Community Cams Neighborhood Watch, July 2, 2017.

I made a few YouTube videos a few years ago about security cameras to stop crime. They’re far better than guns and the gun lobby is really against security cameras. Security cameras are only going to catch the gun owners shooting innocent people and claiming it was self-defense. George Zimmerman would be in prison if they had better security cameras. I also made a video about body self protection security cameras. I really thought this was going to take off but the gun lobby and the criminals are really against security cameras. Back then there was a lot of neighborhood watch cams and there’s even less of them today because of organizations like the ACLU who is brainwashing people into believing this is creating a big brother police state rather than a more secure society. I’d much rather have security cameras everywhere, then these idiots driving around as volunteer neighborhood watchmen with guns and no cameras watching what they’re doing with their guns.

The cameras are getting better. Not only are the digital they are high definition. And they’re even making 360° cameras that are not really necessary. But a 180° security camera would be nice. I have to have two cameras to cover about 160° of my front yard. There was plenty of websites that were getting people together to form neighborhood watches with security cameras and I believe it’s organizations like the ACLU and the gun lobby, that was shutting them down. They were claiming perverts were using the cameras to spy on people. But there is a new website called community cams that only let the police know that there are security cameras at the location, it doesn’t let anyone do any actual monitoring. Some cities have thousands of cameras like New York and Chicago. Unfortunately there’s very few registered cameras in my area. So if you have a security system here is a website where you can register it. I’ll leave a link below. People will not be able to actually access your cameras, it just gives law enforcement the location of the cameras in case there is a crime in the area. In the future they will have self driving cars and they might have self driving security cameras that monitor the neighborhoods.

I don’t feel the security cameras are creating a big brother police state, if anything these cameras are catching corrupt cops, that are beating people up out of the range of their body cameras and their cop car camera. Some local police departments like in Philadelphia are starting their own security camera registration. I’ll leave a link for those who live in Philadelphia. I think this is a good idea to start in your city.


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