Cops Prosecutors and Judges More Evil than the Murderers, July 24, 2017.

This is an update to my last video on Darlie Routier.

Over 1000 children drown in swimming pools and the authorities, Archonís, Zionist, illuminati or whatever you want to call them, blame the parents, so that they can make 6 billion in profit every year. We understand this is for-profit. What we can not understand, is when a woman is attacked, her throat is slit and her children are murdered, why cops, prosecutors and judges blame the victim. This happens all the time in rape cases. They always blame the rape victim. It also happens in child sex abuse cases. When a child is sexually molested, these people blame the child. They even tried to blame a child for the murder of a child, in the Ramsey case. When I was sexually molested at nine years old, by the son of a fireman chief, in the city of Warren, they blamed me. Even today when I tell my story, they are still trying to blame me. Because the city of Warren, doesnít want to be sued for their actions of their Fire Chief. When I turned 18, I could have sued the city of Warren, but because they always blame the victim, you canít find a lawyer. They actually tried to blame a nine-year-old child for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, when the child was murdered with a garrotte, that only elite military personnel, like the Navy SEALs, know how to make. Itís almost as if they are demon possessed devils. Itís almost some kind of satanic ritual of evil people being against good people. Itís not bad enough that your raped and stabbed, your throat is slit and your children murdered, they have to throw you in prison too. What narcissistic psychopathís. You couldnít create a movie with characters more evil. The people in power would be jealous and sue you for stealing their character.

Darlie was sleeping, it was dark, she was stabbed, her kids were killed, shit was going on and dumb ass cops canít understand why she doesnít know what the attacker looked like. Amazingly one of their own gun toting lunatics, shot his wife and claims he thought she was a burglar and the cops believed his dumb ass story. If the guy couldnít see his wife because it was dark, how could he see to get his gun? The guy shot and killed a shadow, which turned out to be his wife and it was considered self-defense, because he was a law-abiding gun owner. The cops are the criminals. The gun owners are the murderers. Thereís no doubt about that.

A bloody fingerprint, didn't match any of the family. A car was parked outside the house before the murders and the cops refused to investigate. Because either they did the murders or they are covering up for the people who did do it. Darlie's throat was slashed 2 cm away from the carotid artery. That almost killed her. When the prosecutor said that was a superficial wound, that was absolute proof, he was in on the murder and they should've sent him immediately to be put to death by Lethal injection. By that statement alone.

Like I said I could write a book about this, but I did not know the actual murdererís would be commenting on my videos. So I'll make more video. This was a conspiracy and the cops, judge and prosecutor were all in on it. They hid information from the jurors and when the jurors seen Darlie's hospital pictures, they were pissed off and changed their verdict to not guilty. The news media and the cops, who said she was guilty, because of the birthday party and silly string, are the most evil pieces of shit on the planet. The news media only cared about ratings, they didnít care about sending an innocent victims to prison, after their children were murdered. The news media does the same thing with victims of the swimming pool companies. They will blame the victim so the swimming pool manufacturers can make 6 billion in profit. I donít know how much of the profit the news media is getting, when a child is murdered by one of their swimming pools, but itís gotta be a few million bucks. The cops and news media are more evil than the murderers themselves and they should be sent to some kind of concentration camp to be gassed. Everyone knows that no matter who killed these two children, they are mentally ill. But the cops, prosecutor, news media and judge, cannot plead mental insanity for trying to frame an innocent person or blame an innocent person, because of a birthday party and silly string. Furthermore, there is no mental hospital or mental treatment center, that can treat such a person, that thinks someone is guilty of murdering children, because of silly string or a birthday party.

Even the people who support Darlie are claiming the sock belong to the husband, because the cop said it belonged to the husband. Those were tube socks. I own tube socks. You can buy tube socks 10 pair for $10. Tube socks are not embroidered with the ownerís name, why do the cops claim the tube socks belong to the husband? After the OJ trial, where it was proven the cop planted the gloves, planted the blood evidence, how can you believe one F-can word out of any copís mouth? People are waking up to the fact that the cops are better at planting evidence, than they are at discovering it. In fact they donít even try to discover evidence, they are too busy planting evidence, to make their job easier and they donít care if they put innocent people in prison. Thatís why theyíll make up lies by claiming Darleyís wounds are superficial or hide injury photos, from the jurors or even claims sheís guilty because of a birthday party and some silly string.

I almost feel responsible for the cop planting evidence in the OJ trial. Because back then I used to teach Christians in letters. In one of those teachings, it was my opinion that if you had faith that someone was guilty, then itís not immoral to plant evidence. It was a crazy teaching Iíll admit to it. Iím glad I didnít copyright it and it was before computers, so thereís no record that I wrote it. But thereís no doubt the Christians are still teaching it every Sunday. After that teaching, a cop planted evidence in the OJ trial. Then the same cop planted evidence in the Kennedy murder case. But he didnít plant the evidence, because he had faith, he planted the evidence because he wanted his name in the papers, as the guy who solved the crime. He wanted his 15 minutes of fame. But then he took the fifth on the witness stand and refused to admit he planted the gloves in the OJ trial, because he had no faith. I have no doubt cops are still planting evidence, even if they donít believe the person did the crime, they just want the 15 minutes of fame and a promotion. One cop even made a statement that this was the biggest crime in Texas, his name would be in every newspaper around the world. It will be and it will be in the paper again, when heís tried for murdering these two children and sending an innocent person to prison. In fact ill be carved in Godís book for all eternity, to make sure he never escapes hell.

The birthday party and the silly string should not have even been mentioned as evidence of a murder. Darlie was on antidepressants after her kids were murdered. If anything, that video should be a commercial for people not to take antidepressants and to accuse the pharmaceutical companies of murder. Itís not unusual to see people on antidepressants smiling, even after their children are murdered. Thatís what antidepressants are for. That means the antidepressants are working. Iím surprised the doctors, pharmaceutical companies and the hospitals are NOT using those birthday party silly string videos, as a promotion for their antidepressants. Iím sure many people are asking their doctors, what kind of antidepressants Darlie was taking at the birthday party. Because I want some of those.

I seen the hospital photos of the bruises on her arms. Bruises usually take several hours to show up. Peopleís black eyes usually donít show up until the next day. I donít know this because Iím a genius, this is just common sense that anybody with an IQ knows and evidentially, not one cop knows, because you got to be mentally retarded to become a cop. The cops coming up with the story that she bruised her arms later, is so insane, they had to be the murderers. Thereís just no explanation for the behavior of the cops, prosecutor, judge or media.

Escape TV shows how evil the cops are. The cops support a government that murdered over 60 million babies since 1970 and that makes them just as guilty, of 60 million accounts of premeditated first-degree baby murder. Itís bad enough that they murdered 60 million babies, on escape TV, they had to charge a woman, who had a miscarriage, with baby murder. They sent a woman to prison for having a miscarriage. This means they have to be sent to prison for 100 years, for each one of the 60 million babies that were premeditatedly murdered by abortion. So that they are treated, like they have treated others. This woman was 17 years old when she had a miscarriage and they sent her to prison. If these cops are not demon possessed, Satanic, totally insane, severely mentally ill, then what the hell is wrong with them? Even Donald Trump had mentioned that 16-year-old girls that were forced to murdered their own children by the policy of his friends, claims that pregnant 13-17 year-old girls should be charged with murder, when they have an abortion. Thereís no doubt Donald Trump new abortion was murder and that all his friends, all the cops, all the FBI, all the military, all the politicians, all the Judges, all the people in positions of authority are 100% guilty of one account of premeditated baby murder for every woman who is forced to have an abortion. And abortion is not a choice. Women have no other choice but to have abortions.

The system is so corrupt, that even 18-year-old girls will spit and put dirt in your food, at the restaurant, if you donít leave them a dollar tip. And they will do it like a bear protects its Cubs. If they donít get that dollar tip, they might have to murder their next child by abortion, because they canít afford to raise it. This is the system the cops, the prosecutors, the authority figures, the Christians, atheists and Jews have created. The Muslim system is only a little better. This is why only Timotheanís are going to survive the nuclear war. This is why Godís kingdom will only be set up after a nuclear war. Thereís no mental hospital that can cure these cops, prosecutors, news media or mentally ill Christian gun nuts. Iíve had a lot of psychology classes and research into mental illness and thereís no way to cure someone, who wants to blame a person for murder, because of a birthday party and silly string.

Now you have to look at what else was going on at the time in 1996. There is a connection between the murder of Darlieís children and the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. The connection is the computer age. This was the year that computer companies were competing for competition. Just like the Betamax and VHS wars. Everyone knew that one company was going to win and the other company was going to go out of business. Two companies cannot be on top unless there is a conspiracy like with Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

The computer company that was on top at the time was Packard Bell. Packard Bell made a high-quality low price, consumer grade computer, that was competing with the powerful IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Dell. There was even Macintosh, that had a cult like following, that they would probably murder people, just to stay in business. When people started to build electric cars and they started to become successful, they found their factories mysteriously burned down. This is how capitalism works. Itís not who makes the better product, itís who has the mafia thugs to burn down the competition, murder them or their families. Both the Ramses and the Routierís had very successful computer businesses, before their children were murdered and they went bankrupt. I donít know why Packard Bell went bankrupt. If someone looks into it, they will probably find that their children were murdered or they were sent to prison for something they didnít do. I donít know what kind of conspiracy was between IBM, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard. But I know they had something to do with it, because the Packard Bell computer was a better computer then IBM, Dell and HP and it was half the price. My Packard Bell computer never died it just got outdated. All my other computers died after a few years.

In fact the Dell computer was such a piece of junk, I couldnít understand why it was so overpriced. But I got my Dellís cheap, because they had so many flaws they were selling on eBay for $20, when they sold for over $5000 when they sold them to the government brand-new. I bought two Dell computers from a prison for $20 each. The prison paid more than $5000 for these pieces of junk that didnít work. Itís not who makes the better cheaper computer, that sells to the government, itís who has the mafia thugs, the stab em and slab them lawyers, to sell to the government. If your uncle is a senator, you can sell 10,000 overpriced junk computers to the school system and if anyone complains, their family members end up being murdered and the innocent surviving victims, go to prison for doing the crime. Cops donít bother investigating. Either because theyíre afraid of being murdered or their getting a cut of the money. Or perhaps they belong to the motorcycle gang, illuminati, Christians or Zionist that are controlling the world and capitalism. The murder of these children was a mafia hit by big corporations to take their competition out of business.

Itís just like the Jodi Arias case. Jodi Arias boyfriend was on a big money making scheme and he had to be taken out. All these business owners are in on these crimes. They even threatened my sister, who has a rental business. This is why all my family is against me, because these mafia thugs, are threatening and intimidating them, to get me to shut up. They even tried to prosecute my sister again, for her daughter that was murdered by one of their swimming pools back in 1978. Although my sister is not suing the swimming pool makers for the death of her child, Iím suing for $1 trillion for the death of my niece and although I have not found a lawyer yet, willing to represent me, I have faith in God and nuclear weapons, that were created to defend truth, that eventually they will pay it or die in a nuclear war. Both the people who donít believe the swimming pool manufacturers who made 6 billion and profit every year should pay me $1 trillion for the death of my niece, shall see their children die in that nuclear war, along with those who profited off of swimming pools. This means Walmart and the construction companies.

Thatís capitalism. Thatís why criminals love America. The more ruthless you are, the more likely youíre going to be successful. It wasnít Tucker who made a safe automobile for a reasonable price, that succeeded. It was the ruthless murderers, mafia thugs, motorcycle gang members and con artist that became successful. Harley Davidson was the biggest piece of shit motor cycle that was ever invented. But it was successful, because motorcycle gang members would beat up and kill anyone, who bought a motorcycle from the competition. If they werenít willing to beat up someone who bought a Honda, they werenít allowed to become a member of the gang. This repeated during the 1980s when people bought a well-made reasonable price foreign car. The people who made overpriced pieces of junk, would smash, burn and overturn your car. So much for free America, youíre only free to buy overpriced pieces of junk from mafia thugs.

Now Iím not completely close minded. Iím open to the idea that this might all be Godís plan. God said to seek the kingdom of God first and then everything else would be added to you. If you are against God ruling on earth as King, this is the kind of government you chose. One that would kill your children and then throw you in prison for the murder. Because you rejected God as your king. You didnít want to serve the Messiah, you wanted to serve the mafia. You wanted to serve rapist, murderers and con artist. God sent you the Messiah but you rejected him. So now your children will be murdered by cops and you will go to prison for the crime. Thatís the only explanation I can come up with, why the world is like this. It must be part of Godís plan. But so is the nuclear war to destroy them all. Both the cops who murdered people and blamed the parents. The swimming pool manufacturers who killed children and blamed the parents. Now you guys made Ken OíKeefe and Donald Trump your God, I canít wait to see the tribulation over the next six months. Anytime you guys want to see the corruption end, just send me the $450 billion for my job injury, the trillion dollars for the Stella ganglion block to the neck torture the medical system put me through, the trillion dollars for the death of my niece the swimming pool manufacturers caused and I will tell you how to fix it.


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