Commenter Suggest Sarah Jones Killed Darlie Routierís Kids for Promotion to District Chief, July 25, 2017.

This sounds like the perfect motive for a double homicide. At the crime scene of the murder of Darlie Routierís two children Damon and Devon, a hair was found on the cut screen, where the home invader entered the Routierís home. The hair was not found on the floor. Someone mustíve crawled through that cut screen and got their hair caught. Someone had commented on my video, that the DNA on the hair traced back to a cop named Sarah Jones. The same commenter, seems to have made the suggestion, that the motive for the double homicide of two children, seems to be so Sarah Jones could be promoted to District Chief. One cop at the crime scene actually suggested that this crime would make all the newspapers and how wonderful is that. They will have their 15 minutes of fame.

Just like pedophiles are drawn to jobs in churches and schools. Fire bugs are drawn to jobs as firemen. On escape TV, on more than one occasion, it was proven that rapist actually got jobs at a rape counseling center. I have no doubt that narcissistic psychopathic serial killing murderers are getting jobs at the police department. Furthermore, they are getting promotions, by going out and murdering people and framing innocent people. In one of the episodes of escape TV, there was actually a doctor, that was injecting his patients with a drug, that would cause them heart attacks. So that he could be the hero and try to save their lives. He was like a heart surgeon. I have no doubt that cops are murdering people and framing innocent people. So that they can be the hero and get a promotion. People are promoted to judges and politicians by framing innocent people and claiming to have solved the crime. They donít care if they are framing innocent people. All they care about is their promotion and their status in life. You could see that clearly on escape TV. All these investigators are doing is trying to build a case against someone and they donít care who. The only way they are going to get the promotion, is if they put somebody in prison and it doesnít matter if the person they put in prison, is completely innocent or even the victim. The judge, the prosecutor, the lawyer and the cops are all going to get promotions for putting an innocent person in prison. So itís a conspiracy where they are all in on it. This is why the judge in this case withheld evidence from the jurors.

Even the doctor tried to claim Darlieís injuries were superficial, so he can get some kind of benefit out of claiming he helps solve the case. I bet the doctor thought he was Superman. You think that Doctor cares if he sent a innocent person to prison? When the judge, prosecutor, lawyer and cop are all in on it, heís not worried that somebodyís going to figure this out and make him lose his job.

In fact I made my video about David Russell Williams being the killer of JonBenet Ramsey. And that the people who run the world are so satanic, they probably promoted him to his position of power, because of the people he killed. This is how gangs work. This is how the Mafia works. The more people you kill, the higher up the ranks you get promoted. When cops try to infiltrate the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, they have to pretend they murdered someone, to get in. In motorcycle gangs, the more people you beat up or kill, the more likely youíre going to be the president of the motorcycle gang. Thatís how you rise to the top of the pyramid in corrupt systems. Not by good works, but by evil deeds.

You canít become the CEO of a swimming pool manufacturer, that murders over 1000 children a year, unless you can prove you can murder children without a conscience. Not just murder those children without a conscience, but set up the parents of the murdered children, as the murderers. You have to be able to kill their children and then frame parents for the murder, to get a job selling swimming pools. There is no other way you can sell swimming pools without a conscience, knowing that they kill 1000 children a year. The same with the automobile industry. You gotta be a complete insane narcissistic psychopath to be the CEO of a automobile company that killed 45,000 people a year and blames the deaths on stupid drivers. When in fact, you knew if the speed limit was over 10 mph, people would be injured in killed by the product you made a profit from. You canít even own a gun, unless you have already had, thoughts of premeditated first-degree murder. What were you going to do with that gun, shoot cans? Give me a break.

David Russell Williams kept track of all the rapes and murders he did, so that he could show that proof to the elites, to get a job flying the Queen around. You have to prove youíre one of them, to get in a top position of power.

The date of this double homicide of children, 666, June 6, 96 doesnít mean that it was done by some kind of satanic cult. It was most likely done by a religious cult, like Christianity or Zionism, that is trying to convince society, that there is a devil, to get people to go to church and give them 10% of their money. Itís not a coincidence that this double murder happened on 666. Churches were probably packed the Sunday after the murders and people who were behind on their 10% payments to God, probably paid up all their past dues on that Sunday. Keywords. Darlie Routier, David Russell Williams, Sarah Jones, Damon and Devon, district attorney, district chief, JonBenet Ramsey, corrupt cops, Hells Angels, motorcycle gang,.

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