other Niggers. There is no power in the word Nader anymore. Then the word Nigger has no power. We can now take the power away from the words fetus and “terrorist” by calling abortion supporters fetuses and terrorist. We will take the power away from those words. Whenever you find a person who supports pro-choice, call them a fetus or a terrorist. Call all abortion doctors terrorist. Because that’s what they are. Call all people who support abortion doctors terrorist. Because that’s what they are, if you kill 15 million babies, that the act of terrorism it’s a act of genocide. Call all people who support gun ownership terrorist. Because that’s what they are. Guns kill people, gun owners are terrorist. There fetuses. That’s what they are. People own guns, kill people who don’t go along with their extremist atheist ideology. Because Christians and Muslims don’t kill people because they don’t want to send murderers to heaven. Timothean’s don’t believe in guns because we don’t want to send our enemies to heaven. We want them to remain right here in hell on earth. Christians and Muslims don’t kill people because they don’t want to send murderers to heaven. So it wouldn’t make sense to kill these baby murderers would it? It wouldn’t make sense to kill these murdering gunowners and send them to heaven and get the 72 virgins? Only atheist believe you can harm someone by killing them, because they believe there is no God or no heaven. Only atheist believe in murder. Because they don’t believe in a heaven and they actually believe you can charm someone by killing them. The extremist atheist ideology is that children should be forced to go to public school to be brainwashed into extremist atheist ideology and that men should be forced into slavery called jobs. That’s extremist atheist ideology.

Anyone who thinks Christians or Muslims were behind these shootings is a complete idiot that knows nothing about religion or God. That means only an atheist believes, religious people did these shootings. Because there is no Christians Muslims or Timothean’s that believe a man of God would kill people to send them to heaven. Muslims wouldn’t do that, Christians wouldn’t do that. These atheist, even the amazing atheist will not answer the question, to why Muslims would kill their enemies, to send them to heaven, to be laid by 72 virgins? Why, why would Muslims kill their enemies so they can be laid by 72 virgins? Not even the amazing atheist, will answer the question why a Christian, would want to send an baby killer enemy, to heaven by killing them? Believe me atheist, religious people don’t want to send you nonbelieving pagan premeditated first-degree baby murderers to heaven. We want you to remain in hell on earth. Fucken idiots. And if you don’t think hell is on earth wait until the tribulation.


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The MO of the San Bernardino shooter is that of the Adolf Hitler Darwinian Nazi. They believe that the strong survive and the weak should die. They are the only group who believes the blind, the mentally handicapped, people in wheelchairs and those who help them, should be killed to save the tax dollars of the rich, who made them disabled by their businesses and their toxic chemicals they released into the environment, causing the disabilities in the first place. Drano makes people blind and the Johnson company, makes so many billions of dollars, they don’t even want to pay for the people they made blind. All other religious groups believe if you help the blind, if you help those who can’t help themselves, if you help the poor that not only will God bless you, but he won’t bring hurricane Hugo hurricane Sandy, the Japan earthquake and tsunami and all the other natural disasters tornadoes and floods that we are suffering from today.

The San Bernadino shooter fits the criminal profile of Alex Jones and Donald Trump. These two people would be prime suspects in the shooting. They believe the disabled should be killed and the children of the poor should be aborted so they can make billions of dollars robbing people in their gambling casinos. They believe in guns and they believe in killing. True believers in God would never kill because they believe those who die go to heaven and the last thing they want to do is send their enemies to heaven.

Who said the Planned Parenthood shooter is a Christian, “The Amazing Atheist”? It’s bad enough the news media is saying he is a terrorist when Planned Parenthood premeditatedly killed 15 million babies. This guy has been charged with rape, he’s not a Christian. Christians believe in a God that watches down from heaven to see if your naughty or nice. A Christian is not going to rape someone against their will like an atheist who doesn’t believe there is a God watching. How do you know he’s a Christian? Did you see him in church? Did you see him serving soup at the homeless shelter? This guy hasn’t been the church in more than 30 years. If you want to claim he’s a Christian, then you should at least Vet the story, by telling us what church he belongs to. Was the guy wearing a cross to identify him as a Christian? What makes you believe he’s a Christian because he raped and killed people? People who rape and kill people are atheist, not Christians. If this guy says he is a Christian he is a liar. If this guy went to church, then he only went to church to hand out his business cards. If he was a Christian, he wasn’t a very devout Christian. Criminal Profile MO San Bernardino PPShooter is An Atheist © Copyright ©1996-2015 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.