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Dear Angela Corey, July 15, 2012.

You need to educate the jury. You have my permission to read them this letter at the trial. Laws are not carved in stone. Laws are not made by special-interest groups like the gun lobby, gun manufacturers or the NRA - ILA. Laws are made by the people for the people. You the jury decide what is right or wrong. The law is made on your decisions. If you say someone is guilty, they are guilty, no matter if special-interest groups say differently. We do not live in a police state or a dictatorship, like Alan Dershowitz would have you believe. Your conscience is the law of nature’s God. Use it accordingly. Judge as you would seem right. You are the people, that represent the people, of the United States. If laws were carved in stone we would not need Juries to make decisions. You are deciding the law . Don’t let the people you represent down by making your decision on what special-interest groups, or self-appointed dictators, like Alan Dershowitz says. He has an opinion, but it’s just that, an opinion. I have an opinion, the defense has an opinion, but it’s up to you to make the decision of guilt or innocence, based on your opinion, of the evidence here today.

We are charging George Zimmerman with second-degree murder, because we don’t want to make the same mistake we made, when we overcharged Casey Anthony with 1st-degree murder. The jury thought the punishment was too harsh for the crime and found her not guilty. That jury didn’t understand they could have found her guilty of a lesser offense of manslaughter or child neglect. All they had to do was say, “We the jury find the defendant Casey Anthony guilty of child neglect and we ask the court to sentence her to six years” The court doesn’t have to pass the sentence the jury asked for, but they would certainly consider it. My opinion is this is premeditated first-degree murder but I don’t want to overcharge the defendant and take a chance the jury doesn’t understand they can consider a different charge. However, it doesn’t matter if George Zimmerman is only being charged with second-degree murder, if you believe he is guilty of first-degree murder, then it is your right to say it in the verdict. “We the jury find the defendant George Zimmerman guilty of premeditated first-degree murder and we ask the court to sentence him to death.” If that’s what you believe is right, you are the people, you are the jury, you make the laws. George Zimmerman had plenty of time to plead guilty to a lesser charge, but he chose not to, just like he chose not to use a less than lethal means of protection. The court does not have to sentence George Zimmerman to death, just because you ask for it. But they will certainly consider it.

George Zimmerman, a self-appointed neighborhood watchmen went against all the rules of neighborhood watch by carrying a lethal weapon. He did not carry a stun gun. He did not carry a small caliber weapon to stop a criminal. He did not carry a gun with less than lethal bullets. He chose a weapon that would kill with one shot. People claim they carry these types of weapons with lethal bullets for all kinds of different reasons. But the main reason people carry a weapon that will kill with one shot, is to have no living witnesses or possibilities of a lawsuit by the injured victims. Even if George Zimmerman was found not guilty, If Trayvon Martin lived, he would of had a legitimate lawsuit against George Zimmerman. If Trayvon Martin lived, he would have had a completely different story than what you hear from George Zimmerman. This is why people carry lethal weapons. They want to guarantee death. George Zimmerman killed the only witness that could collaborate his story.

Protection is a bulletproof vest, watchdog and security cameras. George Zimmerman had none of these. He had consciously thought and chose a gun, he knew was going to kill with one shot. This is premeditation. This is aforethought to kill. Will I use a stun gun, or will I use a lethal weapon? Will I protect myself with a bulletproof vest or with a lethal weapon? These are premeditated thoughts. It’s not just a coincidence he bought a lethal weapon rather than a stun gun. It’s not a coincidence he bought a lethal weapon, with lethal bullets, rather than something that was less than lethal. Some lunatics might convince you that hollow tip bullets are less than lethal, but the fact is they are “more than lethal”. People who buy hollow tip bullets, by them to guarantee death, avoid criminal charges by silencing the witness, who will undoubtably testify differently in a court of law and to avoid lawsuits.

The George Zimmerman case sounds like a perfect murder plot movie. In every bank robber movie, timing is essential to the perfect crime. If the bank robberies only going to take 10 minutes and it takes law enforcement 15 minutes to get there, why not call them first? What criminal calls the cops? A criminal that wants to know how long it going to take for the cops to get there. George Zimmerman called police on several occasions and knew approximately how long it would take for them to get there. I am sure police dispatch told him exactly when they would show up when he called. If he wanted to commit the perfect murder, he would know exactly how long he had to do it in. And besides, who calls the cops before they commit murder? It’s the perfect alibi.

But it doesn’t matter if this was a murder planned before George Zimmerman even called the non emergency number. When George Zimmerman called police dispatch and failed to mention he was going to be carrying a lethal weapon, he committed his first felony of the day. In most states it is a felony to fail to mention you will be carrying a lethal weapon. That is the first thing you’re supposed to say to the police to protect both them and yourself. If it was not the law in Florida, it’s because most normal people with CCW license, know the law from other states and obey it out of common courtesy and out of fear for life and there was no need for Florida to pass that law. When you’re going to meet law enforcement on a dark street at night, you best notify them that you’re legally carrying a weapon. There was no mention on the police tape that George Zimmerman was going to be carrying a lethal weapon. The only thing George Zimmerman mentioned, was that he wanted police to call him, when they were in the area. As if he wanted to make sure someone was dead or evidence was gone, before police arrived on the scene.

On that first call police dispatch asked George Zimmerman if he was following the suspect. George Zimmerman replied yes and police dispatch told him they did not need him to do that. George Zimmerman claims he stopped following the suspect TrayvonMartin at that point. But the fact is, when George Zimmerman told police dispatch, he would be in a different spot, than the address he was at on Retreat View Cir, near the clubhouse, where he was at the time of the call, is proof his intention was to follow the suspect Trayvon Martin with his truck. More proof George Zimmerman intended to follow the suspect Trayvon Martin, was that he asked police to call him because he did not know where he would be at when police arrived on the scene. George Zimmerman also told dispatch that the suspect Trayvon Martin started running a way from him. This was absolute proof that Trayvon Martin feared for his life. You don’t run away from someone unless you are afraid of them. Dispatch should have informed George Zimmerman that if he followed the suspect Trayvon Martin, that the suspect had a right to stand his ground and fight for his life. Even with deadly force. At that point if Trayvon killed George Zimmerman that would’ve been a clear case of self-defense. This was George Zimmerman’s second felony of the day. Felony stalking and child endangerment. Following a unarmed child suspect, who committed no crime, while carrying a lethal weapon, when it was clear the child feared for his life and ran. We don’t want armed strangers following our unarmed underage little girls and boys at night, when they did nothing wrong. Especially when witnesses say that he followed with his car at night with car lights off and flashlight. We teach our children when strangers follow them, run away from them and if they catch you, fight for your life. With this evidence alone George Zimmerman is guilty of premeditated first-degree murder. But if you’re not convinced, let’s look at the other evidence.

The suspect Trayvon Martin ran away from George Zimmerman because he was in fear for his life. However George Zimmerman was not going to let the suspect Trayvon Martin get away. George Zimmerman followed the suspect Trayvon Martin with his truck, until suspect Trayvon Martin was out of breath and could not run no more. Then George Zimmerman got out of his truck and headed towards the suspect Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman went against all neighborhood watch police protocol of identifying himself. The suspect Trayvon Martin had no way of knowing whether George Zimmerman was a robber, rapist or pedophile. In fact there is absolutely no evidence, that George Zimmerman did not grab Trayvon Martin’s penis or ask him to give him his money. At that point the suspect Trayvon Martin had no other choice but to stand his ground and fight back. It is just too bad Trayvon Martin was not old enough to legally carry a hand gun, because he could have killed George Zimmerman, that would’ve been a clear case of self-defense under the stand your ground law. Although it looks like George Zimmerman’s injuries were self-inflicted so that he would not be charged with murder, it doesn’t matter. Because even if Trayvon Martin had caused those injuries, he had a right to defend himself.

At no point did George Zimmerman say, “stop I’m neighborhood watch” or “stop or I’ll shoot you”. No warning whatsoever, not even a warning shot. George Zimmerman did not want to stop a criminal. He wanted to kill. He did not arm himself with a stun gun. He did not purchase a small caliber weapon. He did not load his lethal weapon with rubber or less than lethal bullets. He did not even bother to aim for the arm, leg stomach or shoulder. He aimed his gun at the heart to kill. This is premeditated first-degree murder. Aforethought to kill. Should I aim for the leg, arm or shoulder? No. He may live to testify against me or sue me for his injury. Unless George Zimmerman claims he did not know a lethal weapon could kill, when you aim it at the heart of a human being and pulled the trigger, then it is premeditated first-degree murder. Unless George Zimmerman claims he did not know he had a lethal weapon, it is premeditated first-degree murder. What was George Zimmerman thinking when he strapped on a lethal weapon, chambered a bullet, followed the suspect, aimed the gun at the suspects heart and pulled the trigger? If he thought anything at all, that is a forethought, premeditated first-degree murder.

George Zimmerman had no intention to try to save Trayvon after he shot him. He did not call 911 after Trayvon was on the ground clutching his chest trying to stop the bleeding. He killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood. Showed absolutely no emotion after the killing. The witness after the shooting said George Zimmerman acted like it was nothing to kill someone. Tell my wife I shot someone, as if he might be late for dinner. He showed absolutely no mercy for Trayvon Martin and no mercy should be shown for him.

If you give people a right to kill in self-defense, criminals will use the law to their advantage. Murderers, Hit men, Rapist and Molesters will kill and claim it was self-defense. Your daughter could be raped and if she fights back with a punch to the nose, she may be legally killed in self defense and it will be the word of the murdering rapist, against the silence of your dead daughter. It don’t make sense to believe the word of the killer over the silence of the dead victim. You are the people, you are the jury, you decide the law not organized crime, criminal gangs or special-interest groups like the NRA ILA. I hope you find the defendant George Zimmerman guilty of premeditated first-degree murder and ask the court for the death penalty.

Timothy Allen Campbell From Michigan

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