Mind Control CNN O’Reilly KA January 11, 2011.

Education is mind control. Religion is mind control. People write books for mind control. I just had to make another video about the CNN reporter who asked the question about a conspiracy theory. I’m have a very hard time talking to doctors and lawyers. It seems the higher the education people have, the more difficult the dialogue. It’s as if these people seem to think that because they went to Harvard and can spell with proper grammar, that their opinions are better than yours. Or that they are smarter than you. The fact is that education really stunts creativity and free thought. There have been studies done on it.

O’ Reilly wonders if the shooter was programmed to condition responses. Yet O Reilly’s Harvard education has seemed to make him conditioned to program responses.

You can only have a good dialogue with a Christian if you are a Christian, if you’re an atheist the dialogue is more of a argument. Two doctors can have a dialogue together or two lawyers, but someone who’s not a doctor or lawyer the dialogue is one-sided. These doctors and lawyers have been programmed to condition responses, in the institutions they graduated from. Let’s examine the comment made to O’Reilly by CNN member kajldfskljad. I will just call him K.A. from now on.

KA’S comment is not an opinion. It is in fact a mind control statement. KA is trying to control Mr. O Reilly’s speech, thought and behavior. KA reminds Mr. O Reilly that he was programmed at Harvard and Harvard’s programming does not allow him to think outside the box. Professionals don’t have free thought they are to think and act as they are programmed from the institution they were programmed at.

I am a freethinker. I am hoping Mr. O’Reilly is thinking, “who is this a–hole KA, I wish I had a gun I would blow his F-ing brains out”.

But if the Harvard mind control is working right Mr. O Riley would be thinking, “I am a Harvard professional, I think and act in a certain way. I am programmed to respond to all comments with the reply, thank you for your comment. I am not programmed for open dialogue or free thought. I am taught at Harvard that those who think outside the box are wearing tinfoil hats and I graduated with flying colors, proving mind control works Well. I am in fact a Harvard zombie but I just don’t know it yet”

Inadvertently KA is slowly turning Mr. O Reilly into a assassin by trying to control his thought, emotions, feelings, opinions and speech with his mind control comment. O Reilly’s Harvard training has brought open dialogue to a standstill. The emotions, feelings and opinions are bottling up inside Mr. O Reilly, until one day he might just explode and go on a shooting spree at Harvard University. Killing professors and deans while babbling over and over,

“I am a Harvard professional, thank you for your comment.” “I am a Harvard professional, thank you for your comment.” “I am a Harvard professional, thank you for your comment.” “I am a Harvard professional, thank you for your comment.” “I am a Harvard professional, thank you for your comment.” “I am a Harvard professional, thank you for your comment.”

I thought it was it’s kind of funny.

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