Crazy People, October 22, 2015.

There was a city photographed in the sky over China. Some people say it’s a mirage. The Bible talks about the city of God, descending from heaven. It might be God preparing the earth for his return. However, some people think it’s the government doing it. The same people who think the government is controlling the weather. It’s scary there is stupid people like that in the world. Because it means some people, will have to be destroyed when God returns. They will think God, is a government plan, to take away their guns. Whether it’s a mirage or the Chinese government, preparing their people to see God, I don’t know. But there are crazy people who will fight against God, with their guns.

So last week I went to the bar and waited an hour to sing karaoke. I thought the owner didn’t want to pay the karaoke host, because there wasn’t enough people in the bar. But it turned out there was a guy in the bar, who didn’t want to hear karaoke. I was waiting for an hour to sing. When I found out karaoke didn’t start, because this guy in the bar, I left the bar. So when I went back this week, this other guy said, I shouldn’t let what people say, affect me. This guy, does it even sing. Because he’s worried about what people say. Then all he had was negative comments about my singing. Crazy people.

Then, coming home from the bar, some guy jumped out in front of my bicycle. From between two cars, wearing all black. I had to slam on my brakes. They squealed, scaring the hell out of him. Then he says, “I thought you were a car”. I was on the street mind you, not on the sidewalk. He thought I was a car? That’s why he jumped out in front of me? If he wants to commit suicide, he should jump out in front of a truck or bus. He said he jumped out in front of me, because he thought I was a car. [Laughter] Crazy people.

So it’s Halloween. Where people send their children out, to demand candy from complete strangers. Using intimidation and vandalism. The blowback, is the children getting poisoned candy. Now they’re trying to change Halloween. Calling it trunk or treat. To make it less evil. Can you imagine how many kids, will be trunk napped? Send your kids out to demand candy, from strangers with open trunks. You want candy, get in the trunk kid. [Laughter] Crazy people.

Now I got another cavity, from all the Halloween candy, I ate as a kid. I go to the dentist Monday. If they didn’t ban Halloween, I’m going to pass out educational flyers. This evil holiday, is promoted by the multibillion-dollar candy industry. I have nightmares thinking back to the tampered candy I ate as a child. When I was a kid, I didn’t know any better. Now as an adult, looking back, the candy looked nasty. As if someone had tampered with it.

My neighbors never smoked. About a month ago I seen my neighbor smoking. Then I seen his wife smoking. She said they don’t have a habit. After all the non-smoking videos I made I couldn’t believe they were smoking. Then they claim their smoking without an addiction. The tobacco companies must be paying them to piss me off. Both my parents were murdered by the tobacco companies. Every time I see a smoker, I know they are funding the company that murdered my parents. In Michigan the cigarettes are 8 dollars a pack now. Even if they only smoke a pack a week, that’s over $400 a year. If Al Qaeda terrorist kills their parents, I’ll send them $400. Because it’s a free country. [Laughter] Crazy people.

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