Not Christmas, Wedding or Funeral December 27, 2010.

I made a video on Christmas and some jerk made a comment about how sad it was that I made a video on Christmas. I donít celebrate the capitalist holiday Christmas. I think itís really sad that people have to have a holiday for a reason to get together with family or purchase toys for their children. I donít have any children myself, if I did, I would buy them toys and clothing when they needed them and not wait for December 25. I can remember as a child walking around with holes in my socks and my mom saying, ďyouíll have to wait till Christmas to get New onesĒ. People must think children are stupid. Christmas is a very depressing day for a lot of people. They get together with family and say, ďhi, I havenít seen you since the funeral?Ē

So I decided to create a new Timothean religion holiday. The holiday doesnít fall on any specific day. It can be any day of the year. And the name of the holiday is called, ďitís not Christmas a Wedding or a FuneralĒ. Wouldnít that be a nice holiday. People getting together with family for no reason but because they are family? In our family we would call that the family reunion. I tried to change the holiday Christmas into Satanís day. It is a very evil holiday to make children wait all year to get new clothes or toys. But I didnít have any children. Iíve been needing to buy a new car but last month was my birthday and I didnít want people to think I was buying myself a new car for my birthday. This month itís Christmas and I donít want people to think Iím buying a new car for Christmas. So Iím buying myself a new car next month on the holiday called, ďitís not Christmas, Wedding, Birthday or Funeral, I just need a new car.

So happy, ďitís not Christmas, Wedding or Funeral EveryoneĒ I am getting a new car.

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